Nokia Lumia 1020 Does Not Turn On

Nokia Lumia 1020 Does Not Turn On

Nokia Lumia smartphones have established themselves as devices that rarely cause hardware or software crashes. However, sometimes situations arise when they do not turn on or charge. As a rule, this happens due to an error in the software, in other words, a system glitch occurs that prevents the phone from turning on. You can solve this problem as follows:

If not Nokia Lumia 520,620,720,820,920 are included and other smartphones running on Windows Phone 8:

As a rule, these simple actions are enough to “revive” the device. If this does not help, you should try to hold the phone on charge for at least 20 minutes and try again.

Also, you can try to make a hard (hardware) reset of the phone, for which you need to simultaneously hold the power button, volume down and the camera button. However, it is worth considering that with a hard reset, all applications, games, photos and files will be deleted. You can read more about soft and hardware reset in the Lumia 520 reboot instructions.

In case of failure, it is best to contact the service, since an attempt to restore the phone yourself by flashing through a PC can finally “kill” it.

For Nokia Lumia 610,710,800 and 900, the procedure is similar to smartphones on Windows Background 8.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 Cell Phones

The Nokia Lumia 1020 phone worked fine, but at one point it hung completely, didn’t answer anything, for about 3 minutes I was in this state, I naturally made a hard reset (volume down), then it stopped loading, namely, when When turned on, the Nokia logo appears and ERROR: Unable to find a bootable option appears. Press any key to shut down. If you press any button on the phone, volume, on, camera button, then the phone immediately goes into reboot, etc. When connecting a USB cable, installing all the necessary drivers, the computer does not recognize the connected device, i.e. no options. Tell me, please, is it possible to do something with him, somehow return to normal work, or is it all to him already? It is clear that without diagnostics there will be no exact answer, well, maybe you already come across such ones?

Digit39.rf 04/17/2018 16:08

We must try to flash the device. If it doesn’t work out, then make a decision about replacing the device’s memory module.

Tweak service 04/14/2018 11:50

download and install on the computer the Windows Device Recovery Tool from the official Microsoft support site;
one end of the cable is connected to the computer’s USB port, then at Nokia Lumia we press the volume up button and while pressing it gently connect the other end of the cord to the device. We don’t release the button, after connecting the Windows Device Recovery Tool it should start automatically and reinstall the drivers so that the PC “sees” the smartphone;
hold down the volume up button until the Lumia vibrates significantly. At this point, the utility should have time to find your smartphone, activate the special UEFI mode and find the software necessary to restore the device’s operating system (you will need an Internet connection);
wait a while until the new firmware loads and installs;
After completing the recovery procedure, the smartphone must be rebooted in the usual way.

Mobile devices with an operating system from Microsoft, in particular Nokia Lumia, have established themselves as reliable devices. However, their work sometimes crashes. It is a mistake in the software that prevents the phone from turning on. It is not necessary to immediately bring your phone to a service center. If Windows Phone does not turn on, there are ways to restore it to work on its own, which can be used in this situation.

Smartphone recovery

So, What to do if Windows Phone does not turn on ? You need to connect the device to the charger. Then hold down the button to lower the sound level and turn on the device at a time. Hold the keys for 15 seconds.

After that, the smartphone should work correctly. If this did not happen and Windows Phone does not turn on , It is worth repeating the procedure, but after holding the device on charge for 15-20 minutes.

Extreme measures

Even if, after a repeated attempt to restore the phone’s functionality, no changes in its operation have occurred, the last two methods remain:

  • – hardware reset to factory settings;
  • – contact the service center to change the firmware.

With a hard reset, all user data and files will be deleted permanently. But the same thing will happen when changing the firmware. You can restore data only if automatic backup of data from the device has been set in advance.

To return to the factory settings, you need to press the device buttons according to the following algorithm:

  • – simultaneous holding of the key to reduce the sound level and unlock the screen;
  • – after the appearance of a characteristic vibration, you must once again press the button to reduce the sound level;
  • – an exclamation mark should appear on the screen, after which you should press the button for increasing sound, decreasing, the power off key and again reducing sound.

Returning to the factory settings may take some time during which the telephone cannot be used.

And even if carrying out this procedure did not help restore the device’s operability, then, unfortunately, you can’t do without contacting the service center. The specialist will evaluate the situation, establish the cause of the malfunction and help to eliminate it.

Turning on the Nokia Lumiya phone is not difficult: to do this, press the power button, which is located on the right side panel of the gadget between the camera key and volume, hold it until it vibrates. But there are times when the Lumiya smartphone does not turn on in the usual way, does not respond to the charging connection. In such a situation, it is not necessary to go to the service center and take the gadget for repair.

To reanimate smartphones of the Nokia Lumia line (520, 620, 720, 820, 920, 525, 625, 925, 1020, 1320, 1520) and any other that works on the Windows Phone 8 operating system, you can use the keys on the right side panel. power, camera and volume down buttons. Before this, put the phone on charge for at least 20 minutes so that the remaining charge level is above 50%. After this time, disconnect the charger. Try pressing the volume down and power (power) buttons. They should be pressed for 10-15 seconds, then release the keys. After such manipulation, the phone comes to life, reboots, your programs and files will not suffer, however, you may need to set the time and date.

If you couldn’t fix the problem, then try resetting your phone and restoring the factory settings. Remember that in this case, all personal data will be deleted from the smartphone. files, pictures, music, applications and games. You can reset the settings by simultaneously pressing the volume down, power, and camera buttons.

You can do differently. Press the volume down button and do not disconnect, then connect the charger. When an exclamation mark appears on the screen, you can release the key. After, press this: volume up key, volume down button, power key, volume down key. During a reset, you will see gears spin on the Nokia Lumiya screen. The whole process lasts about 5 minutes. Then the smartphone screen goes blank, rebooting after about 30 seconds. Now you can set up your phone.

These methods are also relevant in the case when Nokia Lumiya freezes, reboots for no reason, applications and games finish working abnormally, and there are problems with sound.

Any equipment is prone to failures and errors in operation. Smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile are no exception. If you have Nokia, Microsoft Lumiya, or another phone on the “top ten” does not turn on or freezes, then read this article to the end, you may find a suitable solution.

First of all, do not panic. And you do not need to immediately run to the service, where quite serious money will possibly be taken off of you, for the elimination of any frivolous error. First try the methods described below and if they do not help, then you can think about going to the service center.

Regardless of whether your Lumiya hung or does not turn on at all, you can restart the phone by simultaneously pressing two buttons: mute keys and lock keys (on / off). Press and hold these buttons for 15-20 seconds. Before this procedure, connect the charger to the device!

If everything worked out, then the smartphone’s display should go out, and then after 1-2 seconds vibrate briefly. After that, it will reboot.

Factory Reset

Even if the phone freezes completely, you can reset its settings to the factory state. How to do it? Press and hold at the same time sound and on / off keys. After that, an exclamation mark should appear. If this happened, then you need to perform the following sequence:

  1. Click the button to add volume;
  2. Turn down the volume;
  3. On / off button;
  4. And turn the volume down again.


You can fix the error due to which your Windows 10 smartphone freezes or does not turn on by flashing it. You can do this using the official utility from Microsoft, called it Windows Device Recovery Tool.

In fact, these methods are relevant for all Lumia smartphones (925, 920, 625, 520, 720, 640, 800, 1020, 510, 635, 630, 710, 730, etc.) and other phones that run on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

We configure and share WiFi from a smartphone on Windows 10 Mobile

Recessed Nokia Phone. What to do if you drowned or just got wet.

Water cannot do harm the telephone . Tell me, what am I doing on your site in this section? I’m broke. Because it is not water that comes out of standing, but water in combination with a battery. As a result, electrochemical corrosion of the board occurs. In other words, the board of your gadget and all its elements begin to rust, rot, i.e. break up, turns into dust.

Why Nokia cell phone manufacturers do not protect them from corrosion?

Well, why did you decide that? Protect and how. They cover the board with a protective layer of varnish, which is designed to protect your device.
And why then fail if his board is covered with a protective layer of varnish? Yes, because this varnish should not save you from swimming in the pool. Only a diver’s spacesuit will save you from this. Its task is to create a protective barrier and prevent the formation of corrosion on the board, if suddenly there is strong humidity. For example, a bathroom or a bathhouse. And again, this barrier is not long in time, which means that you should not test it for strength while sitting in the steam room with friends.

The first thing to do if water gets into your phone. This is to disconnect the battery. Then immediately carry it to a service center. If this is not possible, then you need to try to somehow dry the device with a hairdryer, put it on the battery for the night, put it in a warm place for a couple of days, etc. Perhaps after that your favorite will work without problems. Although, as practice shows, the lion’s share of phones arriving for repair were previously exposed to water (rusty spots inside, oxidation, deposits, etc. speak about this) and who knows for what reason your gadget really failed this time. In any case, it can be argued that it was the water that once got there that played a small role
In all cases of moisture under the housing, drying and cleaning of the apparatus is necessary. Otherwise, a partial or complete inoperability of the device may occur. I emphasize that it is possible, but not obligatory. But the oxidation process can take quite a while, and it is impossible to say how a mobile phone will behave the next day or a month later. The more time has passed since moisture entered, the less likely it is to restore full performance in the event of a breakdown.
If after getting wet you quickly disconnected the battery and brought it to us, then most likely you will save your pet and save your repair budget.

What do we do when your phone is wet?

Disassembling the phone;
– cleaning in an ultrasonic bath;
– removal of traces of moisture;
– cleaning the mobile phone board from corrosion;
– complete drying of the apparatus;
– testing the phone.

You can check the cost and terms of Nokia repair in more detail with our masters or manager Service center
Service Market
by phone or ask a question in any form of feedback. inclusion
, located in the upper part of the case, which sometimes deteriorates, falls out, pushes through, just stops working. As a result, another trouble arises. it is impossible to turn on the phone. However, you can try to do without a button.

When you press a button that is in good condition, two pairs of contacts close on the board inside the phone’s body, which enable it to be turned on / off. Therefore, it is necessary to close these contacts in some way without using a button.

If the button is pushed, then try to remove it from the socket with a thin tweezers or some other sharp object. Look inside the case. You will see two pairs of contacts. Close any two contacts, one from each pair, using a needle, paper clip, or wire. Try to do this carefully so as not to damage other contacts in the immediate vicinity. After the phone has turned on, do not disconnect it anymore and do not let the battery run out completely.

If you cannot remove the jammed button from the slot, try using a thin screwdriver to open the phone case. Lift the panel and shake the jammed button out. Solder it to the contacts. For work, use a soldering iron with a thin tip. To prevent damage to the phone, do not overheat the contacts. Close the case, put the screws in their original place.

If the button is lost or it cannot be soldered, take two thin wires of about 10 cm length. Solder them to the contacts on the board and put them on the outer surface of the case through the socket in which the button was previously attached. To turn on the phone, just connect the ends of the wires.

If attempts to turn on the phone yourself were unsuccessful, contact a specialist.

  • Nokia 501 buttons do not work

In Nokia phones, the power button is usually located in the upper part of the body. Over time, as the phone is used up, this button may sell and stop working. In this case, to turn on the phone, you have to resort to small tricks.

Take tweezers or any sharp object to turn on Nokia without buttons. Remove the inoperative button from the phone case. Take a flashlight or hold the phone in the light. Carefully inspect the landing site buttons. You should see a hole in the case, and in it there is a board with four contacts. Take the same tweezers, pin, needle or any other thin metal object. Lock any pair of pins.

Use extreme caution. Do not push a metal object too far into the hole so as not to damage the phone board itself. After you close the contacts, the phone will turn on. To avoid doing this again, do not let the battery run out completely or turn off the phone.

Remove the case from the phone if you cannot remove the button. Take a set of thin screwdrivers. Choose the appropriate one and unscrew the fixing bolts. After that, lift the back panel. Use a needle, tweezers, or any other object to remove the damaged button from the phone. Next you need a soldering iron. It is advisable to use a soldering iron with a narrow sting, since almost jewelry work remains to be done.

Insert the soldering iron into the socket and wait until it heats up. Then take rosin or solder flux. Dip a soldering iron in them and solder the button to the board to turn on Nokia. Be careful. Be careful not to overheat the board or button, as they are made of plastic and can easily melt.

Also make sure that there is no jumper between the contacts to avoid shorting. If you don’t have a soldering iron on hand, after you remove the button, simply close any pair of contacts, as described above. Hold the battery so that it does not fall out. Fix the back cover of the phone, fix the fixing bolts. Make sure that the phone is not completely discharged and do not turn it off.

Solder two not very long wires to the contacts on the phone board to turn on Nokia without buttons. If the button is lost, this is the best option. Solder the wires to the two pins. Take them out of the phone case. When you want to turn on the phone, just close these contacts.

Pusher buttons turning on mobile phone may fall out or be lost during repair. The button itself may also fail. Once the battery runs out, the phone turns off. To turn it on again, you will have to fix the button or use a surrogate pusher.

Take a look, right below the hole where the pusher used to be, a slightly convex metal plate or a flat plastic buttons. Take a small screwdriver and press on the plate or button without applying much effort. If you press too hard, the button itself will fail. Keep it pressed for a few seconds. until the phone turns on.

Having found that the phone does not turn on when the button is pressed (regardless of the presence or absence of the pusher), disconnect the charger from the device, remove the battery, SIM card and memory card. Disassemble the phone using the screwdriver kit specifically designed for this. Ordinary slotted or Phillips screwdrivers can irreversibly tear off the screw slots, after which disassembly will be very difficult. If you have never before disassembled mobile phones, especially folding or sliding design, perform this operation for the first time under the supervision of an experienced wizard. When disassembling the screws, be sure to fold them into a jar or attach them to the magnet.

Getting to buttons power on, carefully remove it. Get another one that has the same lead spacing and close height. Solder it quickly into place. from overheating, the plastic parts of such buttons melt. Reassemble the phone in the reverse order, replace the SIM card, memory card and battery. Check if it starts to turn on.

Having failed to get a suitable button, solder two thin insulated wires to the corresponding contacts and bring them out. Now for inclusion phone you will need to close these conductors for a few seconds, and then open them again. This should be done with the charger disconnected. although the likelihood of leakage in it is small, it does exist.

If the power button in the phone is combined with the call end button, and the device itself is folding or sliding, the cause of the malfunction is most likely not the button itself, but the cable. To replace it, the mobile phone will need to be disassembled in the same way as to replace an individual buttons. The cost of the loop itself depends on its design: it becomes noticeably higher if it is made as a unit with a speaker or front camera.

  • mobile phone buttons

Using a mobile phone as part of a security alarm, you have to turn it on without a battery. Operating the system at extreme temperatures is detrimental to the battery of the intercom.