Pantum printer does not print after refueling the cartridge. PC 211E

Reset the Pantum P2500W meter

The problem and the need to reset the printer cartridge microcircuit usually occurs after refueling or when using SNPC. Manufacturers for a long time received income from the sale of consumables and most often reasonably provide the best quality and longer operation of the originals. But this still does not convince users looking for inexpensive refueling methods, in this case you will need to drop the chip on the printer cartridge.

The process of updating the chip chip

First, let’s decide how, in general, you can drop the microcircuit and what to do for this. Depending on the model, there may be nuances, but the general algorithm is still preserved.

The procedure is carried out in service mode:

  • Put the carriage into the mode of replacing the cartridge by pressing the lock button “.
  • After moving the carriage, you can see the green button, you will need to hold it in this position for about 5 seconds.
  • Return the carriage in place if it still flashes, then repeat the operation, holding the button a little more.

Устранение 2-х неисправностей в принтере PANTUM P2207

This should be enough to restart the cartridge meter again. After the operation, the printer will prepare the head for the press for some time, publish noise and pull, and then begin to print the document.

  • Click on a drop and go to the mode of replacing the cartridge.
  • Remove cartridges, and then replace them with one click.
  • Press the green discharge button.
  • Replace batteries if they are in a sensor or device.

The aforementioned method is used to restart printing for the vast majority of printing devices, but there are exceptions, so let’s analyze the sequence of actions for specific models. If you cannot do this, as described, in the intensity of all printers there is an option “Replace the cartridges manually”. Please note that it is impossible to reset the chip from Canon, HP and some other devices in this way.

How to reset chips for Canon

Now we’ll figure out how to reset the chip in Canon MG3040, PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MG2440. This process is also called the removal of the diaper:

  • Press the Stop Stop button, then power button.
  • Holding the power button, press the stop / reset button 5 times.
  • If everything is done correctly, the inclusion key will burn, all other keys should not burn.
  • Then you need to reset the error 5B00, 5B02, this is done using the Servicetool V3400 special service program.
  • Launch and enter the following data: on the “Clean ink counter” tab in the “Absorber” parameter, select “All” and confirm the data by clicking “Establish.

If everything is in order and you successfully dropped the Canon chip, the message “Function was completed” will appear. Then the device will print the report.

Replacing the chip on laser devices

On sale there are refueling sets for Pantum M6500, Copier 3045, Xerox Phaser and others. There are similar sets for HP. With their help, you can carry out appropriate manipulations, which include:

Pantum P2200 / P2207 / P2500W Printer Firmware

We will tell you how to do this, using the example of Pantum M6500:

  • Carefully remove the cartridge.
  • From above you will have a plastic cover that needs to be removed and empty the spent toner.
  • On the right there is another cap, this is a pouring hole, add the right amount of powder.
  • On the other hand, a microcircuit on the chip is connected to the latch, it is removed and new is installed.

After performing manipulations, the device will work properly. To reset the chip in the HP printer, you will need a universal chip that will help solve problems with print restrictions.

The proposed options will help reset the Canon MG3040, Pantum M6500, Canon Pixma MP250, Copier 3045, Xerox Phaser, Pixma MG2440 chip. The described processes are shown on the video.

How to reset a chip on the Pantum M6500?

Reset can be performed without software. Just turn off the Pantum M6500 printer, remove the cartridge and turn on the device. Then, in the service menu, press the OK button and hold it for a few seconds.

They must be changed during refueling or reset (discharge, re.entry, re.firmware) of their resource, if possible. Nebaculating microcircuits are microcircuits that do not block the operation of the cartridge, but only imitate the message in the software about the need to install a new cartridge.

Driving removal, driver removal

When installing a new or updated driver, delete the old driver. To remove the old driver:

Click Start all programs, select Pantum P1000 Series or Pantum P2000 Series click

Removal, as shown below. You can also go to the control panel, then click the installation and removal of programs, select the corresponding driver and click delete.

Click OK in a pop.up window to start the driver delete procedure.

A pop.up strip displays the progress of removal.

After removing the driver, overload the computer.

Printer control panel, 1 control panel, control panel

The control panel includes a multi.colored LED indicator (multicolor LED indicator will light up in red, green, orange and yellow light), the red LED no paper and the Cancel /Continue button [cancel /continue], as shown in the figure below.

The cancellation button/continued is used to cancel the print or continue work, which may have been interrupted due to the paper, due to the end of the first side of the first side with manual bilateral printing or another similar reason.

The indicator no paper shows that the paper does not meet the requirements, the paper jamming occurred or other problems associated with paper occurred.

Orange means that the cartridge is installed incorrectly or the toner ends in the cartridge, or

There was some kind of problem related to the cartridge;

Green means normal operation.

How to disable the control level of ink

This function is available only in Canon devices, other manufacturers did not equip their devices with the ability to turn off the control control of ink.

When ink in one of the cartridges ends, a warning message appears on the screen. You can stop the seal (stop / reset) or continue (OK). Depending on the selected option, the document will be printed or the operation will be canceled.

After the ink ends in another cartridge, a warning will appear again, offering to replace it. If your printer has a cartridge, press and hold the “Stop / Reset” button for thirty seconds. This will turn off the function of controlling the level of ink.

This action will not affect the operation of the Pantum M6500 printer, the print quality will not deteriorate. For devices with several inklits, a similar action is performed separately for each.

You can refuse automatic control of ink directly on your computer. Enter the “Printers” section through the control panel, click the icon of the desired device and select “Properties”. A window will appear, select the “Service” category in it, then “Information about the condition of the printer”. “parameters”.

Remove the flag next to the line “display the notification automatically”. The system will turn off, and you will need to independently check the remaining ink, periodically looking under the Pantum M6500 printer cover. Remember that the printing of too many pages with an empty cartridge can damage the print head.

Of course, replacing the cartridge is not the most difficult procedure, but the probability of damaging the microcircuit or the device is high, so it is best to entrust the discharge of the microcircuit professionals.

After refueling the cartridges, the error “Cartridges is empty” is displayed

After refueling, an empty cartridge is popped up

As we know, current manufacturers are constantly working on improvements for their equipment. Therefore, it is absolutely normal to encounter a problem of this nature. Previously, we told what are the cartridge connectors and how to care for them, because it is in them that it is to eliminate the malfunction.

As we know, information is recorded on the connectors about when the printer cartridge ends. In fact, this does not happen at the moment when ink is coming to an end, and the countdown goes according to the number of printed pages. Therefore, since the printers have information about how many pages each cartridge can print, the printer determines when the ink is coming to an end.

In the next window, you can see how many ink is designed for each cartridge.

pantum, printer, does, print, refueling, cartridge

In order not to delay the article, I will go directly to explaining this problem. When installing the printer on the computer, a huge number of drivers are automatically installed, the purpose of which is to exchange data with the printer: messages about when a new cartridge is inserted, when this cartridge has already printed a large number of pages, and when the time comes to replace it.

So we will not achieve anything, just refueling our cartridge. After all, these small and remote programs that inform the computer are installed, how much ink remains in the cartridge, the number of printed pages and whether the cartridge was replaced.

Solution of the problem: it is advisable to delete all applications that are installed with the printer driver and leave only basic drivers, because in fact they only perform the printing function of the printer. We do not claim that these programs are useless, they are good for individuals or companies that have the opportunity to purchase, new cartridges every time they come to an end.

Remember, it is advisable not to install the driver from the installation disk! And if you still decide to dispose of the disk, choose an expanded installation option to select only the printer driver and not install all the superstructures automatically.- This message was developed on the basis of knowledge acquired in the workshop, and from personal records. Information in this article does not oblige the consumer of the mentioned goods to act, as described above. This is just a personal advice that you can use if you consider it necessary.

Reset Toner counter Brother HL-1110R, 1112R, DCP-1510R, 1512R, MFC-1810R, 1815R

The first time to drop the counter for few who succeed, it is worthwhile to be patient and try again.

Resetting the chip

The Chinese in Pantuma thoroughly prepared for the work of people’s craftsmen. For a long time, even companies did not try to release a removable chip or firmware. Engineers “placed” some security functions directly in the device driver itself. The creation of a separate software for each device is really unprofitable. Output. buy an official chip along with a toner included. The cost is reasonable, which is very good.

After replacing the chip, it is necessary to update the printer driver. Otherwise, the device will not see the cartridge and will not print.


On the opposite side of the hole for inserting the toner of the Pantum cartridge there is a place for the chip, where it, in fact, is placed. Tools are not required to remove and replace. You can do it manually. We delete the old and replace it with the new. Currently, the changes are completed.

Buy a new chip along with the original PC 211RB powder set.

How to reset the cartridge after refueling?

How to refuel the Pantum PC 211E cartridge?

Refueling the Pantum PC 211E (211EV) cartridge for M6500 printer (M6500W, M6550NW), P2207, P2500W and P2200 is produced by PC 211RB toner of the manufacturer of technology.

Turn the cartridge on the side and remove the plug closing the hole for refueling. Refueling Pantum PC 211EV requires an original chip and toner (refueling set). Shock the tank with a toner and pour it into the bunker; Close with a lid, turn the cartridge to the other side, where the chip changes.

Instructions how to restart the printer

Sometimes there is no need to reboot the printer, which usually does not cause difficulties even in inexperienced users, but it is necessary to restart the counter or to reset it. Such a need arises after refueling the cartridge.

The problem is that neither in laser or inkjet printers there is no equipment to track the number of remaining dye. To keep this account, software is used. All information is stored on the cartridge chip. And after refueling, this information must be cleaned. In other words, rebooting or resetting.

When executing the process of zeroing, the information is removed not on the device itself, but on the cartridge chip. Many sets for refueling are supplied with a special microcard, which should be replaced with the old.

There are several such microcircuits in color jet printers, depending on the number of cartridges used by the cartridges. And on each this microcircuit must be replaced. Otherwise, the normal use of re.refueling cartridges will be simply impossible, since the printer will continue to think that the ink has ended.

Stopped printing a laser printer

So that the laser printer continues to work uninterruptedly after the next refueling, it must be charged in the correct sequence.

  • Remove the consumables from the device.
  • Remove the cartridge, having previously unscrewed all the screws.
  • The bunker is cleaned when the work is turned off, regardless of how much dust is left in the compartment.
  • Add a new toner of the right brand and quality.
  • Remove traces of dust if it accidentally hit the removed details.
  • Clean the metering blade and photos. A regular or special vacuum cleaner is used.

If this is not the first refueling, the reason for stopping the print may be wear of parts. When damage is visually visually visible on the consumable, the cartridge must be replaced. First, carefully inspect the mop (wiper blade), drum and magnetic video.

A laser printer cartridge (like a jet printer) has a microcircuit, the counter of which stores the number of printed sheets. When the figure reaches the established mark, the system automatically blocks the possibility of printing. Then you need to drop the toner counter or drop the cartridge. We described in detail the reset / reset in the next section of the article.

If the laser device was not used for a long time, the dust in the cartridge could be covered with a crust. To continue work, just shake slightly so that the toner inside the bunker is distributed evenly.

Khuls of HP cartridges

Toner is an integral component of the printer. When the toner ends in HP equipment, you need to purchase a new cartridge, which can be quite expensive.

A cheaper alternative is to refuel the toner in the existing HP cartridge.

However, the problem is that the technique still recognizes the seasoned cartridge as empty, unless you drop it properly.

The reset of the cartridge with a toner is a simple process that should not occupy more than thirty minutes of your time.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the green key on the printer and turn on the printer. You will see that the lights flash for a moment and then go out.After a few seconds, the indicator of attention will light up, and then the readiness indicator and the green indicator. Continue to press the green button.

After a few seconds, the attention indicator and the readiness indicator will go out.

Khuling of Brother cartridges

Brother’s cartridges refueling is one of the ways to avoid expensive replacement of cartridges and save a few.

However, when refueling the cartridge of the chip printer on the side of the cartridge, it still “tells” the computer about the low level of ink.

This is because a simple refueling of the cartridge with ink does not return the chip to complete setting.

A prevention of low ink is canceled using a simple procedure that takes several minutes of your time.

  • Start printing without an error message by changing the chip setting.
  • Install a new cartridge by opening the access frame and inserting the cartridge into the device: Brother cartridge
  • Turn off the printer. At the same time, press the readiness and return button when you turn on the printer again by pressing the power button.

Look at the display and release the buttons when the printer tells you that it performs a self.test.

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