Nokia 710 Touchscreen Replacement

Nokia 710 Touchscreen Replacement

  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Black color
  • Nokia Phone Model: Lumia 710

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Cheaper together. Description Sensor (touchscreen) Nokia Lumia 710 (copy) Black

The touch screen of Nokia Lumia 710 (copy) is primarily subjected to mechanical damage, resulting in cracks, scratches and chips, which greatly complicate the operation, and can cause damage to the internal parts of the gadget. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the damaged touchscreen as soon as possible.


IN:. In which phones can only sensors be changed, and in which it is necessary to replace the entire display module?

ABOUT:. As a rule, if glass breaks, then it is impossible to replace it separately from the sensor grid. Therefore, you have to change the touch panel. In the latest smartphones, screens and touchscreens are installed in the form of a single module, which, in case of damage, needs to be replaced. For example, if the touchscreens of Nokia mobile phone models such as: C2-03, X3-02, C6-00, 5230, 5800, 5250 and previous can be replaced separately from the screen, then the sensors of almost all Lumia phones require replacement along with the display assembly (display module). The same is with iphone. Touchscreens of 3G and 3GS models are replaced separately from the display, and models 4 and 4S, 5 and 5S, 6 and 6S are replaced only with the whole module. If it is difficult for you to decide whether you need to replace the entire display module or just replace the sensor, our managers will be happy to advise you.

IN:. How to distinguish an original touchpad from a copy?

ABOUT:. Copies of A and copies of AA touchscreens differ in the quality of the application of the badges, markings, brand and their sensitivity is reduced, which is immediately noticeable.

High copies. These are copies of AAA, Original China, High copy, which are as close as possible to the original, therefore, neither externally nor in operational characteristics do not differ from their native touchscreen.

Original or Original. This is 100% original, manufactured at the manufacturer’s factory and intended for official sale, or removed from the phone, for any reason rejected. Series and batch numbers are applied to the original.

Copies of the touch panels of mobile phones use plexiglass or plastic, and the originals of touchscreens released since 2010 use tempered Gorilla Glass, which is much more durable and therefore more resistant to damage.

IN:. Is it difficult to replace the sensor (touchscreen) on the phone yourself?

ABOUT:. You will not be able to change the sensor yourself (especially at home), unless you have the experience of repairing phones. In addition, there is a big risk of breaking the display. It is also important that dust does not enter the gap between the touchscreen and the screen.

IN:. What is the cost of a wizard?

ABOUT:. The cost of replacing the sensor (touchscreen) in our AKS.UA service center depends on the following factors: the deadline for completing the work, the complexity of installing the sensor in a particular model. You can get acquainted with the for replacing the sensor at this link.

Repair Procedure: