Phone Fell Into Water Does Not Turn On

Phone Fell Into Water Does Not Turn On

There are a lot of situations when our smartphone can meet with water. You can fall under heavy rain, knock over a cup with a drink on a nearby smartphone, or even drop the phone into the water while taking a hot bath. Recently, smartphone manufacturers have been trying to implement water protection in their devices. Nevertheless, the percentage of such devices is still very small, so our article will be relevant for a long time.

What to do if the phone falls into the water. 1. Remove the smartphone from the water, disconnect and disassemble

As we were taught in the OBZh lessons, the first thing to do is get rid of the source of danger. In our case, we immediately remove the device from the water and turn it off. The smartphone has both slots and headphone / charging connectors, through which water will instantly reach the inside and can cause a short circuit. After you take out the phone, you need to wipe it with a dry towel, and also remove the battery. So you completely de-energize the device and reduce the likelihood of a short circuit to zero. Together with the battery, we advise you to remove the SIM card and memory card.

2. Wipe all parts of the device well

After you take out the device, you need to thoroughly wipe it with a dry towel to get rid of all visible moisture. Do not use ordinary napkins or paper towels. It’s no secret that paper napkins not only absorb moisture very well, but also quickly soak, breaking up into small fibers. These villi will clog into the holes and slots of the device and will only make it worse.

Take a rag or cloth towel and wipe the device dry both outside and inside if the water still got there. Do not leave a single drop on the surface, because any little thing can cause corrosion and lead the device to inoperability.

3. Hair dryer or vacuum cleaner?

Most people whose phone has got under water have the following situation. They safely fulfill the first two points of our article, but then they begin to search for additional solutions, what else can be done for a wet device. The most popular options are a hairdryer and a vacuum cleaner.

REMEMBER! Never use a hairdryer to dry your phone. Contrary to the idea that hot air will quickly dry all the moisture, you need to understand: the air stream will not only drive the water even deeper, but it can also melt some details.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to speed up the drying process. During drying, do not hold the hose too close to the smartphone; carry out the procedure for 7-10 minutes.

4. Put the phone in the sun in a box of absorbent or rice

Finally, when all the basic steps have been completed, you can begin the longest step. The disassembled phone (we pulled out the battery, SIM card, flash drive) must be put in a container with absorbent material. You probably saw bags with such a substance in shoe boxes.

If the device does not work, feel free to go to the service center.

5. What does not need to be done

Finally, we want to list what you absolutely can’t do if your phone falls into the water

  • You cannot turn on the device immediately. You can turn on the phone only after full drying, when you have waited a sufficient amount of time for all moisture to leave the device. Naturally, in the “wet” state, the device is strictly forbidden to connect to a power source (put on charge or connect to a computer).
  • Do not disassemble the device. Most likely you are not an expert, and having taken the smartphone apart (more than pulling out the battery) will only make it worse. Water will go even deeper, and you will break something.

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Faced with the question: what if the Honor or Huawei phone fell into the water? Each user has encountered a problem. The main nuisance is that water flows into all entrances. This provokes further damage. Most models stop working. Developers recommend taking precautions. Some phones have a waterproof case. Such models are more expensive than others. However, they work even in contact with water. Try also a waterproof case. It is inexpensive.

What to do if Honor or Huawei fell into the water

Immediately after getting into the water, the mobile phone turns off. Some models stop working forever. After getting liquid, the performance of the gadget is reduced by half. Users should expect that there are few guarantees for salvation. Use the following recommendations to correct the situation. Brief steps will save a drowned gadget.

Remove smartphone from water, unplug and disassemble

Quickly remove the smartphone from the water, unplug and disassemble it into its components. Any gadget has slots and headphone inputs. Through them, water enters the phone and gradually degrades the work. The most deplorable option is a short circuit. Therefore, we take out the gadget and dry each element. Take care of the battery, sim card and external memory. Wipe the battery with a towel. Otherwise, humidity will adversely affect the charging of the device.

If the phone is not separable

Modern mobiles do not understand. In such gadgets, you cannot remove the battery or any other parts. Take note of the old, proven way. Pour plain rice into the box and put the gadget inside. It absorbs moisture well and dries the mobile. A couple of hours and the phone will work as before. Silica gel also serves as a moisture-absorbing component. Bags with such a substance are often put in boxes with new shoes.

What should not be done after water gets into the phone?

In case the liquid gets into the gadget, you absolutely can’t do it:

  1. Launch the device immediately. Wait for it to dry completely. In no case, do not connect the mobile to the power system.
  2. Not sure about your competency? Do not disassemble the gadget. This will cause an irreparable failure. Moisture will spread further on the device.
  3. Use mobile when the screen does not work. In this case, contact a service center for help. Competent specialists will solve any damage.

Paper towel

The first way is to use a regular towel. Wipe the gadget well and wipe the batteries, SIM card slot and the inside. Do not take paper napkins or towels. Despite the fact that they absorb well, they break up into small pellets. They fall into slots and passages, which impairs work. Take a rag towel and dry clean the surface. Even one minimal drop can cause a malfunction.

Hair dryer or vacuum cleaner

Most users immediately grab onto a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. Blowing out the appliance is not recommended. The hair dryer blows hot air, which leads to overheating of the electrical parts. Technical consultants recommend using the vacuum cleaner at minimum speed. It is needed to completely absorb drops of water. In the fight against moisture inside is absolutely powerless.

Absorbent or rice

Save a Huawei or Honor phone if you fall into the water easily using rice or silica gel. Such cereals are in every home. Fill any capacity and put your smartphone there. This will help prevent water from entering the gadget’s processor. Silica gel is small balls. In any box from under the shoes you can find a bag with such a substance. It works faster than cereals and absorbs better liquid.

What if the Honor phone falls into the water and does not turn on?

The phone fell into the water and does not turn on? Then use the services of a qualified professional. This will save the situation, and the phone will work. If you can’t take the gadget to the master, then quickly put it in a container with water-repellent components. Never connect the mobile to charging! Water acts as a conductor and may cause a short circuit.

Fell into water and vibrates

Take out the gadget and immediately remove the battery. If the phone is not separable, press the power button. Blot the device and try to wipe it as much as possible. Now proceed to drying. Use one of the above methods. Then take the gadget to a service center.


Put the phone in the hands of specialists as soon as possible. It will not be possible to disassemble and dry the board on its own. Do not have experience in similar work? Take the risk of harming the gadget even more. Visit the service center without delay.

The main problems when water gets into the smartphone

The most common liquid malfunctions are:

  • The gadget turns on, but the screen does not respond;
  • The phone works, but the sensor is not active;
  • The icon disappears when a headset is connected;
  • After activation, the device reboots for a long time;
  • When turned on, the indicator lights up, but it does not turn on.

After falling into the water, the performance of the equipment decreases significantly. You may need to purchase new parts for installation.

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Time Codes:
Pull the phone out of the water immediately 0:48
Turn it off 1:42
Remove the battery 2:10
Remove the SIM card, memory card and all peripherals 3:01
Wipe the phone with a cloth or microfiber cloth 4:02
Do not use an oven, microwave or hairdryer 4:26
Gently shake all the moisture out of the phone 5:06
Put it in the vacuum bag 5:32
Put your phone in a bowl of rice or other absorbent 5:59
Clean your phone with alcohol 7:07
Put it in a dry and safe place 7:48
Wait 8:14
While waiting, check the warranty card 9:00
Cross your fingers and turn on the phone 9:30

– The longer the phone is in the water, the more water will get inside and damage the filling.
– If you do not turn off the phone, you risk a short circuit, which will cause even more damage to the inside of the device.
– If the battery can be removed, do it right away. Removing the nutrient will help prevent a short circuit.
– Remove everything that the charging connector, headphones, and all other openings in the phone cover. So you will not allow to clog the moisture inside and damage both the phone itself and peripheral devices.
– Do not use paper. Its particles can clog the phone ports.
– The heat from the hair dryer can seriously damage the filling of your phone, and the evaporation of moisture from the inside only spreads it further.
– By shaking the phone, you will get rid of the drops of water stuck inside.
– Put the phone in a vacuum bag and suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner.
– Raw rice has natural absorbent properties, and moisture will come out of the phone directly into rice. Put the smartphone and all its components in a bowl or jar of rice and leave it for at least 18 hours.
– Try to immerse the phone in a safe cleaner or pure alcohol. They absorb moisture, remove impurities and evaporate, leaving no conductive residue.
– Do not place a bowl or jar of rice and a telephone next to a washing machine or sink where various accidents may occur.
– It is very, very important to let the phone dry for at least 2 days.
– It may turn out that your warranty is serviced by a third-party company. Check. It is possible that accidentally spilled water or a drop in water is a warranty case.
– After making sure that the phone is dry, you can try to put it on charge and turn it on. If the loading screen appears, you are in chocolate. We on social networks: