Phone Application Error What To Do

Com.Android.Phone. The designation of a standard Android application for calls. The messages “An error occurred in the com.Android.Phone application”, “Unfortunately, the com.Android.Phone process was stopped” indicates the application is malfunctioning. Where does the error come from and how to fix it?

Phone Application Error What To Do

  • 1 Why does the error appear in the com.Android.Phone application
  • 2 Ways to fix the error
  • 2.1 Cleaning temporary files
  • 2.2 Disabling the date and time synchronization function
  • 2.3 Virus Removal
  • 2.4 Hard Reset
  • 2.5 Flashing
  • 2.6: how to fix the error in com.Android.Phone using the Lenovo A328 as an example
  • 3 What to do to prevent the problem from appearing anymore
  • Why does the error appear in the com.Android.Phone application

    There are several reasons for the error with com.Android.Phone:

    1. Various random crashes in the Phone app.
    2. The cache of the Phone app or its associated system functions is full.
    3. The virus can affect the Phone application and cause it to malfunction.
    4. The application may be corrupted by the user.
    5. The Phone application is not compatible with any other applications on the device that use the phone’s functionality in one way or another.

    Ways to fix the error

    First reboot the device. This will help if the error occurred due to a full cache or some kind of accidentally encountered bug.

    If the reboot did not help, you have to rummage around.

    Cleaning temporary files

    1. Open the “Settings” menu. “Applications”. “Phone” (or “Call”);
    2. We erase the data and clear the application cache;
    3. To be sure, download programs like CCleaner and use it to clean your smartphone from the remnants of temporary files;

    In the “Applications” section, you can clear the cache and data of the “Phone” application (or “Call”)

    If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

    Disabling the date and time synchronization function

    1. Open the “Settings” menu. “Language, time, keyboard”;
    2. We find the item “Date and time of the network”, uncheck;

    In the “Language, time, keyboard” section, you can disable the synchronization of the date and time with the date and time of the network

    If the problem is still not resolved, most likely it is a virus.

    Virus removal

    Install antivirus software from the Google Play Market and perform a deep scan of the device. Remove any viruses found.

    You can do without anti-virus for Android. Connect the smartphone to the computer in USB storage mode. And scan the device’s hard drive with computer antivirus. Due to the fact that the source code of mobile and desktop viruses is similar to each other, stationary anti-virus can scan and remove malware on your mobile device.

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    Hard reset

    If the device does not have important data, or you are ready to save it somewhere, try to reset it to the factory settings. A complete reset will delete all data, and along with it the virus. This is called Hard Reset and is done as follows:

      Open the Settings menu. “Recovery and reset.” On the page, select “Reset Settings”.

    Resetting the device to the factory settings can be done in the “Recovery and reset” section.

    By clicking “Reset phone settings”, you will run Hard Reset: all data will be deleted

    You can reset your settings through Recovery Mode. To enable Recovery mode, turn off the device and hold down the power and volume down buttons. Hold them until the manufacturer logo appears on the screen. For some devices, Recovery turns on in another way, find out on the Internet specifically for your model of smartphone or tablet. In the Recovery menu, find the wipe data item (either Clear Data, or something similar). Click on it, then click Yes and check the Delete User Data box. And reboot the device.

    You can start the reset in Recovery Mode: select wipe data / factory reset


    So, if com.Android.Phone still gives an error after removing viruses, you can try to reflash the device. To do this, download the latest system update for your device from the official site, place the downloaded zip archive in the root folder of the device and enable Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, click Install zip from sdcard (or something similar depending on the model of the device; more specific instructions for flashing can be found on the website of the manufacturer of your device). Then follow the instructions on the screen (usually you just need to click the “OK” button), do not forget to check the Wipe data box to delete data from the device, otherwise errors may remain.

    If flashing the device is unacceptable for you, and the error cannot be fixed in any other way, try installing a “dialer” from Google Play. There are a lot of options in the market, pick up to your taste and install.

    What to do so that the problem no longer appears

    Do not install applications from untrusted sources on your device, so as not to pick up a virus. A smartphone or tablet should not be cluttered with useless applications, since all of them leave behind not deleted temporary files and an uncleaned cache, which loads and harms the device. Use CCleaner or similar to clear the cache and junk files.

    One of the problems that you may encounter when using an Android phone or tablet is the message that some application is stopped or “Unfortunately, the application has stopped” (the option Unfortunately, the process has stopped is also possible). The error can manifest itself on a variety of versions of Android, on phones Samsung, Sony Xperia, LG, Lenovo, Huawei and others.

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    In this instruction, in detail about the various ways to fix the “Application stopped” error on Android, depending on the situation and which application reported the error.

    Note: the paths in the settings and screenshots are for “clean” Android, on Samsung Galaxy or on another device with a modified launcher compared to the standard launcher, the paths may differ slightly, but they are always located there.

    How to fix “Application stopped” errors on Android

    Sometimes the error “Application stopped” or “Application stopped” may not occur during the launch of a specific “optional” application (for example, Photo, Camera, VK). In such a scenario, the solution is usually relatively simple.

    A more complex error option is an error when loading or unlocking the phone (com.Android.Systemui and Google application error or “System GUI application stopped” on LG phones), calling the phone application (com.Android.Phone) or camera, the “Settings” application error com.Android.Settings (which prevents you from entering the settings for clearing the cache), as well as when launching the Google Play Store or updating applications.

    The easiest way to fix

    In the first case (an error occurred when starting a certain application with a message about the name of this application), provided that the same application worked fine earlier, the possible way to fix it would be as follows:

    1. Go to Settings. Applications, find the problem application in the list and click on it. For example, the Phone application was stopped.
    2. Click on the item “Storage” (the item may be absent, then you will immediately see the buttons from item 3).
    3. Click “Clear Cache,” then “Clear Data” (or “Manage Location,” and then clear data).

    After clearing the cache and data, check if the application has started working.

    If not, then you can additionally try to return the previous version of the application, but only for those applications that were preinstalled on your Android device (Google Play Store, Photos, Phone and others), for this:

    1. There, in the settings, having selected the application, click “Disable”.
    2. You will be warned about possible problems when you turn off the application, click “Disable application”.
    3. The next window will suggest “Install the original version of the application”, click OK.
    4. After disconnecting the application and deleting its updates, you will again be taken to the screen with the application settings: click “Enable”.

    After the application is turned on, check whether the message appears again that it was stopped at startup: if the error has been fixed, I recommend that you do not update it for a while (a week or two, until new updates are released).

    For third-party applications for which returning the previous version in this way does not work, you can also try reinstalling: i.E. Uninstall the application, and then download it from the Play Store and reinstall it.

    How to fix system application errors com.Android.Systemui, com.Android.Settings, com.Android.Phone, Google Play Store and Services and others

    If just clearing the cache and the application data that caused the error did not help, and we are talking about some kind of system application, then additionally try to clear the cache and data of the following applications (since they are interconnected and problems in one can cause problems in the other):

    • Downloads (may affect the operation of Google Play).
    • Settings (com.Android.Settings, may cause com.Android.Systemui errors).
    • Google Play Services, Google Services Framework
    • Google (linked to com.Android.Systemui).
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    If the error text indicates that the Google application, com.Android.Systemui (the graphical interface of the system) or com.Android.Settings has stopped, it may turn out that you cannot go into the settings to clear the cache, delete updates and other actions.

    In this case, try to use the safe mode of Android. Perhaps you will be able to perform the necessary actions in it.

    Additional Information

    In a situation where none of the proposed options helped to fix the “Application stopped” error on your Android device, pay attention to the following points, which may be useful:

    1. If the error does not manifest itself in safe mode, then with a high probability it is a matter of some third-party application (or its recent updates). Most often, these are applications one way or another connected with device protection (antiviruses) or Android design. Try uninstalling such applications.
    2. The error “com.Android.Systemui application stopped” may appear on older devices after switching from the Dalvik virtual machine to the ART runtime if the device has applications that do not support working in ART.
    3. If it is reported that the Keyboard application, LG Keyboard or the like has stopped, you can try installing another default keyboard, for example, Gboard, downloading it from the Play Store, the same applies to other applications for which replacement is possible ( for example, instead of a Google application, you can try installing a third-party launcher).
    4. For applications that automatically synchronize with Google (Photos, Contacts and others), disabling and re-enabling synchronization, or deleting a Google account and re-adding it (in the account settings on the Android device) can help.
    5. If nothing else helps, you can, after saving important data from the device, reset it to the factory settings: this can be done in “Settings”. “Restore, reset”. “Reset settings” or, if the settings do not open, using the combination keys on the phone off (you can find out the specific key combination by searching the Internet for the phrase “your phone model hard reset”).

    And finally, if you can’t fix the error in any way, try to describe in the comments what exactly causes the error, indicate the model of the phone or tablet, and also, if you know, after which the problem arose. Maybe I or some of the readers will be able to give helpful advice.