Nokia 1208 How to Disassemble

We disassemble the Nokia 1208 phone to change the matrix.

Nokia 1208 How to Disassemble


This article is not a guide to action! All responsibility for collecting and disassembling your device lies with you.
Many manufacturers do not have warranty obligations if the device was disassembled by the user. If you do not want to lose the warranty on your device, check the warranty conditions in the documentation or from the device manufacturer.

Used tools

Remove the back cover, remove the battery, SIM card and memory card.

Remove the front of the phone. To do this, insert the tool for disassembling the cases (or credit card) into the gap between the parts of the case, and slide it along the perimeter of the case to separate the latches that hold the parts of the case together.

Your phone should look like this. Now unscrew the 6 screws that you will see and remove the motherboard from the phone.

It should be like this. Now bend the two metal latches marked with circles in the photo to remove the frame around the matrix.

Turn the motherboard over and unplug the connector marked on the photo. Pry it up and pull it up.

Done. Now just click on the matrix on the back to squeeze it out of the frame.

It should be like this.

Assemble in the reverse order.

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