Phone Htc One S Does Not Find / Does Not Catch The Network – 3g / Wifi Is Missing

Phone Htc One S Does Not Find / Does Not Catch The Network. 3g / Wifi Is Missing

Welcome to In this article, we will consider the reasons when the network on your HTC One S unexpectedly disappears. I would like to note that to expand our horizons, we will consider all types of networks, even if some type is absent in your HTC One S. What should I do if the WiFi / 3G network is gone and the phone does not catch and cannot find it? Of course, just do not panic. Any phone can stop catching the network. First you need to divide the problem into three components.

There are at least three types of networks on a modern phone: a mobile network (GSM digital standard, according to which you talk on your HTC One S every day), a 3G / 4G network (mobile communication technology that provides Internet access), and a WiFi network using which you can also access the Internet, but which is accessed using a wireless access point. Consider all three types of network and find out why HTC One S does not catch or see a network.

What to do if HTC One S does not catch a mobile network

In most cases, when the mobile network disappears in HTC One S, the cause is the communication problem of the mobile operator. Such failures happen, although not often, but rather regularly and worry about this is not worth it. Typically, the Beeline, MTS, Megafon and Skylink operators fix everything pretty quickly, but if the network does not appear for a long time, then probably the reason is in your phone.

How to find out? It is enough to install the SIM card in another available mobile phone or smartphone and check the quality of the received signal. If after such a check you find out that the network is working, then most likely you are waiting for the replacement of the GSM module (antenna) on your HTC One S or the purchase of a new mobile phone. However, craftsmen sometimes do without repairs, but simply insert the wire into the antenna socket of the phone:

There are no more problems and their causes when receiving a GSM network, so we will move on to the next type of network. 3G.]

If you do not catch a 3G network

In fact, everything is about the same as with a GSM network. When the mobile network falls off, then the 3G network becomes inaccessible. Nevertheless, the quality of services of our mobile operators leaves much to be desired and often with a working GSM network, a 3G network may turn out to be inoperative. In this situation, it is also worthwhile to wait or call the technical support of Beeline, Megafon, MTS or Skylink and find out if everything is in order with 3G Internet.

By the way, in case of poor connection with cell phones, disconnecting a 3G network sometimes helps. If the 3G network has disappeared and does not appear for a long time, or is constantly slowing down, then there may be a problem in your HTC One S. It is also quite simple to check this. just test the network on another smartphone or phone, or even on another tablet. A workable 3G network on another device indicates a problem on the part of the phone and an upcoming service repair. The situation is different with the WiFi network, which is the next chapter of our article.

If the WiFi network is gone

Since Wi-Fi is only available on smartphones and tablets, first of all we want to recommend you our article on setting up and connecting WiFi on an Android smartphone or tablet. Surely many will find it useful. The main and most common reasons why WiFi stops working is a factory reset. Usually they are reset on a router or wireless access point. Therefore, we recommend that you check the settings for your WiFi wireless connection there.

How to get to the access point and what to configure there, you can learn from our other article about how to connect WiFi on the router. Of course, the whole thing may be in the phone, which will have to replace the Wi-Fi module. You can verify this by trying to connect to another Wi-Fi network. Do not forget that the WiFi module must be enabled in the settings of the smartphone. This concludes our article; questions can be asked in the comments.