Nokia 305 How to Insert a 2 Sim Card

Nokia Lumiya 630. is the first smartphone based on the WindowsPhone 8.1 operating system. The smartphone is presented in two versions: with one SIM card and two. Two SIM cards come with a Dual Sim prefix. Next, we offer to get to know the phone better.

Nokia Lumia 630 manual

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Nokia Lumiya 630: design, equipment

The phone of this model is quite convenient. It weighs 134 grams, and its size is 129.5×66.7×9.2 mm. The color scheme, as always, is diverse. The kit comes with an additional cover, which is very easy to change, so if you do not like the bright color, you can change it to black or white. The phone case is made of plastic.

An SD card can be inserted by opening the housing cover, there is also a SIM card slot (one or two, depending on the model).

Options are rather scarce. In the box, in addition to the phone, there will be instructions, a removable panel, charging, a battery. Neither a headset nor a USB cable is provided in the kit.

Nokia Lumia 630: screen

The screen size is 4.5 inches, resolution. 854×480, display type. IPS. The matrix is ​​covered with ClearBlack, and Gorilla Glass v3 protective glass is installed on top of it.

About the prints. Pressing the screen hard can leave stubborn stains from fingers, as there is no oleophobic coating on the display.

A significant drawback for many users was that automatically brightness can only be adjusted at three levels. However, the user can edit it in the brightness profile.

A good plus is that strong sunlight will not degrade the viewing of information on a smartphone, thanks to ClearBlack technology.

Nokia Lumia 630: camera

The smartphone has only one camera at 5 megapixels (no front). Also there is no flash. Under normal lighting conditions, the quality of the photographs is quite decent, but if there is not enough light, the quality is significantly reduced. The camera has autofocus, f / 2.4 aperture, focal length. 28 mm. quality 720p.

Nokia Lumia 630: operating system

This smartphone model is the first device that runs on Windows Phone 8.1. The changes affected the screensavers on the tiles. now the user can set the image suitable for him. Also, the notification curtain is customizable by the user, it has become possible to continuously enter text, etc.

Nokia Lumia 630: filling the phone

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor is installed inside the phone. A quad-core processor operates at a frequency of 1.2 Hz, the device also has an Adreno 305 accelerator.

The smartphone has only 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory. If there is a desire, then the built-in memory can be increased due to microSD.

GPS reception is good, the speed is almost independent of whether there is Internet.

The speed is quite decent, but due to the small RAM, some applications can start slowly (especially third-party applications).

If we talk about the speakers, then the sound should not be set to the maximum, it may begin to wheeze. And so, at levels a little lower, pretty well. But the headphones sound good.

The smartphone model that has two SIM cards also has its own characteristics. Only one radio module is installed in the phone, which makes it impossible to receive from the second card when working with the first.

But in some conditions, this can be good (for example, to separate a personal number and a work one).

In principle, the phone has good characteristics. High-quality assembly and materials, the current version of the OS outweigh the lack of a front camera and a sensor that automatically adjusts brightness.

If you are not a very fastidious user, then such a smartphone will be suitable for you.