On the iPhone black screen and loading icon

All icons on the iPhone disappeared. Why and what to do?

Everyone categorically (quickly and decisively) hello! I don’t want to start the article in such a way as many “lovers of pouring water” and other wonderful “experts” do on this Internet, but I just have no other choice!

Recently, many users complain that everything has disappeared on their iPhone (well, maybe with a little exception. Sometimes settings, telephone, messages, etc.D.) Icons of games, applications, programs. In general, that’s it! And today we will consider this situation.

Why is it important? Because if you have lost only one icon (Safari, App Store, SMS, some kind of game, program, etc.D.), then it makes no sense to read this text to the end, because the solution to the problem is found in a completely different instructions. How to find and return the disappeared icon on the iPhone?

Let’s figure out the reasons for the disappearance of all (okay, okay. The absolute majority) icons on the iPhone and find out what to do with all this disgrace. One two Three. Let’s go, well, well!

And let’s start in the most common case.

Cross.Out circle

During the launch on the Mac screen, a cross.Drawn circle may appear, a kind of ban sign, and the Support link will be posted below it.Apple.COM/RU-RU/Mac/Startup.

Using such a warning, the computer informs the user about the placement of the operating system on the MAC boot disk that is not compatible with the available hardware part. This version or assembly of MacOS cannot be used with this computer. Here’s what to do in such a situation:

Try changing the boot disk (detailed instructions).

If this did not help, drop the computer to factory settings, for this:

Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds. Wait for the Mac shutdown.

Immediately after turning on the computer, quickly press the Command (⌘) r key. This will help to launch the MacOS recovery section.

After starting the system from the recovery section, you can restore your boot disk (detailed instructions) using a “disk utility).

In case of successful operation of the application or in the absence of errors, you can reinstall MacOS.

If these steps have not led to the desired result. Contact Support Apple.

The causes of the iPhone are stuck on the download screen

Before we solve the problem, we would like to show you the reasons that can lead to iPhone freezing on the download screen. This can help you find out why the problem arises and avoid it in the future.

An unstable iOS version

When updating to the new IOS version, the iPhone loading screen basically freezes. And the launch of an outdated or beta version of the iOS, which has expired, can also cause the problem.

Incorrect download settings

Conflicts in the download settings can also cause this problem. In addition, the reset of settings or restoration of the device can also lead to this problem.

Malicious programs and viruses.

When the computer does not work, we primarily think about the attack of harmful software and virus. Like a computer, attacks of malware and viruses can change the settings of your device and cause this problem and other errors.

Haughty iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone will make your device unstable. It can also lead to iPhone freezing on the download screen.

Hardware problem

This may rarely happen, but sometimes the problem with the equipment in the device can cause this problem. In this state, you must get a new device.

Why is this happening

“Black death screen” is a relatively new concept for iPhone users, we used to have extremely rarely encountered similar system failures. Most often this was decided by banal rebooting or updating the firmware.

Now almost every user of “apple” has observed such malfunctions on his device or on a device of friends. Black screen can appear on most models, regardless of the IOS version.

Several basic causes of this strange glitch are distinguished:

Black screen often appears on devices that have visited the water. Even the new iPhone 7 with protection against moisture from hitting it sin with this. It is not necessary to drown a smartphone for this. It is enough to actively use it in a humid environment, in the rain or several times spray the device.

It is 100% to establish that the black screen began to occur on the device after getting wet will not be able to in any service center. However, the adoption of “water procedures” with a smartphone will be an excessive reason to think about the causes of such glitches.

Problem software

Every year, iOS becomes more open, developers can embed their modules in many standard programs. It can affect the work of iOS.

Any system update can bring part of the code that does not work well with existing applications or settings.

Only the complete cleaning of the device with the restoration of the firmware can minimize the chance of the appearance of the black screen, but not everyone can go to such measures. Not everyone wants to turn its iPhone for 50 thousand into a test landfill.

Masters of service centers note that often the cause of the appearance of the black screen can be problems with the battery. An old worn.Up battery can lead to such.

On new gadgets, a black screen often causes an overheated battery. This can happen even on a completely good device when connecting to a charger.

Hanging on the Apple logo on the screen is one of the most common problems that iPhone users face. Especially those who have recently bought this brand’s device, and do not yet know about all its features, they can easily encounter the iPhone depends on the Apple logo after hacking or restoring. Your precious device will completely turn into a “brick” and give you a lot of problems and experiences: you will not be able to call someone, write or shoot a photo.

Typical complaint: “iPhone hung on the Apple logo (does not turn on and the apple burns) after the last iOS update. The phone performed the usual renewal procedure, but at the end hung (as I suppose, due to the failure of a new firmware) on the Apple logo. The update installation indicator was stuck there for several hours “.

There are four methods that will help correct the iPhone hovering on the screen with the Apple logo. They are applicable not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPad, iPod Touch after updating to the latest version of iOS, hacking, water damage and much more.

Forcibly reboot the iPhone elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without loss of data (using special software) restoration of iPhone factory settings using iTunes DFU mode (restoration of the dependent iPhone)

There are many reasons why the iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo. This can happen during the process of updating, transmitting data or hacking, as well as your iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo after physical damage. It is very important to identify the reasons why the iPhone is stuck on the logo, so try to understand why this happened. Problems can be divided into two categories: software and hardware.

⦁ Problems with software often lead to iPhone hanging on the Apple logo

Software problems are the most common reasons why the iPhone hangs on the Apple logo. Perhaps something went wrong during the update of iOS, data transfer, hacking or restoration of iPhone. And some users using the older IOS version may also face this problem.

⦁ Problems with equipment also lead to iPhone hanging on Apple logo

Equipment problems are mainly caused by physical damage. For example, you accidentally dropped the phone, and this fall can cause internal damage, which will lead to the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. Dive into water can also cause damage to the equipment, which will lead to the appearance of the Black Logino Apple. Therefore, you need to be careful when you take a shower, swim or even just go to the toilet. It is better not to take iPhone with you.

So, the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo (the device does not turn on and the apple burns). What to do next?

Forcibly reboot the iPhone

Forced restart will not lead to loss of data, and this can help restore the performance of the iPhone, stuck on the Apple logo. However, be sure to try this method in the first place. This is what you need to do for rebooting:

Iphone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, iPhone 8 or iPhone Se (2nd generation): Click and release two buttons: the volume increase button. Now, holding the side button, let it go until you see the Apple logo. After that, check your iPhone and see if it is launched.

iphone, black, screen, loading, icon

Iphone 7: Press and hold the volume reduction button and button “sleep / awakening”. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Iphone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation): press and hold the “sleep / awakening” button and “home” button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without data loss (via software)

Когда iPhone не включается и на экране горит яблоко, большинство людей даже не догадываются, что его можно отремонтировать самостоятельно. This is why we strongly recommend Tenorshare Reiboot to you. The best IPhone software repair program. This iOS system restore the IOS system restore the IOS hanging, such as the white screen of the apple, the black screen of death, the recovery mode, the absence of the screen response, the appearance of the message “Support.Apple.Com/iPhone/restore “much more. Download this tool for correcting iOS errors to get acquainted with all its capabilities.

⦁ Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot on a computer and connect the IPhone hovering iPhone using a USB cable. Click “Start”.

⦁ reiboot will display the corresponding firmware package that can be downloaded. Download the IPSW file and follow the IOS restoration instructions on your device.

⦁ After the system restoration on your iPhone, the Apple logo will appear on your iPhone, and all data on your phone will be restored.

Restoring the IPhone factory settings using iTunes

This is another simple way to fix the problem with the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. In the process, all data on your device will be deleted (therefore, before recovery, save their backup).

Run the iTunes on the computer, connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable, click on the iPhone icon and select the “review”.

Why is the loading icon constantly spinning on the iPhone?

Greetings! Observe the load indicator (a spinning circle during data transfer) is a fairly familiar situation for any iPhone owner. During the use of the Internet, downloading games and applications, other things related to sending / receiving data by the device. It (indicator) shows that this very exchange of information occurs.

However, sometimes this very situation can sharply become abnormal. And its abnormality will consist in that this very loading icon on the iPhone screen will spin constantly, regardless of whether you download anything or in some other way interact with the Internet on your device. After all, even if nothing to do with him, then the screen still shows that the iPhone constantly loads some data from the network.

And this is not the worst thing. Well, he spins there on his own, downloads Yes, and nonsense. However, at the same time, the rate of discharge of the smartphone battery is greatly increased! And during the night, when nothing happens to the device, you can easily lose 10-15% of the charge. And this does not climb into any gate. You need to correct! I will not understand how to deal with constant loading from the network on the iPhone, I’ll tell you now. Go!

What needs to be done first? Check several points in the settings, with the activation of which, the iPhone can go on the Internet without your knowledge.

  • We prohibit Apple collect information for diagnosis. Settings. Confidentiality. Diagnostics and Use. Disable Data Sending. Updated! For iOS 10.3 and “older” we turn into settings. Confidentiality and check “Sensor and use data”, as well as “analytics and improvements”. Disable everything that we do not like (that is. In general everything :)).
  • Turn off the automatic application update in the App Store. You can do such an operation at: Settings. App Store and iTunes Store. Updates.
  • The loading wheel is spinning only when visiting Safari? This settings point can help you: Safari. Additions. Site data. Delete all data.
  • Perhaps some kind of application tried to upgrade and now just hung in a state of waiting, demanding a connection with the Internet.We already know how to deal with awaiting applications!
  • If the loading icon is spinning only when entering the gallery (appendix “Photo”), then everything is to blame for “Mediathe ICLOD”, the option “My photo flow” or “General albums”. At the moment there is a unloading of photos and videos into the “cloud”. It can be disconnected by moving to settings. Photo and camera. Photo icloud.
  • Check the programs that have Internet access, weather, social networks. Perhaps they turn to the Internet even the case when you do not use them (in a “folded” state).

Try just restart the device.

With a high degree of probability, for some time the iPhone will stop asking on the Internet.

However, almost certainly, it will continue soon. And that’s why…

It must be understood that in most cases, such behavior is manifested after:

iphone, black, screen, loading, icon

For example, after updating on iOS 14, this lasted several days!

Although, it would seem, all the data was restored already in the first couple of hours.

It turns out no, the iPhone was still restoring and pumping something on its own.

And here there will be only one solution-a good Wi-Fi signal, at night for charging and just for some time not to focus on this. Believe me, sooner or later he will load everything and stop doing such things.

By the way, many in such cases recommend the following actions: remove everything from the phone, put the firmware again, etc.D. Where it leads? To what is written above-the iPhone will again begin to download anything without your knowledge. So my advice is to you. If all those points that are indicated above are made, then just do not pay attention, after a while everything will pass by itself. And if the incessant rotation of the load circle is very annoying, then reboot the device. This will help for a while.

P.S. Although you can make it easier and not wait for anything. We put the “like” with this article using the iPhone and the smartphone will cease to “break” on the Internet on its own. Victory!:)

Why when starting the application appears a black screen and nothing happens

After starting the application, a black screen appears and a spinning load indicator. At the same time, the iPhone does not freeze, you can easily get out of the application and start another.

During installation, many applications download only the main part of the data and at the first launch are loaded from the network the necessary content. Sometimes data are loaded, but when starting it, it is unpacking and structuring.

So you can reduce the time of downloading the program from the App Store, but you will need to connect to the network or free space on the smartphone at the first launch.

Sometimes the iPhone accumulator may not be enough and the application can not start, while the iPhone itself will not hang, but will continue to work.

If during the launch of the application you see a black screen or an eternal load indicator, do the following:

iphone, black, screen, loading, icon

Check the Internet connection, perhaps the application needs to get something from the network.

Check your free space on your smartphone. Follow the setting path. The main. Iphone storage.

Remember how much free space is left, try to start the application again and check the free space after that. If the program requires a place for diving or unpacking data, you will notice how free space is reduced.

If no more than 1-2 GB remains on the iPhone, the drive should be cleaned. To do this, you can use built.In recommendations like cleaning the album recently deleted or complete removal of several recorded rollers.

Iphone logo appears and then go black screen Solution 2020

The last means of solving the problem is the reloading of the iPhone and reinstalling the application from the App Store.

If even after that the program will not be launched, you should contact the developer, its contacts can be found in the application store.

What to do if the screen with the logo does not disappear and the iPhone still does not work

If the reloading of the device, the firmware updating and even the reset of settings did not help, the problem may be related to hardware. In this case, it is best to contact the service specializing in the repair of Apple products.

The Easiest Way to Fix iPhone Black Screen Spinning Wheel 2021

If the iPhone screen suddenly goes out, the logo appears on it, and then nothing happens, then something went wrong with the software. The reasons for the appearance of the screen with the logo: