Nokia 6700 Camera Replacement

Monday, June 18, 2012. How to disassemble a Nokia 6700 classic

Nokia 6700 Camera Replacement

Important: After disassembling your device, you will lose the warranty on the device. The site is not responsible for your device. If you are unsure of your abilities, contact a certified service center.


1) Torx 4 screwdriver
2) An unnecessary credit card or for example something like this.
3) tweezers
4) Protective film

1) Remove the back cover and pull out the battery

2) We take out a memory card

3) Release the 4 latches on the back of the phone with a plastic tool. First on one side

4) Now, from above

5) The location of the latches is shown in the figure below.

6) The back of the phone is removed

7) Unscrew 4 screws size 4

8) Using a plastic tool, release the latches around the perimeter of the phone case, it is better to start from the corner of the case

9) Now on the other hand

11) Using the dental tool, release the latches on one side

12) Further on the other hand

13) Now, the front panel can be removed

14) Remove the phone joystick if it needs to be replaced

15) Remove the phone keypad

16) Using a dental instrument, remove the metal backing under the keyboard

17) The metal substrate is removed

18) It is advisable to use a protective film to protect the phone display from dust

19) To remove the telephone antenna, first release the latches on the left

20) Now on the right

21) Antenna removed

22) Pry up the phone screen in the upper right with a dental tool

23) It should turn out like this

24) Now disconnect the display cable

25) Phone display removed

26) Disconnect the keyboard cable

27) Remove the back camera of the phone if it needs to be replaced

28) Remove the 4 screws

29) Remove the metal pad along with the motherboard

30) The metal plate along with the motherboard is removed

31) Now disconnect the camera cable on the motherboard

32) Remove the phone camera board

33) To remove the keyboard backing, first you need to remove the metal lock on usb

34) The metal lock is removed

35) Now you can remove the keyboard substrates, for a start, unstick it on the side

36) And then from below, the main part of the substrate

37) Phone keypad cover removed

38) If you need to replace the charging connector, you can get it using the plug of the charger

Disassembly of the phone is completed.

This is a translation of Nokia‘s official disassembly guide for the Nokia 6700 classic.