Nokia 301 1 Does Not Turn On

Users often encounter a problem when Nokia does not turn on. This is a fairly common situation. Our service center is often contacted with questions. Why doesn’t the Nokia phone turn on and what should I do? We advise you not to run the problem.

Why doesn’t Nokia turn on?

If the mobile does not respond, we recommend that you do an initial diagnosis first. Check if the battery is charged. Often users forget to charge the battery on time. If everything is fine here, then the reasons may be as follows:

1. at 20% Nokia fell and does not turn on because the power button is damaged. Inspect her carefully. If there is a click when pressed, then the reason is in the button and it needs to be changed. Repairing it yourself is a difficult task. Better entrust this task to us;

2. at 30% Nokia has stopped turning on, if the power management chip is faulty. This part fails through power surges, strong shock or moisture. In this case, only a complete replacement of the microcircuit and restoration of the operation with the printed circuit board will help;

3. Nokia shuts down in 20% of cases, if moisture has got into the mobile, it’s better not to turn it on, as a short circuit may occur. In order to identify the problem, it is necessary to do a diagnosis. In our service center. this is a free service. In just a few minutes, experts will find out what the problem is;

4. at 10% Nokia turns off, if the device has fallen, as iron may be damaged. In order to determine the breakdown, you will also have to give it to the diagnostics, which are carried out with the client on professional equipment;

5. in 10% of cases, the program in the phone is damaged and it is necessary to do the firmware. This is a difficult task at home, you will only do even more harm to your phone. If Nokia doesn’t turn on after firmware, Our experts will understand everything and fix any malfunction in the mobile.

Nokia 301 1 Does Not Turn On

Why is Nokia shutting down?

We are often asked Why does Nokia turn off when you call or call? You can answer this way. when you call Nokia itself turns off and does not turn on for several reasons:

1. The battery in the mobile has lost capacity, as a result of which there is an increased energy consumption, and when you make a call, Nokia turns off itself and turns on no longer;

2. why Nokia turns on and off immediately? If moisture has entered the unit or there has been a shock, excessive consumption may occur, resulting in Nokia shuts down constantly when charging. In order to determine the cause, we do the diagnosis.

Life example:

The young man has a phone Nokia suddenly stopped turning on, and when I put it on charge, Nokia showed a charge. At the same time, the power button constantly clicked. He decided to contact our service center for help. We did the diagnostics and found that the power button was partially torn out of the circuit board. The craftsmen replaced it and restored the tracks on the circuit board. After all, they did a post-repair quality control and issued a guarantee for the entire device.

As you can see, it’s not worth wasting time in the hope of repairing your own Nokia, over, this can lead to serious consequences. Without hesitation, go to our service center, where they will help you.

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