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Nowadays we are looking for diversity in everything that we see around us. Among all this, if there is something unique, it will most likely attract our attention. Editing photos allows you to do this. There is no limit to the effects that you can apply to a simple photo using the editing tools available at your disposal. You can improve any photo so that it looks brighter and more attractive with a photo editor.

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All photo editors offer basic functions, such as adjusting brightness, color shade, contrast, adjusting sharpness, eliminating the effect of red eyes and pruning images. Polarr Photo Editor is no different.

Review of Polarr Photo Editor: All you need to know

Polarr is considered one of the best free photo editors. The application is free for use and is available through iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Chromebook. Polarr is often used for deep color correction. It is also widely used for the main adjustments of the skin of the face. Polarr has a more intuitive and convenient intensity than more complex functions of programs such as Photoshop.

  • When you start using Polarr, the first thing you notice is the image import function and the user integration. Polarr can easily import large JPEG files and open them without problems.
  • Polarr has a fairly convenient intensity. There are tools on the left side of the screen: retouching, filters, text tools, capturing and imposing.
  • Perhaps a wide set of available “filters” is the most commonly used Polarr function. When choosing filters, an additional menu opens. Filters that you often use are displayed at the top of the list. There is a half.hand with which you can configure the filter at your discretion. In addition, you can choose a filter manually from an even wider list.
  • “Text tool” in Polarr made quite well. It can be used to add texts, figures, dividers and stops to your changes. You can easily create or sign a watermark using the “add text” option without relying on external third.party software. In addition, the tool is supplied with a huge selection of fonts ready for use from which you can choose. You can also use loaded and installed fonts.
  • Another feature is that you can configure the transparency of the text with the help of the “Oppry” slider. It can be very useful.
  • “Retouching” is the first tool in the list that you probably will use most often. The main editing starts with this tool. You can configure the skin tone with a brush by highlighting or placing a square. You can add shadows or lighten certain areas of the image. You can also try to make the background blurry to focus on the facility in front.
  • Polarr has quite a lot of pre.installed overlay. Despite the fact that the use of this tool is quite controversial when it comes to retouching photos, it can be used if you want to add something additional to your images, something that distinguishes you from others.
  • “Distortion” is a tool that is not in all photo editors. You can correct the personnel with this tool. It contains three sliders that can be screwed or unscrewed to align the image. The tool can also be used to create a special bulge, if you need it.
  • The function “mask” is useful because it gives you accurate control over the selected parts of the image. If you choose this tool, you can use the brush to select the area you want to edit, and then go to fix the color of the selected part.

Polarr Photo Editor. This is a multi.platform, professional photo editor with advanced features for Mac and iOS!

Polarr performance on 10 Mb. The smallest and most effective editor of photos for Mac.- Exceptional memory/processor and low energy consumption using Webkit.- Supports JPEG and most images in RAW format up to 42mp.- Supports transparent PNG and exports transparent images in PNG format

Design- dragging images directly to the application from other applications– designed for connecting a mouse, keyboard and touch screen- a corporate checklist for speed and accuracy an interactive guide for editing a photo-expanded and folded working area is a flexible size of the window, which fits into size, fits into size. screen

Adjustments- color: temperature, shade, contrast, saturation, juiciness- light: exposure, glare and shadow. Detail: clarity, sharpness, noise removal (color and brightness), multiple light and haze control. Optics: distortion, vignetting, aberration. Eight HSL channels Correction- three channels of curvature correction- highlighting/tinting the shadows- filter of mixing and mixing. Tonal lights/shadow. Modeling granularity

Local adjustments- multiple circular and local gradient corrections- mobile 4 points of control for adjusting the position and shading- adjustment of the main color, light/shadow, clarity in local adjustments

Pruning and an accurate slope with automatic scaling until the frame is filled. Horizontal and vertical mirror display and rotation- 10 default ratios with non-standard pruning control

Filters- three manual pre-installations as a base of filters for adjusting- viewing parameters used in filters to create improvements- create your own filters based on your editing history

Import and export- imports of JPEG, PNG and most RAW images. Export of photos in package mode with user quality and size JPEG- Add and conservation of user watermarks during exporting user filters can also be imported and exported

The history of management- endless cancellations and repetitions on your photo-simple navigation to go to any point in the previous edit- the history of editing various editing sessions is preserved

Polarr 2.0 has a customer integrated integration that allows you to adapt photos of photographs to its own needs. Now it is possible to edit in portrait or landscape orientation, make accurate settings and use unique filters.

Main functions:- editing in portrait or landscape orientation- dragging and organizing icons in the toolbar to create their own ideal workstation for editing.- Intuitive user integration in the style of the controller of color channels, saturation and brightness, as well as curves of tones, allow you to achieve perfect color rendering photographs- radial and graduated filters facilitate local settings- advanced settings: exposure, contrast, output and shadow, temperature, distortion, vinette, vignet, vignet haze, decrease in noise level, etc.P.- An endless story with the abolition/repeat of actions allows you to return to any moment of editing.- A unique collection of filters for all cases.- Save your settings in the form of user filters.- 3D Touch application icon for instant imports of photos with support for 3D Touch inside the application This editor is optimized for each iOS device separately (starting with iPhone 5s and above).

Polarr. A delightful application with an impressive photo editor

The incredible Polarr application has an impressive set of tools to create impressive images.

The developers tried to realize the presence of all kinds of effects, filters and settings for the formation of unique images of excellent quality.

The principle of operation is to photograph a person or any element of nature, and then process the removed image until recognition. Ready content will impress even those who are not fond of editing photos.

The utility is distributed on a free basis, carries many filters, but many of them will only be available after making a certain amount of their own financial resources.

Polarr contains a convenient virtual assistance system, the assistant will constantly tell its user how to process a photo in the most correct way.

Of course, the prompts can be turned off using the “output” key plated into the right upper angle of the key screen.

At the initial stage, some users may have difficulties with understanding the integse shell, but after at least a few minutes of training, most of the nuances will be decided.

Polarr Photo Editor Pro 5.ten.21

With the Polarr Photo Editor Pro you can get a convenient tool for editing photos by adding all types of filters and image effects. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the field of photography or a professional, there is everything. Polarr offers advanced automatic improvement tools and complex filters for editing all your photos details.

Thanks to the Polarr Photo Editor, your computer can become a laboratory for editing photos. This tool, which includes many functions for processing your images with the accuracy of a professional.

Photos editor for beginners and advanced users, developed by Polarr, allows a wide circle of users to use it at their discretion. The application is supplied with various functions that will please anyone who should work with the photo, thanks to their wonderful functions.

  • Customized work area.
  • than 50 pre.installed filters for quick editing.
  • Color settings (temperature, tones, contrast. ), light (exposition, lighting, shadows. ) and details (clarity, contrast, reduction of noise, diffusion, fog. ).
  • Tools for mixing and combining filters.
  • The possibility of creating personalized filters.
  • Tools of watermarks.
  • Low resource consumption
  • Supports JPEG and most images in RAW format up to 42mp
  • Supports transparent PNG and exports transparent images in PNG format
  • Designed to control a mouse and touchspoon
  • Color: temperature, shade, contrast, saturation, juiciness
  • Light: Exposure, Blinds and Shadows. detail: clarity, sharpness, noise removal (color and brightness), multiple light and haze control
  • Optics: distortion, vignetting, aberration
  • Eight HSL channels Coverees
  • Three channels of curvature correction
  • Emphasis/tinting of shadows
  • Mixing and mixing filter
  • Tonal lights/shadow
  • Modeling granularity

Pruning and tilt

Polarr Photo Editor Pro

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the field of photography or a professional, Polarra has everything. Beginners will evaluate that Polarr offers advanced automatic improvement tools and complex filters for editing all the details of your photo. Professional photographers are looking forward to our support of layers, curve tools, local settings, etc. D.

Polarr. Powerful photo editor for Mac. Here’s what you get:

User offices and complex mixing modes

Full set of masking and localization tools

An advanced set of tools for editing a face with intellectual detection

Create, configure and publish your own filters

Create and share your own filters

Start working with basic filters, use Pro filters

Synchronize filters between all your devices

Photos on 10 or more mixing modes

Add photorealistic effects, such as clouds, weather effects, light leaks, flashes and much more

Set your photos using our presets or create your own unique aroma

Depth mask: adjust the photo in depth with a double chamber

Brush mask: Draw a mask with an advanced brush

Color mask: selective color adjustment

Radial mask: circular adjustment over your photo

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Gradient mask: setting up photographs by gradient

Lighting mask: Selective adjustment based on brightness.

Additional local tools: blurring lenses, plumage, inverting and much more

Mix any local corrective mask with an overlap

Unlimited laying of local settings.

Intellectual automatic increase in exposure and balance of white

Color: temperature, shade, vibration, saturation

Light: Debaidation, Exposition, brightness, contrast, main points, shadows, white, black, scattered

Detail: clarity, sharpness, shade (color and brightness)

Vignette: quantity, main points, roundness

Lens: 8-point tool for distorting perspectives, horizontal and vertical

Effect: user edging, pixel, size and noise size

HSL: shade, saturation, brightness for eight colored channels

Curved: basic, blue, red, green channels

Toning: discharge and shadow tone, tone balancing

Tool “Border”: Add a boundary that automatically offers colors based on the contents of your photo

polar, application, processing, photos, applications

Editing management elements

Elements of control in the upper left corner open the effects menu, opening the history of editing, import / export parameters and cancellation buttons / return. You also have a Hamburger button, which provides you with access to the program “On the Program”, the ability to change the language and the ability to receive notifications about the updates of the application.

The effects of the effects of the effects will be disclosed on the left side of the screen and contains more than fifty pre.installed effects of effects. These filters include modern, cinema and artistic options. You also have the opportunity to create your own filters to add to mix.

Polarr supports import or opening the most commonly used file formats, such as.JPEG.PNG and others. You also have support for file formats.CR2.RAF and.Nef Raw. You lack any settings that you can make when opening the RAW file, as you have seen in Photoshop, but automatic settings work well. The developer does not believe that RAW support is experimental, and we hope that this function will remain unchanged.

Just a brief note on import and export of images. You can import images into an editor from a local disk or cloud services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. D. Preservation of the image will save the photo as it is. If you want to change the image size or add a watermark to it, you will need to choose the option “Export of the image”. Here you can set the size of the image in pixels, as well as the quality of compression. Polarr also supports package export, which allows you to change size and save several images at the same time.

Information in the upper central cover includes the size of the image, the file size, the focal length of the lens, the exhibition settings and much more. Keep in mind that this information is extracted from the Exif image file and will vary depending on the amount of information that your camera writes into this file.

The control buttons in the upper right cover increase the image, open the editor in full.screen mode, launches the trim tool, two types before / after, a radial mask, a gradient mask tool, access to the settings menu and access to the online certificate / support. The cutting tool allows you to cut or cut off an arbitrary form based on eleven pre.set ratios. You will also have the opportunity to rotate the image and turn the image from the menu of the trim tool.

The settings menu will fall on the right side of the screen and will have a histogram at the very top of the menu. Polarr adjustment tools include:

polar, application, processing, photos, applications
  • Color: Here you can configure the temperature of the image, shade, vibration and saturation.
  • Light: This category of settings has a wide range of control elements, including exposure, brightness, contrast, glare, shadows, white, black colors and a tool for scattering and blurring.
  • Details: adjust the clarity, sharpness, color and brightness of your images here.
  • Optics: tools include adding a vignette to your images, setting up the grainness of the image and adding or compensating for any distortion or edging.
  • HSL: Here you can configure a shade, saturation and brightness for individual image colors.
  • Curved: edit color curves for RGB together or for red, green or blue tones separately.
  • Toning: adjust color glare, shadows and balance using this tool.

Your settings will be held on the right side of the image, while the choice of the filter will fall on the left side of the image.

Corrections have a pre.viewing function, which consists in the fact that when reproducing the image attributes, it is reflected in the photograph. There is no application button to press or save the tiles of the settings to apply adjustments. You can reveal the editing history and return to a certain editing point or use the cancellation button to remove the last change.

Editing performance

In general, I found Polarr a very competent editor of photos. It took a little time to get used to the layout and remember where there are separate tools, but you will have such a curve with almost every editor. The collection of tools can really give your image a special charm or just grind them a little. I did not notice the master of editing automatic settings, so Polarr may not contact an ordinary photographer who does not want to edit his photos a lot.

I noticed a delay between setting and a reflection on the image. The image will also be blurred when setting up. It seemed to me that the editor needed a second to catch his breath, and then catch up with your workflow. I do not think that this delay time violates the terms of the transaction, but it may disappoint.

The only problem with the performance that I encountered when working with Polarr was preserving the edited image. The application should create a Polarr file folder in your Windows Images Catalog. Any saved or exported image will then be sent to this file folder. However, Polarr required several attempts to create a place to preserve. Fortunately, your edited images are temporarily preserved in the storage of photos of the editor. My advice to make sure that the image is preserved correctly before closing the miniature. It took me about half a dozen attempts before a folder with Polarr files was created.

System requirements

It is important to make sure your computer meets the requirements for the emulator. You need to install Bluestacks 5:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system version 7 or higher;
  • Intel or AMD chipset;
  • 4 gigabytes of RAM;
  • 5 gigabyte places on hard drive.

To start the emulator, it is necessary to enter the profile of the administrator of the operating system. Otherwise, the installation file will not work. Also, before using the application, update drivers and video cards to the latest version. Updates can be easily found on the official website of the iron supplier.

Polarr: an overview of an advanced application for processing photos and selfie on Android and iPhone

If you use the camera of your smartphone, then for processing a photo it is worth contacting a special application-photographer. The choice is huge, including monsters like Affinity Photo, Enlight Photofox, and more understandable to the user Snapseed, Pixelmator or “Photoshop Fix”. It doesn’t matter if you take pictures on a professional level, use the camera only as a mobile document scanner, or devote a lot of time for mobile photographs and salfi, without a photo editor on a smartphone (or tablet) can not do. A detailed review of the Polarr application for processing photos on Android and iOS will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this application.

Numerous applications for processing photos/Salfi on Android and iOS offer completely basic editing functionality, focusing on filters, frames and various jewelry. Applications like Sticky AI or Clippy Cam are sharpened for quick work with Salfi, lightning loading on social network or messenger. They have their own niche, but with their help a real impressive photo is difficult. a set of tools is narrow and specialized. Polarr is closer to professional editors with powerful functionality and a variety of tools, equally suitable for both advanced processing photos directly on the iPhone/Android, and for quick care, retouching and correction of pictures.

A review of the functions of the Polarr application for working with photos on iPhone/Android

The application intensity, successfully distributed through two panels at the top and bottom of the screen, leaves the maximum space for the image itself, so that it is more convenient to work with it, always holding the Polarr before the eyes of the result. Tools can be configured “for yourself”, which is useful if you often perform a certain sequence of actions.

Basic functions are available for free versions of the application (both on Android and iPhone). You can change the brightness and contrast of the picture, trim the excess, cries the “squares” for the Instagram, work with selected areas and play with the exposure, adjusting the automation of the smartphone camera.

For ordinary users in the Polarr application there are automatic tools with photos. Take, for example, such a “chip” as an automatic definition of faces and even their features in the picture! A definitely useful function for everyone who at least from time to time makes Salfi.

To improve the Salfi, there are other tools, including whitening the skin, changing its tone, the ability to subtly and neatly change the shape of the face, remove defects, glare and so on. The more time you spend in Polarr, the more capabilities of this application will open to you.

The application has a viewer of complete information from EXIF, as well as expansion for seamless work with standard “photo” in iOS (convenient export photo). Advanced users can create and save their own filters, work with brushes and color masks.

Application functionality as a photo editor seems almost limitless. Polarr on equal terms competes with the famous “Photoshop”, but already on smartphones/tablets. Of course, the application does not reach professional solutions, but its destiny is advanced amateurs or professionals who do not want to pour over the photo on vacation for example, for example.

Basic functions, and there are a huge number of them, available in the application for free. However, for advanced functionality you will have to pay through built.in purchases. The transition to the full version will cost significant 1,490 (hereinafter in the version for iOS). However, advanced opportunities can be bought in parts. a package of filters for 149, or work with local settings at the same price. For 749 you can unlock all filters, and so on. If you do not need any tool, then there is no need to buy it. Reasonable approach to monetization.

Polarr: Online Photo Editor. review

Recently, I got a mirror camera, which means that I began to produce tons of photographic garbage. I use a mirror at the level of an amateur, but sometimes I get relatively interesting shots that I want to bring to mind. Here, photo filters come to the rescue.

I use photoshop for a long time and actively, but not always. Sometimes I just want to quickly apply a beautiful filter and not bother. For the time being, a wide.known avatan arranged me, but over time he bored, and the result did not always please. I decided to download and master Lightrum, when I suddenly found Polarr on the Internet.

At the very beginning, there will be a choice of which version of the site you want to use: it is free, it is well suited for the same amateurs as I am, we will consider it. There is a paid version with wider possibilities for pros, I can’t say anything about it, since I have not tried it yet. After the version is chosen, we will be offered to undergo small training, it is fast and detailed, there will be nothing complicated.The site itself looks like this:

Let us dwell on its functionality in more detail.

The arrow in the upper left corner allows you to choose a photo that you want to edit. So far we will train on the image that the site offered to us.

The upper menu button on the right allows us to punish the image. Capturing is convenient, you can twist, turn as you like.

The next button is the filters actually. There are a lot of filters, I made only some screenshots, there is no point in showing everything, it is better to try and experiment yourself, the process is fascinating. There are free and paid options for those who use the professional version. I do not experience any special restrictions, since it is from what to choose from.

In the next tab, you can configure the brightness, contrast of the image, add shadows or, on the contrary, make a photo brighter.

In the next tab, you can play with saturation and temperature.

I rarely use these functions.

The functions of the next tab are diverse, but for me they are also not of interest.You can apply inversion:

Play with a variety of mirror reflection of photography:

The next panel is overlays. There are a lot of beautiful and diverse effects.

If you do not like the proposed effects, you can add your own. One minus, in the free version to use this function will not work.We move on to the function “face”. Here you can smooth out the skin tone, change the size and shape of the facial features. Separately, work out areas of the eyes, nose, mouth and chin. This, of course, is far from photoshop, but for the online editor the result is quite good. Then I pampered a little, don’t be alarmed)

The functions almost figured out. See plusik right below? By clicking on it, you can configure for yourself quick access to the tools that you most often use.

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If suddenly you don’t want to bother with processing at all, you can do everything automatically. Just click on the troety on the left below, there will be a function of automatic processing.

So, we processed photos and the result suits us. Now we will save the result of our works. Saving button. Arrow on the left below. She will open the conservation menu in which you can change the photo format, its size and quality. There is also a convenient function in which you can immediately choose for which social network we want to save the photo, for example, we want to set photos as a post on Instagram or The site itself will truck and set the desired format and proportions.

And now I will show you my work in this photo editor in the format before/after