Not Set Up Digital Channels On Samsung TV

Samsung TV does not find digital channels. a common problem among viewers. Most of the problems are fixed on their own and do not require repair at a service center. But in order to fix the problem on your own, you need to find out the reason.

Why digital channels are not tuned on Samsung TV

Common causes include:

  • Software crash.
  • Incorrect connection of antenna or equipment.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Technical problems on the provider side.
  • Incorrect setting.

How to set up channels correctly

Incorrect settings are often the main reason why channels are not detected. How to set up channels:

  1. Having connected the equipment. antenna, set-top box and Wi-Fi adapter, if necessary, turn on the TV and select the type of connection.
  2. Open the options and find the “Broadcast” item.
    Not Set Up Digital Channels On Samsung TV
  3. Click on “Auto” and “Start.”
  4. In the next window, select the cable as the antenna, on the opposite “Channel Type” select digital and analog TV, which will allow you to search for all types at once. Near the mode, put “Full“.
  5. Click on the “Scan” button. this will start the search.

The described instruction is suitable not only for Samsung TVs. It can be used when setting up any telly. The difference is only in the different names of the menu items.

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Why Samsung TV does not find digital channels through the antenna cable

In some situations, the automatic channel search does not produce results, which indicates a malfunction. The error may be hidden in the reception of the signal, connection, set parameters, software failure or in mechanical damage. Below we will study in detail the existing problems and analyze the ways to resolve them.


Make sure that the connected equipment can receive the desired broadcast format. DVB-T2 is the European standard for digital TV, which was adopted in our country. That is, if you can’t use the new format and watch digital broadcast, then your equipment is probably outdated and can’t broadcast the adopted DVB-T2 standard.


One common cause is the problem with the location of the antenna. It is necessary to improve the quality of the received signal. But, when using an indoor antenna for digital broadcasting, the image will begin to ripple or disappear.

Location and external factors are also important. Place the antenna, pointing towards the repeater. Additionally, make sure that there is no interference with high-rise buildings, trees, etc. If equipped, move the antenna higher.


The next reason explaining why Samsung TV does not see digital channels is the settings. Often, even with the correct settings, the device refuses to detect the “digit”. Decision:

  1. Remove the country or put “Other”.
  2. Additionally, re-search the TV channels by selecting the manual method.
  3. If there are no results, reset the receiver to the factory settings or check the update.
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Make sure the cable is intact, and also check that the connection is correct. If earlier the TV showed channels without interruptions, and now it shows no more than 10 broadcasts, then probably the preventive work has begun on the provider side. Usually, when the cable or inputs are damaged, the telly does not show anything at all.

Problem connecting equipment

Samsung TV does not catch digital channels? Check if the connection is correct. Take your time to tune the number. Initially, make sure that you have correctly connected all the equipment. For example, a decimeter antenna, which implies an integrated amplifier, needs to be connected to a receiver, which in turn is connected to the TV set itself.

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Search settings

Search tuning often causes the problem in question. If the automatic search fails, use the manual one. Do not forget to specify the parameters as the type of connection, change the country, etc. Use the instructions at the beginning of the article.

Software crashes

System failure usually occurs due to user actions. Perhaps you specified incorrect settings in the parameters or made a mistake in indicating the frequency. Also, the fault may be the installed software in the console, which the developer has ceased to support. The solution is to reinstall the software on the receiver.

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Additionally, follow these steps:

  • Reset to factory defaults and search for broadcasts again.
  • Install another firmware on the receiver.

Transmitter Technical Issues

The last cause of the malfunction may be hidden on the side of the transmitter, which served as the absence of a signal. Then:

  • In the case of cable TV, check the wiring contacts with the multimeter, including the shield. A break may have occurred between the transmitter and receiver. Make sure that the cables are solid and not damaged. In extreme cases, call the company that provides services for your home and is responsible for providing access to TV broadcasting.
  • When using satellite or terrestrial TV, make sure the provider has no problems. Often on the website there is information about planned maintenance or possible problems with receiving a signal. Call the operator and ask a question.

How to fix the problem

If the cables are OK and connected correctly, then use the solution to change the settings:

  1. In the parameters in the Channel section, specify the cable.
  2. Against the country, put a dash or indicate yours.
  3. In the cable settings tab, set the frequencies. 298 000-362 000 KHz.
  4. In the automatic search, specify. digital or analog TV.

The described solutions did not work? Contact your provider, perhaps technical work is underway on the line and you need to wait.