Nokia Lumia 1520 Display Replacement

Unfortunately, like any other gadget, the Nokia 1520, even with careful handling over time, can fail. The reasons for the failure of such a modern smartphone may be different, but here are the most common among them:

  • mechanical damage resulting from impacts or falls of the device;
  • failure as a result of liquid spilled onto the device;
  • manufacturing defects;
  • malfunction of the device.

SC “Expressrepair” carries out high-quality repair of Nokia 1520, through the use of original spare parts and specialized service equipment. The company’s employees include only highly qualified, professional, competent craftsmen who know firsthand how to repair absolutely any smartphone, regardless of its model and manufacturer, including Nokia 1520.

for main items

In the table, we presented the cost of repair Lumia 1520 in the case of the most common breakdowns.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Display Replacement

Benefits of working with an Expess Repair service center

  • Branded, original spare parts that have passed preliminary testing;
  • Since the spare parts are original, the manufacturer gives them a guarantee of up to 6 months (not for all items). And our guarantee is up to 180 days.
  • We have the most favorable conditions when replacing the glass screen, display, buttons on. ACTION is valid for these services. for these items are the lowest in Moscow, provided that the original spare part is installed, and not artisanal Chinese products, of dubious quality.

Nokia 1520 Glass Replacement. Only Original Parts!

Stock. full display assembly work for 11500 rubles.

As a result of a fall or a very strong blow, the Nokia 1520 may damage the display glass. It may break, crack, “stripes” on the display, “broken” pixels may appear, and the color rendition of the image as a result of its damage can noticeably worsen.

In the Nokia 1520 smartphone, glass is replaced along with a screen change. Qualitatively and reliably repair the smartphone, replacing only one glass, will not work. The point is the design feature of the phone. Glass adheres to the touchscreen over the entire area, and it adheres to the display. As a result, we get a multi-layer cake. Trying to separate the glass from the touchscreen, in this way repairing the nokia 1520, you will get a bunch of problems in the smartphone. In addition, the appearance will be spoiled. And most importantly, all installed components of such a repair are non-original and hardly possess the necessary parameters.

In our service center, everything is different: we not only use original materials to restore the functionality of smartphones, but also repair devices quickly and efficiently. Screen replacement is carried out within 40 minutes.

A few words about replacing the SIM receiver

Does the smartphone not see the SIM card? No problem. There are many reasons why the Nokia 1520 does not see the SIM card, but the most common among them are broken contacts of the SIM receiver, failure of the sensor of the SIM receiver, as well as moisture on the smartphone.

Of course, it is almost impossible to find the reason why the smartphone does not see the SIM card. In this case, free diagnosis will help determine the cause. It is possible to determine the malfunction visually. To do this, it is enough to examine the contacts, if they are not damaged, then the problem is most likely in the SIM card or phone phone software. If the contacts are damaged, then you need to change the slot for the SIM card. Repair time 2 hours.

When should I replace the loop?

If the Nokia 1520 crashes, the sensor may stop working or spontaneous clicks on the device’s screen may occur. The cause of such problems with the phone may be the “jamming” of the cable. As a rule, repair work in this case is limited to the restoration of the loop, but in exceptional cases, it may be necessary to replace the display module of the smartphone.

These and many other types of repair work can easily be carried out by competent and highly skilled craftsmen of SC “Express repair”. We will repair 1520 as efficiently and as quickly as possible. High quality of the work performed, reasonable prices, the use of original components. this is not a complete list of the advantages of the Express Repair workshop.