Output Sound From TV To Home Cinema

Today, a home theater can be found in almost every home. The availability of home electronics, a huge selection of manufacturers and constantly evolving technologies make it easy to choose a home theater for any requirements and any budget. In addition, home theaters have become a bit of a stylish design element in the house, organically complementing any interior.

Naturally, watching movies from a home theater can give a lot of pleasure to any sophisticated movie fan. Surround sound creates a unique atmosphere and allows the viewer to feel all the delights of public cinemas sitting on your favorite sofa at home.

Movies ands are certainly good, but what about regular TV broadcasts? Few people know, but you can just as successfully use a home theater to play sound from a conventional TV. You must admit that it is much more pleasant to enjoy broadcasts with deep, high-quality and surround sound, especially since today television technologies can offer a very wide range of entertainment for the viewer. At the same time, modern TVs have a very meager set of reproducible audio frequencies, so playing sound from a TV through a home theater can be a good and practical solution for the home.

There are several ways to implement this method, depending on the models and equipment of your devices. The best and easiest option is to use a fiber optic cable that transmits truly high-quality multi-channel sound. Naturally, this requires that the cinema and television have special connectors, which are usually labeled by developers as TV / SAT or OPTICAL. The advantage of this method can be called excellent signal quality, since the fiber optic cable is resistant to any type of electromagnetic interference and is capable of delivering really high-quality sound without signal loss. It is worth remembering that for proper connection, the sound should go from the TV to the receiver, and not vice versa, so you will have to carefully study the location of the connectors for the optical cable and correctly determine the signal input and output.

Support for fiber-optic interfaces can only be found on devices of a rather high price category, so it may happen that the above connector does not appear on your receiver or TV. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to output sound of high-quality sound, and the next in our list is a coaxial cable. This interface also supports multichannel sound and has increased immunity to interference. It is very easy to find a coaxial connector. It is usually designated as COAXIAL and has input and output formats. It is also important to observe the correct connection. The signal should go from the TV (COAXIAL OUT) and come to the home theater receiver (COAXIAL IN). Only in this way can you get sound from the TV through the home theater using a coaxial cable.

A good solution can be a modern HDMI interface, connectors for which are available in any TV and receiver. This format allows you to transfer both image and sound, and the sound quality of HDMI is quite at a level when it comes to high-quality cable manufacturers, rather than Chinese cheap counterparts. It is noteworthy that in this case it is not necessary to observe the “input-output” mode. The HDMI format can transmit sound in both directions and itself understands the connection architecture.

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Despite the fact that “tulip” cables, which were used by ancient recorders to CRT televisions in the distant nineties, are already obsolete, this type of connection can also be used to output sound to the receiver. Actually, the RCA connector is the only method that will work exactly on any device, as it is an unwritten standard for sound reproduction among developers. The connection procedure is very simple. You only need a cable type “tulip” (usually the input and output are indicated by red and white colors, respectively), which must be connected to the TV using an RCA connector labeled OUT and lead to the IN connector on the receiver of the home theater. It is important to understand that this type of connection loses significantly in the quality of sound reproduction to the fiber and coaxial cables, so you should not expect multichannel sound of excellent quality from RCA. But, of course, thanks to the fine-tuning capabilities of the receiver, you can choose the best sound in any room.

It often happens that the RCA connector is busy and it is impossible to connect the receiver in this way. However, almost any device has a 3.5mm miniJack headphone jack. You can use a special miniJack-2RCA cable and get a more complex, but quite working sound reproduction system.

The last, and most technically obsolete way can be called connecting the TV to the home theater using a SCART slot. All leading manufacturers of equipment have long abandoned this format, but on some devices it can still be found, usually a SCART connector is available on the TV. Thus, using the standard sound stream scheme from the SCART OUT connector on the TV to 2RCA on the receiver, you can use this method if more modern methods did not work for you.

That’s all the methods that you can use to play the soundtrack from the TV through your home theater. You should not expect much from such an audio stream management system, since the TV uses the monophonic structure of the audio output. But modern receivers have a whole range of settings and extensions that will help you adjust the sound to your preferences. In addition, a powerful home theater processor in any case will process and deliver sound to the speakers much better, so if you have the opportunity and desire, the receiver can significantly increase the sound level of your television programs.

Output Sound From TV To Home Cinema

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ON THE TOPIC: how to connect an old home theater to a new TV?

Output sound from a TV to a home theater

Register Login. Answers Mail. Questions. Leaders How to recover a local disk 1 rate. The leaders of the category Anton Vladimirovich Artificial Intelligence. Sour Higher Mind. How to output sound from the TV to the speakers? Is it possible to somehow output the sound from the TV through the speakers from the home theater? In the photo 1. TV. Photo 2. Subwoofer. Photo 3. Column from the home theater. On the columns from the house. Cord from the column on both sides of the clamp.

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The best answer. Yura Pozitivchik romantic Higher mind 2 years ago You can find an adapter from a scart with wires tulips shove red and white into the subwoofer in the input of the IN scart to the TV set. Comment deleted by Jura Pozitivchik romantic Higher mind you forgot about the exit, such as clothespins and tulips from the subwoofer and wires to them. Maybe you should finally read the fucking instructions, how to connect all the speakers completely? The remaining answers. Merik Master 2 years ago you take a cable and connect red and white on a telly with red and white on a column, like that.

Evgeny Zhukov Artificial Intelligence 2 years ago On the TV, the sound output is only optical and to the headphones, if there is a connector for them. There is no optical input on the sub, only for tulips. Comment deleted Liao Yongfen Thinker Look at the side, under the false panel, below. Technical Box Oracle 2 years ago You need to buy an adapter with optical out to composite audio.

In the speaker amplifier, you need to connect the composite output to the input red and white, and to the TV optical. This TV only has an optical output.

Comment deleted Technical Box Oracle The amplifier in the cinema is built-in I mean it. Comment deleted Sergey Ronskikh Master The second photo you have is the same sabbufer? Related questions. Also ask.


Many televisions are equipped with not the best quality speaker system. When watching movies or TV shows, the sound from the built-in speakers is not enough. To make it more voluminous and loud, you can connect any other sound amplifier to it. There are several options for how to output sound from the TV to the speakers.

Modern TVs are capable of transmitting excellent picture quality, up to 4K resolution, can play 3D, are equipped with built-in satellite receivers, but the sound quality, even with expensive models, is lame. This is understandable, because TVs are becoming thinner and you can’t physically put good acoustics there. But there is a solution. Buying a home theater or AV receiver with high-quality speakers. Even with budget acoustics, you get good sound quality. In this article, I would like to talk in detail about how to output sound from a TV to a home theater receiver.

We output sound from the TV to the home theater

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How to connect a home theater to a TV so that there is sound on the speakers?

Ways to output stereo or 5 in 15 minutes. But if you want more, then soundbars, music centers, home theater systems, stereo and multi-channel Hi-Fi installations based on an AV receiver will allow you to achieve the sound quality of a real movie theater. Sometimes they even surpass professional equipment in musical detailing, assertiveness and cinematic dentistry. All modern devices are built on the principle of simplifying the connection with each other.

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How to connect speakers to a TV to output sound

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How to make the sound from the TV go through the speakers of a home theater

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