Off Iphone Is Charging

Signs of charging when the iPhone is on

So, you picked up your smartphone and connected the cable. First of all, you should hear a characteristic signal that charging has started (with sound on) or vibration (in silent mode).

Off Iphone Is Charging

After that, you can see a lightning bolt icon next to your battery meter. While it is active, it means that the smartphone is still charging.

Problem with charger or cable

If you have been using the cable for a long time, and the standard version out of the box usually does not last long, then the reason may be in it. Try to connect another device and if the same situation, then one hundred percent of your cable is out of order. Also borrow the original cable for a while and if everything is fine, then the situation is like this.

You can write a separate article on this topic, because it has already been discussed and will be discussed. And the thing is that Apple accessories are quite expensive, they like to make money on it and there is nothing to be done about it.

When the standard ones fail, people most often just buy the Chinese cheap version and do not think about the consequences.

It is usually bought on such platforms as AliExpress or eBay for a very low cost. Based on my own experience and research, there may be the following consequences:

  • The phone will be discharged, not charged;
  • You can burn your smartphone;
  • The battery quickly deteriorates;
  • It just does not work or writes that the accessory is not supported (more details here. Link).

Sometimes you get lucky and everything works like a clock. It also happens that they can last long enough and everything will be fine. So it’s kind of a lottery.

But it is not necessary to pay a lot of money for the original, because there are many manufacturers who also make high-quality accessories and they cost reasonable money.

Just make sure the box has the appropriate certified manufacturer tags. The most common icons are:
Feel free to buy if we see them on the box. When they are counterfeited, it is easy to notice. It is best to buy in trusted places and at least a less well-known brand.

Iphone components are out of order

There are no perfect gadgets, and even having paid a large amount of money for an Apple device, you should not think that it will be just perfect and should work forever. Over time or due to the combination of circumstances and the style of using the iPhone, the following problems may occur:

  • The phone gets very hot;
  • Discharges quickly and the charge indicator is very unstable;
  • Cannot be charged with any cable;
  • Other.

The power controller. This is what can cause these problems, and if you are not sure what exactly is happening with your gadget, then we just go to the service center, because you yourself cannot change it.

Usually it does not cost a lot of money and after spending a small amount of money, your beloved iPhone will be back in service.

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Signs of charging when the iPhone is off

When your iPhone is completely turned off, things are completely different. Let’s say you have a smartphone and you have connected a charger. With a completely discharged device, the first 15 minutes there may be no signs at all. This means that you shouldn’t panic right away.

When the battery is slightly charged, an almost empty indicator with a red stripe appears, which indicates a low battery level.

The phone may flash intermittently and this is also normal. Then the battery is filled and when it reaches 100 percent, the indicator will be completely green.

USB port problem

It’s no secret that we charge our iPhones quite often right from our laptop or regular computer. The likelihood of the cause in them is also very likely. There are many different models, there are also many types of ports, and so on. Therefore, if your phone is charging from a regular outlet, but does not want to be charged from a laptop, then you will have to charge in the usual way or try installing drivers.

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It happens that the current strength and so on are not suitable. This happens very rarely and I think this is definitely not your case. Just informed that such a situation exists.

A universal way to “resuscitate” an iPhone or iPad tablet

If your iPhone or iPad is charging but won’t turn on. Use a simple sequence of actions that is suitable for most models of the manufacturer, and will help “reanimate” the frozen device: hold down and simultaneously hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons for 10 to 20 seconds. As a result, the apple-shaped logo should light up on the screen of the gadget, and the device will continue to load.

This instruction applies to the following manufacturer’s gadgets:

  • Iphone 2G;
  • Iphone 3G;
  • Iphone 3Gs;
  • Iphone 4;
  • Iphone 4s;
  • Iphone 5;
  • Iphone 5c;
  • Iphone 5s;
  • Iphone 6/6 Plus;
  • Iphone 6s / 6s Plus;
  • Iphone SE;
  • Any iPad version.

If the iPhone still does not turn on, the apple is on and the screen goes out, most likely the error is more serious, hardware or software. In this case, you must either change the charger or the phone battery. This can be done in the corporate service center.

Battery and software check

Does your iPhone only charge when turned off? It is possible that the problem is related to the battery. This often happens after prolonged use of the iPhone, as a result of which the battery loses its properties. The only thing we can do in this situation is to leave the iPhone to charge overnight, in the off state. This can sometimes restore battery functionality.

If the battery has not started to take charge while the smartphone is on, you should uninstall unnecessary applications. Sometimes their number is so large that the power consumption exceeds the charging current. As a result, normal charging is disrupted, and in the off state, when nothing interferes with it, it works well. Delete infrequently used programs and try charging again.

If your iPhone only charges when it is off, you can try the following:

  • Perform a factory reset. Sometimes this helps to eliminate serious errors that make normal functionality impossible;
  • Update software. After such procedures, smartphones begin to work in the same mode;
  • Check the serviceability of the cable. Often problems with the charge are associated with it;
  • Checking the availability of charging from the computer is another way to check the health of the iPhone.

How the iPhone 5 charges when turned off. Why iPhone charges only when it is turned off

Smartphone owners often have problems with charging batteries. There is no charge indication, the battery does not accept a charge, there are difficulties with connecting the plug to the socket. Apple device owners often have another problem. The iPhone charges only when it is turned off. Why is this happening and how to deal with it? It should be noted that you can deal with some breakdowns on your own, but with others you will have to go to a service center.

Method for new versions of smartphones iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

The option to turn on Apple’s new smartphones, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is not much different from the universal method. This is due to the fact that the “sevens” have a built-in touch key “Home” instead of a mechanical button. By simultaneously pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons for 10. 20 seconds, the user activates a special wake-up mode of the phone. The display will show the company logo and the device will boot normally.

Quite often, a mobile gadget can freeze while running one of the programs that caused the iOS system to malfunction. In this case, the buttons do not work, and it is necessary, by analogy with the previous situation, to start the process of forced reboot of the phone.

These examples constantly appear with most of the manufacturer’s devices. The list of directions solves the vast majority of them, but if you are out of luck and the device still does not want to boot, then it looks like you may have encountered one of the following problems:

Most of the described defects and considered situations may not appear in the operation of the gadget. Each user has the right to personally decide what to do in a given situation.

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Iphone won’t turn on what to do in this situation

Using technology from Apple, an unpleasant situation often occurs when your iPhone turns off and does not turn on. This version of events applies not only to iPhone smartphones, but also to the popular iPad line of tablets. In these cases, you should not sound the alarm in advance, get upset, worry, and even more so carry the apple gadget to a special service center. To begin with, calm down, think carefully about your actions and follow the instructions below.

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In the overwhelming majority of cases, a number of similar situations are not even a breakdown, the device just stopped responding to pressing buttons and does not turn on. Take advantage of two versatile ways to make your device work.

By the way, we recommend an equally interesting and useful article. What to do if iPhone sound does not work ?

The main two reasons why the iPhone itself turns off and refuses to work is either a low battery charge in a smartphone, or a banal system freeze, which has recently been increasingly happening with Apple technology.

These problems do not refer to hardware or even more software errors, for the solution of which it is necessary to bring the devices to specialists or repairmen.

You can solve the problem yourself by connecting the phone to the charger and leaving it in a calm state on the charge for 10-15 minutes. The battery icon should light up on the black screen of the gadget. This means that the device battery is completely discharged and you need to wait a little. After the specified time, try turning on the smartphone without disconnecting the device from the outlet.

If the reason is that your iPhone or iPad is frozen, you need to perform a forced system restart.

How to tell if your iPhone is charging?

I welcome everyone! After buying a new smartphone, the user is inevitably faced with minor inconveniences and difficulties. First of all, these are the nuances of getting to know the hitherto unknown interface. Over time, of course, you get used to everything and orient yourself, as they say, on the machine, but at first many happy owners of “apple” gadgets do not even understand whether their iPhone is charging?

It is about how to understand that the iPhone is charging, no matter what state it is in. On or off, that I will tell you today. And believe me, the answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. This problem has some important nuances. Okay, let’s not talk further, it’s time to start!

If the iPhone battery does not charge or the charge is very slow

  1. We check the condition of the adapter and cable for any kind of damage. If gaps, bent contacts and other similar phenomena are detected, we purchase a new accessory to replace the broken one.
  2. We clean the charging socket and directly the cable plug from dirt. We do this without using metal devices, otherwise we risk damaging the contacts.
  3. We make sure that the outlet is working if the charging connection is made to it.
  4. Making sure the charger is working. Just connect the charger to another iPhone.

This is all you can do on your own.

How to find out if your iPhone is charging?

Provided that the above steps are performed correctly, the smartphone battery will start charging. You will recognize that the iPhone is charging by the lightning bolt icon. It will be displayed next to the battery icon in the upper right corner.

In the locked state, that charging has successfully “gone”, you will be informed by the illuminated backlight of the screen and a large battery emblem that appears in the middle of the display.

If the iPhone is completely discharged and turned off, then the situation here is a little more interesting and it is possible to determine whether charging is in progress, although more difficult, but still possible. There are three options:

  • After connecting the charger, the iPhone does not respond for some time, or the display glows black, or a red battery icon appears on the screen. You just need to wait a while and the smartphone will turn on on its own. However, everything is not always so simple, read on.
  • It may happen that the screen lights up and immediately goes out. It turns out that charging is in progress, but it is not possible to turn on. The case, although unusual, is easy to fix.!
  • In addition to the red battery icon, the display also shows an image of a USB cable. Or just a black screen. We draw a conclusion. The charge does not go! And here are already obvious problems with the charger and / or smartphone.

In the latter case, you should still wait a while, and if after it has passed, the iPhone has not started charging, follow the instructions below.

If iPhone says No Charging

This notification indicates that the power output from the charging adapter / USB port is too low to fully charge the iPhone battery. Low-power computers are unable to charge the iPhone when done via a USB cable. Doubtful accessories without appropriate certification have the same problem.

There is only one solution: use original components and modern equipment.

Possible iPhone charging problems

In most detail, all the problems with replenishing the iPhone battery have already been described in one of the blog articles (by the way, there is a link to it). If you are too lazy to follow the links, then we will briefly go over the main problems with charging the iPhone, the most common are these:

  • Charging is too slow or not charging at all.
  • The display shows the notification “No charging”.
  • A notification appears indicating that the accessory is not supported or certified.
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Let’s take a quick look at the procedure for each situation.

We turn on the iPhone for charging

The manufacturer recommends using only original accessories or accessories certified by Apple. The iPhone can be charged as follows:

  • The smartphone is connected to the USB cable through the appropriate connector;
  • The free end of the cable connects to an AC adapter, computer, or an appropriate accessory (hub, docking station, etc.).

Everything is very simple and it is impossible to make a mistake. For those who still doubt whether they did everything right, there is a special instruction on how to properly charge an iPhone or iPad! Read, learn a lot of interesting, unusual and useful.

Checking the power supply

You can connect the device to get energy to:

  • Car cigarette lighter;
  • Any outlet;
  • USB port.

If you are using a car charger, most of the time it’s not the cigarette lighter (test it with another device to make sure the current is being supplied with the correct strength). Sockets also rarely fail. Most often, those who are trying to charge a smartphone from a computer face power supply problems.

If your iPhone 8 is not charging from your computer, then pay attention to the port to which you connected it. The latest versions of smartphones are very sensitive to the speed of data exchange and power, only ports 2.0 or 3.0 are suitable for them. Don’t try to charge them via USB hubs or ports located on your keyboard.

Iphone firmware failure

If the firmware fails and the iPhone does not see the charger, then it is best to connect it to your computer to recover the software. To do this, you need to establish a smartphone connection with iTunes using a cable or Wi-Fi. Then do the following:

  • In the left part of the window, click “Browse”;
  • In the right click on the “Restore” button;
  • Select the version using the “Restore from copy” button to which you want to roll back the device;
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.

The advantage of this option is that you can do it yourself and fix just about any firmware glitch. The disadvantage is that recovery cannot be done when the battery is completely discharged. Some of the files that were stored on your device will disappear. But compared to the fact that your device will start charging again, data loss won’t be a big problem.

What to do if iPhone won’t charge

One of the most common problems with modern smartphones is the lack of battery power. At the same time, the batteries of such devices do not differ in increased capacity, so you will be left without communication in a maximum of two days. Let’s figure out what to do if iPhone won’t charge?

System failure and methods of its elimination

If your smartphone is still working, but does not see the connected cable, then the problem may be a slight operating system glitch. The primary method for fixing a small glitch is to reboot. For different devices, it is carried out according to the instructions:

  • When the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus is not charging, you must press the volume up button, then decrease it and simultaneously with the power key;
  • For device 7 and 7 Plus, you need to press the lower part of the volume and power buttons at the same time;
  • On 6 and earlier, hold down the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

These instructions will help when the iPhone is not showing that it is charging due to minor system glitches. Restarting will eliminate them, and you can use your device without restrictions.

Battery worn out

Most iPhones have lithium-ion batteries. They have their own service life and over time you may notice that the battery has begun to drain faster. You may notice the first signs of problems after a year. Most often, the iPhone 6 does not charge due to a critical loss of battery capacity. At about 4-5 years of age, lithium-ion batteries begin to discharge extremely quickly, and then completely fail.

When worn out, the battery must be replaced with a new one. You can do this yourself if you have the tools and experience in fixing various devices on hand. But it is best to contact an authorized service center, since a malfunction may appear not only due to loss of battery capacity, but also due to other hardware problems.

Top reasons for crashing when iPhone won’t charge

So that you do not drown in the flow of information, we have collected the main causes of failures and talked about each. You should not rush to the service center if you have such a breakdown. The lack of battery power in most cases can be corrected by yourself.