Photos from a computer to iPhone are not tolerated

Why does the computer sees not all photos on iPhone? 3 reasons!

Hello! Just yesterday, I wrote instructions on why the computer does not see a single photo on the iPhone (the error “Imagine no images or videos was found on this device”), but today I thought. Because the situation may turn out differently. How?

Well, for example: some photos from the iPhone computer sees, but not all! One, two, a hundred, a thousand. It does not matter. The main thing is that they seem to be on the iPhone, and when connecting to PC, they are no longer.

Therefore, let’s figure out where part of the photos from the iPhone and how to make the computer “see” and finally see all the possible images that are on our beloved (this, as you know, not accurately) smartphone from Apple finally. One two Three. Go!

No need to check iTunes, wires, USB, drivers, etc.D. (as written on many Internet resources) is nothing to do with it.

Why? Because all of the above cannot affect the disappearance of individual photos. And what can? Such disgrace has only three main reasons. Here they are!

Before you start, follow the following actions:

Sometimes this is quite enough for the ligament of the iPhone computer “woke up” and the system saw absolutely all the photos.

How to upload a photo via iCloud

ICLOUD is a program created specifically for Apple products. With its help, you can transfer files from one device to another, store them for a long time, find a lost phone, as well as create backups of the device and restore data.

  • To transfer files from PC to the iPhone, connect the phone with a cord and start the iCloud application and enter our account data.
  • In the window that opens, we leave the box only at the “Photography” item and click “Apply” (“Apply”).
  • Click “Download” and select the folder (left) with the necessary photos.
  • After select the image or the entire folder is entirely clicking “Open”. Do not turn off the device until all files have been postponed.
  • To see new photos on your iPhone, we activate the “Photo” function in the “Settings”-“icloud” section by moving the slider to active value.
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How to fix the “device is unattainable” when copying with iPhone

Hello! We will not be puzzled and immediately move on to the case. So, today I urgently needed to throw a lot of videos and photos from iPhone to a computer. It would seem what the problem could be? I take the iPhone (computer, wire), combined all this good movement, on the phone I confidently press “Allow the device access to photo and video”, select the necessary files, copy the folder I need and.

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Here, such troubles begin, for which life has not yet prepared me. If in short, then this is what. Everything hangs tightly, the files are not copied, and the best (as Microsoft company tells us) the Windows 10 operating system shows the “red cross” and the “remarkable” error “device is unattainable”.

I, just in case, even made a screenshot.

I think, okay, maybe Windows 10 is “buggy”. Then I’ll figure it out with the computer. In the meantime, I will get a laptop with the good old “seven” and throw off the pictures there-some kind of, but the solution to the problem.

I connect the iPhone to a laptop with Windows 7, start copying files and well, of course! The story is repeated! True, the error text has become a little different and now Windows reports that “the device attached to the system does not work”. But the meaning, as you know, does not change much from this.

Time goes on, and you need to take off photos and videos.

  • I take another wire. Everything is the same.
  • I throw the files on Airdrop on the iPad and try to copy photos and videos through it. But with the iPad, everything is the same. Either the “device is unattainable” (Win 10), or “the device attached to the system does not work” (Win 7).
  • I delete the normal iTunes (the one with the App Store and other “chips”) and put “ordinary”. There is no result.

And here I have strongly, as modern teenagers say, “burnt”.

One article on the entire Internet (only written in different words on different sites). In which it is assumed that everything is to blame:

This is a fiasco, brother! © Young man with a dog.

I must say right away that none of the above, of course, is not the reason for the error “The device is unattainable”.

All the catch in the new file format that Apple introduced together with iOS 11 and which, accordingly, smoothly flowed into the following versions of the firmware.

So, we are interested in two options on iPhone or iPad:

Iphone (iPad) shoots photos and videos in new Heif/HEVC formats (for high efficiency), and when transferring to a computer converts them into a compatible format. But if the size of the files is large, then at the stage of this conversion a slight freezing occurs and, as a result, the appearance of the error “The device is unattainable”.

  • Change only one setting. Open “Settings. Photo. Transfer to PC and Mac” and select “Transfer the originals”.
  • Perform a forced restart. How to make a hard reboot. Instructions for all iPhone models!

Everything. After that, there will be no problems when copying photos and videos from the iPhone.

photos, computer, iphone

You ask: “And what is there with the second option, the one that” camera is formats “?””. Act here as you wish.

I, just in case, chose the “most compatible”. Still, not all programs work with Heif/HEVC formats, so let my iPhone shoot “in the old fashioned way” better. So it will be calmer 🙂

P.S. The instruction helped? Do not be too lazy to “turn out” in a comment a couple of lines and tell your story. Lazy to write something? Then just put the “like” 🙂 Thank you!

P.S.S. Updated or very important information! In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, sometimes they skip questions from the series “The video has copied, but nothing opens”, “There is sound, but there is no image” or “how to open a photo?””. Everything is fixable! Keep the instructions that will tell you how to open Heif formats (Heic, HEVC) on your computer running Windows.

How to transfer a video from PC to the iPhone using a USB cable

PROSION OF THE Video from PC to iPhone using a USB cable is one of the most traditional and simple ways. By simply connecting your iPhone to the computer, you can start moving or copying files between them. In addition, since the USB cable helps the computer connect to input/output devices. If you want to know how to transmit or move videos from PC to the iPhone, follow the lead below.

Steps on how to move the video from PC to the iPhone using a USB cable:

Step 1 First of all, connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 2 then go to the conductor of your computer.

How To Fix iPhone DCIM Folder Not Showing Up or Empty On Windows 10 PC

Step 3 Then select the video you want to transfer from PC to iPhone.

Step 4 after choosing, drag them to the iPhone folder. And it’s all!

Well! Now you have successfully postponed the video from PC to the iPhone using a USB cable.

How to transfer files from a computer Windows tools computer on iPhone

The next method is to transfer data using standard Windows tools. This will require Explorer and the following operations:

  • Connect the smartphone to PC via the lace.
  • Ensure the resolution of the computer access to the gadget using the Trust key, which appears when iPhone connects on its display.
  • Go to my computer, where a smartphone in the form of an external storage device will be shown.
  • After the entrance, the DCIM folder will be available, in which there are photos and other smartphone media files. They can be copied on PC or added documents from a computer to them.

The second method is no less convenient and simple, but Autoplay’s activation is required in Windows OS. The process looks as follows:

  • After connecting the gadget to the PC, permission is received in the iPhone system, and the user needs to give his consent to the exchange of data.
  • An additional menu appears on the PC monitor in the form of automatic launch. It should be selected in it, for example, a tab for posting photos and videos.
  • Having entered the settings, you can choose the way of moving.
  • Before copying, it is recommended to go to the “Review” section to find the folder where the photo and video insert is planned.

Immediately after installing all settings and selection of files, OK is pressed to launch transfer.

Postponing video and photos via Landrop

Download and install Landrop on PC with Windows 11/10 and iPhone.

Transfer videos and photos from iPhone to PC

  • Drag for the convenience of ZIP archive to the desktop
  • Press the right button on the downloaded zip and select to extract everything.
  • The Landrop folder will appear in which you need to start Landrop.EXE
  • The program will be launched and will be displayed on the taskbar

Launch the program on iOS iPhone and:

  • Click on top of the Select Photos/Video icon
  • Select the necessary photos and videos, then click on add
  • Click on devices and select a computer name

If the PC is not displayed, then close the application on the phone and PC and start them again, then repeat it above the action.

When on the phone, click on the computer, then on the Windows 11/10 desktop a message about the adoption of files. Click Yes.

After that, photos and videos automatically save to the computer in the loading folder Landrop.

Transfer videos and photos from PC to iPhone

If you need to move the photos from the Windows 11/10 computer to the iPhone, then run the Landrop program on PC and iPhone:

On the phone, click is taken in the RECEIVING column, after which the photo or video will be uploaded to the phone by Wi-Fi. Press from below on Files and you will find the accepted data that can be shared or moved to the right place (opening the application files and the Landrop folder).

How to transfer photos from a computer to iPhone via iTunes

A typical Apple way to transfer photos from a computer to iPhone. Use iTunes. Please read the following instructions for transferring images from a computer to the iPhone.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable, and iTunes will start automatically, if not, open it.

Step 2 Go to the iPhone icon in iTunes. Photo for conclusion tab. Check the synchronization of photos. Select photos you want from a computer. Apply, wait until the process is completed. Then you will find these photos on your iPhone.

How to convert a Heic format

What is Heic?

Heic means a highly effective image file format. This is a new format for image of a container from MPEG developers. This makes your iPhone take photos in this new format, and not in JPEG format, as we are used to keep the registered 50% in the file size without loss of quality. Unfortunately, these new files.Heic will not be so easy to view on your computer with Windows.

How to Transfer From Computer to iPhone. No iTunes (Fastest Way)

So how can you convert iPhone photos in JPG?

There are three ways to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer: they use iTunes, iCloud and Transfer for iOS. The first and second methods require the synchronization of your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud for backup.

About backup with iTunes or iCloud, please check how to make a backup copy of your device using iTunes or iCloud if you do not want to synchronize your iPhone using any of them, go to the third method that Fonetrans uses to transmit photos from iPhone on PC.

In addition, you can get out of the Heic format if you want. Head to setup camera formats most compatible stages, it will use JPEG to images.

In some cases, you think that the Heic format is so good as to preserve the iPhone memory without loss of quality. So how can you convert these photos of Heic in JPG if you want to view the photos of the iPhone on PC?

There are several ways to change the photo format, change HEIC to JPG via Dropbox, free online image-converter, iCloud or email.

Option 1. Change Heic to JPG via Dropbox

Step 1 Open the application and tap the person icon.

Step 2 Press the gears and camera loading icon.

Step 3 Select Save the photos of Heic as well as jpg as a download format.

Option 2. Convert photos of the iPhone in JPG using iCloud

Step 2 upload your photo to your JPG account format.

Option 3. Using a free online image converter to save photos in JPG format

Step 1 Go to an official website that allows you to convert a photo format.

Step 2 drag the heic photos on the Inte Wee and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

Step 3 wait until the online converter downloads original images of Heic and converts them into JPG.

Option 4. Convert HEIC into JPG by e.Mail

Step 1 Select Heic images and send them to the mailbox in the form of investment.

Step 2 Then you can soon get images in JPG format and save them on your computer.

Option 5. Convert HEIC to JPG using the Fonelab Heic converter

Step 1 download and install the heic converter on the computer, and then start it.

Step 2 then you can click Add a heic button and select elements.

Step 3 Finally, select the conversion format and click convert.

The aforementioned methods help converting heic images with iPhone into JPG format, but do not allow us to conveniently change them. Thus, you can choose an effective way to complete all the elements in a couple of clicks.