Not working Touch Meizu M3s

Meizu conquered the market with its affordable and fairly productive gadgets, however, not all users of new smartphones were satisfied with the build quality and operation of the devices after purchase.

One of the most popular issues is the touch button on the Meizu M3 s stopped working (although Meizu M3e, Meizu M2, M5 and other models can also be attributed to this).

Mechanical and moving parts are always a weak link in any device, so eminent manufacturers try to foresee possible problems and maximize the time between failures of all buttons on devices.

What are the reasons for the breakdown of the button on the Meizu M3

For example, Apple, starting with the iPhone 7, went even further and replaced the mechanical button with a fully touch button with active feedback (to emulate real pressing).

But be that as it may, Meizu was not able to pay due attention to its devices and therefore there are complaints of the following nature on the network:

  • The sensor on the button of the Meizu phone does not work immediately after purchase (especially relevant for remote sales via Aliexpress, etc.);
  • The button stops working after several months of use;
  • The button does not work the first time after clicking;

Failure most often occurs after a device falls or falls into water.

If everything is clear immediately from mechanical damage, then the causes of other malfunctions can be different.

  • Water ingress (after falling into water) or condensation (operation in high humidity with a sharp change in ambient temperature);
  • Quick wear of the button (unlikely, but possible), here also include the low quality of the original components;
  • Software error (bugs in the device firmware);
  • Poor soldering of the loop of the Home Meizu M3 button (the so-called head-on-pillow effect, which is characteristic of a large number of modern digital devices due to the peculiarities of factory soldering).

Replacing the Home Touch Button on Meizu M3 Smartphone

Of course, the first thought that comes to mind in the event of any breakdown of a complex device is to contact an official service center, and if the warranty is still valid, the seller or manufacturer will eliminate the defect completely free of charge, and also keep the guarantee until it expires completely.

If it is not possible to visit the service center, there is only one solution:
The problem with the Meizu M3 home button is solved only by its complete replacement.

Below we denote the do-it-yourself work algorithm.

  1. First of all, 2 screws are unscrewed from the bottom of the case at the edges of the charging connector.
  2. The back cover is removed from the edge with the indicated screws.
  3. Under the battery on the plastic insert, another 6 screws are loosened.
  4. After removing the insert, access to the board opens. Loops are disconnected, the retaining screw is loosened, the board rises.
  5. A touch button is mounted under the board. It is attached with 2 screws to the smartphone case, the cable is connected to the main board.
  6. The old button is removed, replaced with a new one.
  7. The screws are loosened, the loop is disconnected. The new one is mounted in the reverse order.
  8. The smartphone is going back.
  9. A health check is performed.

Not working Touch Meizu M3s

If you are not sure of your actions, you can contact the nearest repair shop with your own button. The procedure will cost another 500 rubles.

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Troubleshoot buttons without replacement

What is worth trying to restore the device’s performance on its own without replacing the Home touch button?

If the phone was purchased immediately with a defect, in some cases, flashing or resetting the phone may help.

It is important to remember that in the process of flashing the smartphone can “turn up” and then no one will help you anymore, the guarantee is automatically canceled in case of intervention (especially if the firmware is not official).

Information on all the procedures performed, as well as stable versions of firmware, can be viewed on specialized resources (for example, the forum, or on the official website), there you can also get acquainted with the experience of other owners with similar problems.

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If the flashing did not help, or the defect appeared after several months or even weeks of use, the most likely reason for the Home button on Meizu to break. moisture penetration (in some cases, moisture can get even without the smartphone working in the rain or falling into a puddle).

  1. You can try to eliminate this defect by drying the phone with a regular hair dryer (but not a building hair dryer, it gives out too high a temperature).
  2. Some users manage to develop a button after drying (due to repeated pressing in the heated state, warm air comes out with excess moisture).

If both of the above methods did not help, you can try to disassemble the phone yourself and wipe the button with alcohol (something sticky, not blown by a hairdryer, could get in).

Another alternative solution is to replace the functions of the hardware button with a software button (a special widget will be displayed on the smartphone screen, activated in the phone settings in the section with special features).

However, the fingerprint scanner will still be unavailable, which deprives the phone of some important functionality. Such a solution can only be temporary (before going to the service center or workshop).