Optimum TV Settings Lg 55uk6450

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Optimum TV Settings Lg 55uk6450


And yes, a 100Mbps port is enough to watch 4k even at 60fps, though it’s compressed. But I think fans of pictures and colors are unlikely to buy such a TV to watch uncompressed 4k on it, this is a perversion.
It’s hard to say something about hdr. He is. First of all, you had to play with the black and gamma settings to get an adequate picture, because by default it is very black.

Despite the fact that there are more shortcomings in the text than in virtues. still a very good TV for the money.

I chose an analogue between this model and the Samsung 7100 series, but there is a VA matrix. Sams is more faded, the screen brightness is weak, but the black color is better. Then someone who likes it more. For the sake of economy, you have to sacrifice something. If you don’t feel like sacrificing, take OLED there and the brightness and black are perfect, but the price is still two to three times higher.

This model took for 37k. Quite worthy.

The first thing to do after buying a telly. cut off energy saving (or select a lower value), it greatly dims the brightness of the backlight. It only dawned on me on the third day when I turned it off. straight eyes hurt from how bright it can be.

Both the PS4 and the computer via HDMI feel great. The main thing. select mode for them once “Games” (telly automatically remembers the mode for each input). And for the computer you still need to rename the login name to “PC”. Instant response and gorgeous picture.

For HDR content, it makes sense to include dynamic contrast, this option also greatly affects the brightness and overall perception. There are three levels of settings, usually low enough (again, the telly remembers all the settings, it is enough to do it once).

SmartTV on webOS. it is really very fast and convenient, especially in conjunction with the Magic Remote! Previously, I had a 47LA660V TV of the 2013 release. there the speed of SmartTV was such that even cry. And the convenience was lame. I was very pleased with the progress in this area! By the way, the old telly was 3D, and this is the 3D I used 2. times on Avatar and the seventh Harry Potter. Unnecessary and uncomfortable pampering.

4K DLNA through the wire plays without problems. Telik calmly chewed an 80-gigabyte mkv-movie (HEVC h.265 codec, 63k bitrate, 10 bits per pixel), and we just had to open our mouths on the quality of what was on the screen. I did not try it through WiFi, although the telly sees the 5Ghz range and, theoretically, should be approx. But I’m the old fashioned way through a twisted pair. FullHD via WiFi is working fine, verified.