PlayStation Network disabled disconnect the system. Common decision

Fixed: PS5 cannot connect to PSN (PlayStation Network)

Although PS5 is now available all over the world, the launch did not go the way we expected. Many games for PS5 have problems with performance, and some players have errors. One of them. The problem associated with the PlayStation Network for PS5 console users. Some of the unfortunate users also report that for some reason the PS5 cannot connect to the PSN (PlayStation Network). If you also encounter the same problem, get acquainted with this guide to eliminate problems to quickly solve this problem.

Most of us know that simple or service of the PSN server can occur in the background and during this period PSN users may encounter the Internet connection, multiplayer game, selecting players, etc. D. questions. However, the problems associated with the server are mainly solved within a couple of hours or so. Meanwhile, it is also worth mentioning that problems do not always arise on PSN servers, and some of them can also be found on the side of users.

  • 1 Fixed: PS5 cannot connect to PSN (PlayStation Network)
  • one.eleven. Check the status of the server PSN
  • one.2 2. Reload or turn off and turn off the Wi-Fi router
  • one.3 3. Reset your router
  • one.4 4. Check the PS5 network settings
  • one.5 5. Check the PS5 system update
  • one.6 6. Make a network test
  • one.7 7. Re.check your account psn
  • one.8 8. Use another PSN account
  • one.9 9. Use wired (Ethernet) connection
  • one.10 10. Open PSN ports on Wi-Fi router

Fixed: PS5 cannot connect to PSN (PlayStation Network)

Speaking about the problems that users may have, such as problems with the Internet connection, problems with the PlayStation account, temporary cache or failures, Wi-Fi problems, outdated firmware, etc.

Networks with a network PSN

The most common problem is the fall of the PlayStation Network itself. If during the connection an error with the CE-33991-5 code is displayed, then the malfunctions are most likely from Sony. You can check the PSN status on the official page: https: // status.PlayStation.COM/RU-RU/. The site is updated regularly, and in addition indicates the specific reason for the problem at the moment. It also indicates possible problems when playing certain network games, synchronization of trophies and the availability of other network capabilities. If the service really has fallen, then it remains only to wait until Sony itself corrects the problem.

This should look like a typical PSN status

If the page does not show malfunctions, then the PlayStation 4 of the Internet problems. Go to the “Settings” “Network” “Check the Internet connection” and do everything according to the instructions. In case of connection failure, turn off the network router and the power modem for a couple of minutes, and also turn off the PlayStation 4. Then turn on the modem, router and, finally, the console. Take the connection test again. the problem should be solved.

Lag during the network game

After connecting to PSN, while playing some games on the network, you may have a lag. Usually the reason is a bad Wi-Fi connection. In this case, transfer the router closer to the console. If there is a wall or floor between the prefix and the device, then the obstacle delays the speed and strength of the signal.

This is a good Internet speed for a network game

If the decision did not help, it is worth trying the wired console through the Ethernet cable. This will take more time and you will need to spend the cable from the modem to the prefix, however, the cable connection eliminates most of the PSN malfunctions, including the lag and disconnecting during network battles.

In addition, you may need to change the faster connection tariff. Before calling the provider, try the above methods. At the same time, none of the network users should load the connection. string the video online or download a large file.

User removal

As mentioned above, the PlayStation 4 and PS3 provides for the possibility of creating up to 16 users. This is quite enough, but sometimes it becomes necessary to delete unused accounts of users. An unnecessary user is removed simply:

IMPORTANT. Remember that together with the user’s account, all the files created by him during the game will be deleted, so before deleting the account, complete the necessary data.

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the PSN account. For example, starting a new game, you accidentally created a new. Either want to change ID or region. Since such an opportunity in the PSN is not provided, the option is only the creation of new accounting.

Unfortunately, while the fund removal funds from the PlayStation Network are not provided. You can only delete a local user on the prefix itself, but not an account on the network. Just get out of it and create a new. But deleting the old at the moment there are no possibilities.

These are the nuances of deactivation and activation of the PlayStation 4 console account in the PlayStation Network. On the one hand, everything is done for the convenience of access to content. On the other hand, in the pursuit of safety, confusion of procedures is created, which ultimately leads to various mistakes and abuses. It is important to comply with the basic rules: remember the security of your account, reliably store passwords, properly activate and deactivate devices for the correct use of content. If you have interesting information that simplifies the use of PSN, especially regarding access and abuse errors, share your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and tips.

Check if the connection itself is slow or unstable:

The problem can also be in the network provided. Connect any other device, such as a smartphone or computer, to the same network and see if the Internet works fine there. If you still have a slow connection and you regularly disconnect, refer to your Internet provider or Internet provider and inform them of your difficulties.

playstation, network, disconnect, system, common, decision

If you connect the PS5 to the Wi-Fi router via a wireless network, bring the PS5 closer to the router or vice versa. Sometimes the distance can also cause a slow connection. Even if both devices are within reach, the distance can sometimes be a determining speed factor that the PS5 receives from the connection. So bring the PS5 closer to the router or select the connection to the wired local network.

If you are still encountering connection problems, try the following possible solution.

Change DNS settings:

By default, PS5 uses DNS, which he receives from your router, that is, from your Internet provider. But for some reason, this DNS may experience difficulties. So you can try to switch to DNS Google, and this can immediately solve your problem.

To change the DNS settings to PS5, perform the actions indicated below.

  • Go to the settings and select the network.
  • Here, select “Settings” and select “Configure the Internet connection”.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “set up”.
  • Go to Use Wi-Fi DNS.
  • Change the primary DNS to 8.eight.eight.8, and secondary DNS on 8.eight.four.four.
  • Choose ready.

Now try to connect to the Internet again. If you are still faced with problems, proceed to the next potential solution.

The reasons why your PS5 does not connect to PSN

If your PS5 problems with the connection to the PlayStation Network can be caused by one of the following factors:

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Problems with the server.

The most common reason why many people get a mistake due to which their PS5 cannot connect to the PSN is the downtime of the server. Sony PSN may encounter errors or may be temporarily disconnected for important maintenance. Иногда PSN просто отключается из-за непредвиденных обстоятельств, таких как перегрузка сервера.

Local network does not work.

For others, the main reason why the PSN may not be available on their PS5 not because of the problems with the server, but because of the problems in their home network.

If your router has stopped responding or a problem arose with the end of your Internet provider, it can also lead to problems with connecting to PlayStation servers.

A common problem. The problem of the house is low throughput or slow connection. You can run the speed test on your PS5 to see which part of the connection does not work, or if the download speed is not optimal for connecting to PSN.

Accounting problems.

A certain number of people will not be able to connect to the PSN on your PS5 due to the fact that their account is suspended or locked. Be sure to check the e-mail associated with your PSN account to find out if there are any messages from Sony regarding the status of your account.

If you can connect to the PlayStation Network, but you can’t play online in any multiplayer game, most likely this is caused by the expired membership in PSN. Be sure to check the status of your PSN subscription to find out, the reason is.

Wi-Fi signal interference.

For those who play online using home wi-fi. Another possible reason why the connection of your PS5 does not work properly, may be interference of the signal. To find out if this is so, try connecting PS5 directly to the router using the Ethernet cable. If you can connect to PSN and it works fine, you need to eliminate problems in the wireless network.

How to fix the problem when the PS5 cannot connect to PSN?

If you are interested in why your PS5 may not connect to the PSN, or if you get an error message when trying to access the PSN, these are solutions that you can try.

Fix: manually check the availability of system updates.

First, make sure your PS5 is connected to the Internet, and that you check the availability of system updates. This is the easiest and easiest way to fix known mistakes.

Follow the following renewal actions PS5:

  • Make sure your PS5 is connected to the Internet.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the system.
  • Go to system software.
  • Go to the update and settings of system.
  • Go to the update of the system for.

Wait until your PS5 checks if there is an affordable update for the system. After starting starting, do not turn off the system.

Correction: Check the condition of the server PSN.

If your system has already been updated, the next step in eliminating problems will be a check of current problems with the server. Visit the official PSN status page here: https: //

This page should appear instructions if any interruptions constantly occur in any of the PSN services.

Sony immediately solves problems with the server, so everything you need to do is wait until the problem is solved.

How to fix the impossibility of creating a PSN account on PS5

Correction: Launch a network connection test.

If there are no messages about the problems on the server side, the next thing you can do is check your Internet connection to find out where there may be a refusal point.

To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the network.
  • Go to the connection state.
  • Select check the Internet connection.

After completing the speed test, try checking before the failure occurs. You will see three points of failures: PSN, Internet, and IP.

Correction: check your account twice PSN.

If your PS5 has a good IP address and can connect to the Internet, try again checking the availability of system updates, as described above. If the console update does not allow you to connect to PSN, make sure you check the correct email address and your account password. You can do this by leaving your PSN account and entering it again.

playstation, network, disconnect, system, common, decision

If you have a problem with your PSN account, try to sign it using a smartphone or computer. If the problem is related to your email address or password, you first need to correct this.

Correction: try another PSN account.

If your PS5 is currently not able to connect to PSN, try to find out if this is connected with the suspension or blocking your account. If you have another PlayStation account, try using it to connect to PSN. If the second PSN account is working, you need to contact Sony for help regarding your main account.

Correction: Elimination of problems in the network.

The condition of your own homework to the Internet can affect PS5 connection to PSN.

Turn off and turn on the router again.

Sometimes everything that is required is to correct a small problem with the connection to PS5 is to update the router. Like any other electronic device, the router may stop responding if it is left on for a long time. Make sure you turned off the router for 30 seconds and disconnected it from the power source. This will allow the system to completely restart.

When the 30-second timer expires, connect it again and see if the problem is solved by PSN.

Check for a slow connection or low throughput.

If your Internet connection works, but it becomes very slow, it can also lead to the fact that your PS5 will not be able to maintain a good connection with servers. When starting the network speed test (as shown above), be sure to pay attention to the speed of loading and unloading.

If the load speed fell below 3 Mbps, your network may not be stable enough for your PS5 for connecting to PSN servers.

If you have other devices using your Internet at the same time, try to turn them off from the network. If your PS5 begins to connect normally to PSN, when your other devices do not use your Internet, this means that you have low throughput. This just means that your network cannot process all requests for connecting devices.

Correction: Use wired connection.

If you want to play online on your PS5, the perfect connection setup you want to use is Ethernet connection with the router.

If this is impossible for you. To connect the PS5 using the LAN cable to the router, then try to move it closer to the router to check if there are problems with a good Wi-Fi signal.

Correction: Open PSN ports to your router.

Simply put, the ports belong to the software end points of two connections. If your router does not support the required PSN ports, your PS5 will not be able to interact with PSN servers.

The specific ports are listed below, which must be opened on your router:

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480

playstation, network, disconnect, system, common, decision

If you do not know how to open the port (also known as the redirection of the ports), and then make sure that you received help from your Internet provider.

If you use your own router (and it is not provided by your Internet provider), you can try to get help from the manufacturer of the router).

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Checking the purchase

First, as usual, we check all the packaging and documentation for the console. Everything should be in place. At the same time, do not forget to check the identification numbers. both in the documentation and on the product. They must match.

Be sure to check the prefix before buying

Further before direct acquaintance with the “iron”, go to the PlayStation. https: // www site.PlayStation.COM/RU-RU/-and create your personal serial number (PSN). This will allow you to check the legality of the proposed model.

With direct acquaintance, we already solve direct issues on how to check the PlayStation 4 when buying from hand:

  • Check the appearance of the console. In no case should there be the slightest visible mechanical damage on the surface. be careful and picky. There should be no traces of exposure to solvents. light stripes. If there are such traces, at least this indicates the inaccuracy of the owner. If he was so inaccurate from the outside, then what can be expected from the “insides”.
  • Be sure to control the condition of the seals. they should be in perfect condition. If the product was opened, then the seller must admit it himself, especially if the traces of the autopsy are clearly visible.

We are especially carefully check the condition of the connectors. they should not stagger

Here are actions that will help you avoid buying a worthless PlayStation 4. The point is not at all that it will be too expensive. She will not cost anything at all.

Greetings all gamers and lovers of game consoles! I decided to create such a post, because earlier posts were created on Pikabu with questions “How to correctly check the PlayStation 4 when buying by hand”. I ask all those who are not indifferent to this topic with useful information if I missed something.

When buying a boo PlayStation 4, you can easily become the owner of a buggy box, or even buy a brick at all. If you decide to buy the very first version of PlayStation 4, then I recommend that you think twice, because they have problems most and, it is believed that the first versions of PlayStation 4 are the most frequent guests in the workshops.

In the picture below, I will give a list of models that are quite warm and noisy, as well as two models are the most successful from the first version of PlayStation 4.

When buying the supported PlayStation 4, you need to perform the following:

That is, meeting with the seller, immediately warn him that you will need to play the game for about 30 minutes, and access to the Internet for checking PlayStation 4 in PSN is very important.

Before you turn on the PlayStation 4, take it in your hands and check what the prefix building itself looks like. Pay attention to the corps of the case, are there any traces of the fall, and check the warranty seals.

So the seals should look initially.

And this is what the warranty seal looks like damaged.

Next, check the HDMI and USB ports. Due to the fall of the console with the HDMI connected cable, the connector itself may be broken.

A couple of Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the Joyostic DualShock 4. This is how Dualshock 4 of the European region with the correct location of these two buttons. the cross and circle.

On the joysticks that are produced in Japan or Korea, a cross with a cross and a button with a circle are changed places, and investigatingly playing Russian.speaking or English.speaking games, you will be confused if necessary in pressing the desired button.

If everything is satisfied with the appearance and the guarantee seals are intact, you can connect the game console to the network and check PlayStation 4 banned or not.

Turn on the console and ask the seller to log in to the PSN (PlayStation Network) from its account, or leave your account. If an error appears when trying to enter the PSN

So the account or the console is banned. If the PlayStation 4 is banned, then you have nothing to do here, just turn around and leave.

playstation, network, disconnect, system, common, decision

If you successfully entered the PSN account, I recommend going to the PlayStation Store, then to the “Free” section and download the free demo version of the game.

Next, go to checking the Blu-Ray drive.

You will need any game disk to check the disc. If the seller does not have a single disk and all the games are only in the memory of the console, then think in advance who to lend a disc for a while.

Checking the drive is a very important stage, if the drive does not take the disk and accordingly does not read it, then in the future, when trying to update the firmware of the game console, an error will appear, you can not update the PlayStation 4 and you will not be able to play online games either.

During the game, the PlayStation 4 cooling system may be noise and this is normal, because a fairly large fan is installed in the console, which is located in a closed case. It is also worth considering the design of the cooling system, technically it is designed by a turbine type, and yet it can be clogged with dust.

By the way, if you need to clean the PlayStation 4 from dust and replace thermal grease, this can be done according to the video instructions yourself;

Actions to remove parental control PlayStation 4 without password

If you do not know the parental control password, or if you forgot it, you will have to take a more radical step towards remote parental control on your PlayStation 4. In fact, in this case you need to reset the console to factory settings, without washing the hard drive. In this case, you need to be careful without choosing the parameter “initialize PlayStation 4”.

Follow the following actions to start the removal of parental control on the PlayStation 4 without a password.

  • Go to the main screen PlayStation 4.
  • Select the settings.
  • Select the account management.
  • Select activate as the main PlayStation 4 and be sure to select deactivate.
  • When a request appears, enter your account again, then return to the settings menu.
  • Choose initialization.
  • Select Restore the default settings. Do not choose to initialize PlayStation 4.

After the default settings are restored to the PlayStation 4 Parental control password will return to “0000”. You can use the first method described above to circumvent parental control using a password.

The offered readings:

Visit our TheDroidguy Channel on YouTube to see more videos to eliminate problems.


As a rule, most of the input problems are due to incorrect network settings. This concerns both the router and the prefix itself. First of all, check the Internet connection from different devices. If it is not possible to connect only with PlayStation, then the matter is in it, and not in the absence of the Internet.

TP-Link router

The system is sometimes not included in the “non-wagon” due to an incorrect connection to the router. Most often this method acts if you connect via TP-Link router. But it is possible that it is suitable for other devices.


First, check whether it is possible to go to the PlayStation of Network, connecting not through Wi-Fi, but through the Ethernet cable. If everything works like this, the matter is the wrong tuning of a wireless connection.

After that, we try to go to PSN again. Most likely, that everything will work.

Sometimes it helps to change the standard DNS to the public, which is provided by Google. To do this, we go into settings again, find the same WAN tab and set the DNS: 8 parameters.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.four.four.

Other reasons

  • Disconnect PSN. It is not always possible to enter Network also because it may simply not work at this moment. Near this link: https: // status.PlayStation.COM/ RU-RU/-and check if there are some of the services on technical work.
  • Try connecting to PlayStation Network via PC. It is possible that the problems with your account are precisely. In this case, try to enter the network from the browser and check if everything is in order.
  • Find your error code. If a message is issued about a specific error, write down its code and enter here: https: // www.PlayStation.COM/RU-RUT-HELP/#/EROROR-CODE/. Most codes can be found on this technical support site.

We dismantled the main reasons why the system does not enter PSN. Unfortunately, you can’t often find out why this is happening. The service can be disconnected for unknown reasons.