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Oppo Enco Air Manual | STEP-BY-STEP Guide 2022

The Oppo Enco Air Have A 12mm Crystal Clear Vocal Driver, 24 Hours of Total Battle Life, a Low Latency Gaming Mode, Ai-Powered Noise Cancelation Feature for Calls, Bluetooth 5.2 with AptX, AAC, and SBC Codecs, and Much Learn How to Use Them with this New Oppo Enco Air Manual.

To iOS and Android Phones

STEP 1: Open The Lid of the Charging Case. After that, the earbuds will on automaticillally.

STEP 2: Go to the Device’s Bluetooth Settings.

Oppo Enco Air Review: Incredible Call Quality!

STEP 3: Select “Enco Air”. IF A Password is Needed, Type “0000”.

STEP 4: AFTER that, The Piring Will Be Done.

To PC (Windows)

STEP 1: Turn on Window’s Bluetooth.

STEP 2: Go to the Settings.

STEP 3: Go to “Bluetooth and Other Devices”.

STEP 4: Click on “Add Device”.

STEP 5: Click on Bluetooth.

STEP 5: Open The Lid of the Charging Case. After that, the earbuds will on automaticillally.

STEP 6: Select “Enco Air”. IF A Password is Needed, Type “0000”.

STEP 7: AFTER that, The Piring Will Be Done.

Oppo Enco Air Manual | How to Wear?

STEP 1: Take Both Earbuds Out of the Charging Case.

STEP 2: IDentify the Left and Right Earbuds.

STEP 3: Choose The Ear Tips that Best Suit Your Ears.

STEP 4: Insert the Headphones Into the Inner Canal of the Ears.

STEP 5: Rotate for the Best Possible Comfort and Best Fit, and Make Sure that Microphone Is Pointing to the Mouth.

Oppo Enco Air W32 White

Oppo Enco Air can provide up to 24 hours of listening to your favorite music. After complete charging, headphones can lose music within 4 hours. Then just put the headphones in the case to charge them up to 5 times.

Charge the headphones and the cover simultaneously with the help of fast charging, which provides up to 8 hours of high.quality sound in just 10 minutes of recharging.

A unique translucent case, available in white, black and blue colors, not only pleases the eye, but also provides an excellent sensation in the hand due to its soft matte surface. Design, inspired by the beauty of nature, you will like it at first sight.

Thanks to the ultra.light structure, which tightly adjacent to the bends of the ear, you will hardly notice how the headphones are sitting, without worrying about whether they will remain in place while you lead an active lifestyle.

Enjoy the music in high resolution thanks to a 12-million dynamics of titanium composite material and a powerful low frequency amplifier, which harmoniously combine with the direction and strengthening of each part.

Thanks to the algorithm of the sound of Deep Neural Network based on a neural network that reproduces human voices as they sound in real life, double microphones Oppo Enco Air can effectively capture a voice in any environment for greater clarity when you talk or play with friends.

New generation Bluetooth 5.2 can better stabilize signals even in interference from many devices, for example, in crowded buses and metro. After connection, a stable gear allows you to move to a distance of 10 meters from your device.

Certification of high performance and low delay

Oppo Enco Air. The world’s first wireless headphones certified by Tüv Rheinland for high performance and small delay. Tüv Rheinland held in.depth tests for delay, stability and call performance that can fully prove that the Oppo Enco Air has excellent performance in these dimensions.

After the conjugation of the Oppo Enco Air, it allows you to activate the headphones even before you put them on by connecting to the mobile device as soon as you open their cover.

Twist the headphone twice to instantly move on to the next song, or tape and hold to adjust the volume, allowing you to easily move from the song to the song without using the phone. Download and install the HEYMELODY application from the Google Play Store application to configure headphones.


Obviously, Oppo Enco Air is trying to imitate Apple Airpods. and they cope well with their task. Pull the headphones from the plastic charger, and you can immediately start work? mating takes only a few minutes.

There are no spare silicone nozzles in the box, since Enco Air has a more solid design. Nevertheless, the headphones themselves are light and smooth. They are well approached by our ears, without even feeling that they were about to fall out.

However, the charging cover is disappointed. It has a plastic surface and looks pretty ugly. A transparent top creates the impression of a cheap toy from a trading machine, but at least its light weight means that it is convenient to carry it with you. There is no wireless charging-it is not surprising, given the price-but USB-C support means that charging is quickly. Read more about this later.

The IPX4 sweat and water protection rating is not the best, but at least is on the same level with AirPods. This is enough for sweaty training or getting in the rain. But swimming with these headphones in the pool will not work.

OPPO ENCO AIR sensory controls are on antennas. Pressing is intuitive and simple, besides you will not have to worry about randomly pressing control elements when installing or extracting headphones from your ears. There is also support for a voice assistant, which is always a pleasant bonus.

Audio performance

When it comes to playing music, they are far from the worst, but not the best. When you listen to the song The Beach Boys ‘God only Knows, you will be struck by the text, and not any depth or details of the music itself.

Switch to something bass, for example, Come Together Beatles, and, well, the bass is actually not there. All this functions perfectly and nothing more. It is difficult to exclaim about the sound quality of the Oppo Enco Air when it “just works”.

Nevertheless, this means that Oppo Enco Air also does not seem particularly weak. They are directly medium. your music will sound good, just do not expect it to cause a lot of emotions.

On the other hand, despite the lack of noise reduction, Oppo Enco Air provides a clear quality of communication, which is very useful. Everything boils down to the use of a certain smart AI, which chooses vocals regardless of how noisy your environment can be and it really helps.


Oppo Enco Buds wireless headphones have modern Bluetooth 5 communication technology.2. A reliable connection range is about 10 meters. The connection is fast, the quality of communication is good. As you could notice, there is no multifunctional button in the charger case. Therefore, for the first pairing, you need to raise the charger cover and open the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone. Give your consent to connect to Oppo Enco Buds and everything is ready. All subsequent connections will occur automatically, when the case cover is opened.

Oppo Enco Buds headphones support binaural transmission, which means that the transmission occurs on both headphones at the same time. Therefore, you can listen to each headset independently of each other.

To check the level of battery charge, execution of firmware updates, inclusion of the game mode and setting up the controls in headphones, the HEYMELODY app is used. However, Oppo smartphones with Coloros 11.0 and above can configure their headphones in the Bluetooth settings without the need to download the application. In addition, when connecting headphones to several Oppo smartphones, you have the ability to fasten through a pop.up window.


The touch button is used to manage the main functions of the Oppo Enco Buds headphones. It is located on the outside of the headset and large enough.

The sensory control is accurate, responsive, and basically works well. True, sometimes there are random touches, but there are not many of them.

  • One pressing of the left sensor. playback/pause two clicks of the sensor. the next/previous track or answer the call/hift three pressing the left sensor. calling the voice assistant three pressing the right sensor. turning on the gaming mode pressing the left sensor 1.5 seconds. reduce the sound pressing the right sensor 1.5 seconds. increase the volume.

Noise suppression

Active noise reduction and noise reduction when calling are the main features of Oppo Enco Free2i. These wireless headphones completely inherited the excellent experience of the previous generation in the work of the functions of noise reduction.

Oppo Enco Free2i uses a trivial chip Hengxuan Bes2500YP. It supports the function of active noise reduction of ANC with a depth of noise reduction to 42 dB.

Each headset also contains three microphones. One microphone serves as colloquial, and two others are used for feedback with noise reduction. These microphones capture extraneous noises, and the noise reduction algorithm will extinguish them.

Oppo Enco Air Распаковка tws “без тормозов”

Oppo Enco Free2i support a transparent mode that allows you to hear surrounding sounds while listening to music. This will protect you while walking in the fresh air and will save you from the need to remove the headphones during a conversation.


As for the battery life and capacity of the batteries, the new Oppo Enco Free2i is full similarity with the previous generation. Inside each headset Oppo Enco Free 2i is installed by a 41 mAh battery with a capacity. And the charging case contains an additional battery for 480 mAh.

At 50% volume, headphones are able to play music within 6.5 hours from one full battery charging. The charging case allows you to charge the headset 3-4 times, which provides the total autonomous time for about 30 hours.

With the function of active noise reduction, headphones can work up to 4 hours, and the total operating time will be 20 hours. Charging Oppo Enco Free2i lasts about 1.5 hours through the Type-C cable, fast charging is also supported.

Functions of the headphones Oppo Enco Air2

Headphones connect to the smartphone using the Bluetooth 5 module.2. They work both with iOS devices and with Android devices.

In order to manage the headphones of the Oppo Enco Air2, the HEYMELODY application should be installed. It is available for both iPhone and smartphones based on Android.

The right and left headphones Oppo Enco Air can be set separately. You can install one of three gestures:

Using a double touch, you can prescribe playback/pause, as well as switching tracks.

A triple touch can be called a voice assistant or enable the game mode.

By pressing with retention, you can adjust the sound volume. If you hold and hold the sensor on one headphone, the volume will increase, on the other, on the contrary, decrease.

All gestures work instantly, the main thing is to get into the touch panel with a finger.

There is a function of the game mode in which you can enjoy games without freezing sound due to its super.construction transmission.

Also, using double pressing on the headphone sensor, you can easily and quickly make a selfie. This option only works on the phone numbers of the OPPO phone running the Coloros integration version 11.3.

The headphones are equipped with large speakers of 13.4 mm with a composite titanium diaphragm. The advantage of this device is a good detailed sound. Headphones give out pure high frequencies, saturated medium tones and powerful basses.

The headphones received the sound effects of Enco Live. this is an increase in bass and a clear vocal. You can turn them on by clicking on the Bluetooth button if you connected the headphones to the Oppo smartphone, or through the Heymelody application on other manufacturers smartphones.

When talking through the headphones Oppo Enco Air 2, the quality of communication is excellent. There is a function of active noise reduction.

You can respond with a double touch of the sensor to the call. The same gesture can be used to complete the call.

Each headphone can be used separately, which is convenient when making calls.

Duration of autonomous work

According to the manufacturer, the headphones will work from one charge at a volume of 50% 4 hours.

The total use time of Oppo Enco Air2 headphones, taking into account charging from the case, is about 24 hours. That is, you can charge them in the case about 5 times.

In order to see the exact percentage of the charge of headphones or cases, you need to enter the HEYMELODY application.

To charge the case, along with the headphones, you will need 2 hours, there is no wireless charging.

Offered in white and blue colors.

Design, first impressions

We are met by an oval case with a matte translucent lid. The design seemed interesting to me, given the abundance of the same type of models, it always pleases when something new appears on the market. Thanks to the rough surface and rounded shape, the headphones hold well in the hand, ensuring pleasant operation, without the risks of random loss. The headphones have an interesting landing, located in the ear half. You should not scare you away, t.to. The weight of the headphone is only 3.75 grams. They are sitting well, the average outfields came to me, I did not feel inconvenience during long.term wearing. The device was certified by water resistance according to the IPX4 standard, which allows you to play sports. Oppo Enco Air were the first headphones in their class, which successfully passed the comprehensive tests of the German company Tüv Rheinland. This proves that extreme performance without delay ”is not just a marketing slogan, but a certified fact.

I consider it right in the headphone review to pay attention to the quality of microphones. How often happens when your friend boasts of his novelty, telling all its advantages, and after a while you call up, and you can hear him from the basement. With Enco Air, the repetition of this scenario is unlikely, t.to. Our novelty is equipped with intensive AI technology of noise reduction, which captures the noise around you and cuts off them, leaving your interlocutor pure sound without interference. And the cherry of the hardware, I think the presence of the latest Bluetooth 5 chip.2, which minimizes communication delays, revealing these headphones in the game sphere.

Headphones support instant synchronization mode when the conjugation with the transmitting device begins with the opening of the cover.


It is unlikely that now you can surprise someone with the presence of fast charging. We are all used to the fact that in a critical situation you can recharge for about 10 minutes and listen to your favorite music for a couple of hours, but in Oppo we slightly rethought this fit and now in 10 minutes we get up to 8 (!) hours of reproduction of content. I consider this a big breakthrough of this model, which makes it your most portable gadget.

The device is equipped with 12mm composite titanium drivers, which perfectly affected their sound. Oppo Blu-Ray Team worked well on our model, having achieved a significant acoustic balance. It turned out an interesting combine that can satisfy the requests of most listeners. The first thing you pay attention to is powerful, clean bass. It is not overloaded, even at the maximum volume of distortion is almost elusive. The middle is surprisingly not failed, the vocals are perfectly perceived without additional equalizer settings. The only negative. I did not have enough volume, but this is a matter of taste, and I can’t judge by this characteristic the sound of this model.

In addition to hardware surprises, I want to pay attention to software Fitchi, which are also worthy of attention. The presence of Bluetooth 5.2, gives us such an advantage as a game mode, even in the most intense game moment, where a large number of sounds are reproduced at the same time, you will not notice the lags and unpleasant frizes.

Control on the device sensory, it can be configured for yourself, that I find a rather comfortable solution. Often manufacturers leave only one ‘master key’, limiting me in a rather limited scenario of operation.

The work of the microphone

When we are talking about wireless liners (TWS), then questions arise about its availability and quality. In wireless Bluetooth headphones, such as Redmi Airdots or Ugreen True Wireless Earbuds, microphones work terribly, as the microphone is directed away from your face.

Oppo Enco Free has microphones at the end of the tail, directed right to the mouth. To review Oppo Enco Free, I tested the microphone on the street, talking with a friend for about 10 minutes. there were no problems and failures during the conversation.

Battery battery

OPPO ENCO FREE I also liked it. When fully charged, wireless headphones operate about 5 hours with a volume of 70%. This is a good result, more than most modern gadgets that I tested.

Case charge is enough for another 4 recharging. Thus, during the Oppo Enco Free review, wireless headphones lasted about 24 hours. It is enough to charge the case once and you can forget about the battery for a week.

Connection and control

The connection is performed quickly and without any difficulty: it is enough to open the cover so that the headphones go to the PARING mode, and then add the new device to the Bluetooth menu to the smartphone. Oppo Enco Air are added as one device, while you can use any of the headphones for Mono-sound: closing the case with one empty slot does not turn off the headphones and does not interrupt the connection with the smartphone. If the headphones have already been connected to the smartphone, then the opening of the case includes them, and by the time you insert them into your ears, they are already ready to play.

Nags are connected via Bluetooth 5.2, in the game mode, the manufacturer promises a delay of 80 ms. For control, sensory zones are used on the top of the legs: double slippers switches tracks when listening to music or accepts/completes the call during the incoming call, pressing and holding allows you to adjust the volume, triple slippers. a call of a voice assistant. A single slipper for obvious reasons is not used. to avoid false works. Unfortunately, there are no functions of setting music for a pause and continuing reproduction in these “gestures”, and in general, the management seemed to us not very convenient, although over time you can get used to it. There is also no option of an automatic pause when headphones take out from the ears that we once saw at the Oppo Enco W51.

Additional setting opportunities, including the inclusion of a gaming mode with a low delay, are available when using headphones with Oppo smartphones. For owners of smartphones of other brands in Google Play, the HEYMELODY application is proposed, which is also recommended in paper guides Oppo Enco Air, however, at least at the time of writing this review, the latest available version of this utility did not support this model of headphones.

Sound Oppo Enco Air

Headphones are equipped with 12 mm dynamic drivers, AAC and SBC codes are supported. There is no active noise reduction, but in such a form factor, there would still be no particular meaning from it.

The sound quality is quite decent, as for its price category and format. The audio scene is not very wide, but it is worked out well, with decent detail and neat average frequencies. For obvious reasons, for obvious reasons, they cannot compare with vacuum “plugs”, but nevertheless, the low frequencies of the Oppo Enco Air are present and sound quite natural, tightly and vigilantly, but high, it is especially felt at a high level of volume level.

Oppo Enco Air’s vote is quite worthy, it turns out natural and selective, and the presence of active noise reduction allows you to communicate on the phone in very noisy places.