No network on your Huawei phone

Why the phone does not see the Wi-Fi network of the router

In this article I will try to collect all of the most popular causes and solutions that can help you solve this problem. As usual, it is desirable first to find out what the problem is: the cell phone, or a Wi-Fi router. If the problem is with the Wi-Fi network at home, we have a better chance of fixing it, because we have access to the router itself. If it is someone else’s network, it is unlikely that there is anything you can do.

Basically it does not make much difference which device you have the problem on. It is clear that this is most likely an Android phone, or iOS. It could also be Windows Mobile. Since in the settings of the mobile device itself this problem is unlikely to be solved, it makes no difference what kind of device you have. It’s the same with the router.

Pay attention! We will look at the problem when the phone doesn’t see the Wi-Fi network we want, or no network at all. Not when there’s a problem connecting, or accessing the internet once connected. If you have a problem specifically with connecting/accessing the internet, then read the article Phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi. Internet is not working.

I’ve written separate articles on Android and iOS devices before:

In this article, I’ll give general recommendations that should help you.

Factory Reset

When nothing works, the last option. Reset your phone by going to “Settings” “Backup & reset” “Factory reset.

Before you do this, make sure all important documents are saved on another device, as this operation will delete all data on your phone.

How to solve the SIM card LycaMobile without maintenance on Android

If you don’t have SIM service on your Android with a LycaMobile SIM card or another SIM card with a different carrier, follow these steps to get this service:

Start by turning off cellular data in your cellular settings. Then put the phone into airplane mode and turn it off.

Now remove the LycaMobile SIM card from your Android phone to resolve the problem without maintenance. Make sure the SIM card is clean and put it back in.

Turn iPhone on, turn off airplane mode, reactivate cellular data and reset network settings.

Your LycaMobile SIM card is maintenance-free on your Android or other smartphone with LycaMobile or other carrier!

Universal 3G and 4G setup

Cellular operators provide automatic settings for the internet. Order them by calling technical support or sending SMS to a short number. You can find it out on the official website of your operator. Once you receive your settings, all you have to do is save them.

If for some reason access to the Internet still does not appear, try to configure it yourself.

Yegor Borisov

Main settings

These settings affect all working SIM cards, not each one individually:

  • Mobile internet: on/off. Enables data transfer via the operator’s mobile network.
  • Dual 4G mode. Both SIM cards can work simultaneously in 4G mode (fast internet calls). But it quickly saps the battery of the phone.
  • Mobile Internet during VoLTE calls (Voice over LTE or 4G high-speed networks). Т.е. During this call, the internet will work on the second SIM. Supported by Russia’s Big Three operators: Megafon, MTS, Beeline.
  • Data transfer. traffic limitation for each SIM card.
  • Internet in roaming. to use or not. Keep in mind the super-expensive internet rates in other countries.
  • Always receive MMS. receive these messages even when the internet is disconnected.
  • Default calling mode. Choose which SIM-card (preferably) you will use to make calls.
  • Default Internet. Choose which SIM card you will use the Internet.

Data transfer

Here we can configure the Internet usage for each SIM card separately, depending on your tariff plan. Go to SIM and mobile network settings Data transfer.

Switch on “Traffic control” and go to the “Tariff plan” setting:

  • Traffic limit.Set the monthly traffic limit. For example, for me it is 2GB/month.
  • Notify and turn off the Internet or just send a notification if it is exceeded.
  • Alert threshold. when I see an alert. at 80%, t.е. after 1.6Gb of used traffic package.
  • Start date. from which day of the month to start counting. Usually the tariff is valid from the first day of each month.

And as additional settings use the following options:

  • The widget in the notification curtain. whether to show the widget or not.
  • Show network speed. the current speed of the Internet connection.
  • Send traffic reports. I advise you to turn off reporting to Xiaomi.
  • Disclaimer. license agreement that the company and cellular operator do not owe you anything, all the risks are solely on the user.
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Possible causes of malfunction and how to fix them

  • You are in an area with low base station signal strength If you are far out of town, in the woods, in the basement, in the subway, deep in an old building with meter-thick brick walls, and your device shows low or no network strength, then most likely your device is fine. And the network loss is caused by low signal strength of the base station in a particular place. Also loss of network may be caused by a temporary disconnection of the base station on the operator’s side.
  • Software failure If the problem with the network is caused by a software failure, follow the steps below: remove and insert the battery, if it did not help. do the software reset via the menu, if not. do a hard reset through the service menu. For Android it is a specific combination of keys: you need to turn off the device, press the volume button and simultaneously press the power button for 3-5 seconds until the service menu appears on the screen. different models use different combinations of keys (volume up, volume down, home button), but always with a simultaneous pressing of the power button. In the service menu using the volume keys you need to select “wipe data” or “factory reset. A hard reset will completely delete all customer data from the device memory (zap.the book, photos, installed programs, etc.д.), т.е. The device will return to the factory state in which the device was at the time of purchase. If the hard reset does not help, then your device needs a software update in our authorized service centers with the official programs provided by the phone manufacturers. When you update software in our authorized service centers, you can be sure that you will get the latest version of the software from the manufacturer.
  • Defect antenna, antenna key, radio processor, power amplifier, display unit, etc.д. If in the area of good reception your phone no longer sees the network, it probably needs component repairs and electrical substitution chip radionuclide. User self-repair of such defect is impossible. Our service center will diagnose the main board, determine the damaged chip and replace it with a soldering station, and if the chips are damaged under the compound (glue). will replace the entire main board with a new one.

Our engineers are certified by equipment manufacturers and constantly improve their skills. We use manufacturer’s certified equipment for repair.

Due to our efficient repair process and logistics, highly qualified personnel and availability of spare parts in stock, we can perform repairs of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

We use only original spare parts and strictly follow the technology of repair. We give warranty on the completed work and replaced components.

Evaluating customer satisfaction at all stages to ensure the highest standards of service.

We provide our clients with free SMS-informing service, as well as online-verification of the repair status. Specialists of our call-center are always ready to answer all your questions.

What to do if the phone does not have network coverage?

First of all it is necessary to check whether the smartphone sees the SIM card. If the phone does not see the SIM card, the problem may be in the connector, read more in this article.

Failure in phone firmware.

As a rule, this defect appears after phone reflashing. To check if it is software issue on your phone enter command #06# on your phone. Must check phone’s IMEI.

If not, phone’s IMEI is dead and screen will show NULL. In this case, you can try to restore the phone with the standard firmware, or perform a hard reset or ask for help on the forum 4pda in the branch to your model.

SIM card malfunction

The problem with the SIM card is the easiest to identify. Simply insert it into another device and check the signal. If the network appears, then the problem is in something else, if not, then the SIM card must be replaced.

It can be replaced free of charge at the operator on presentation of the passport.

Failure of “iron”

Of all the problems related to the hardware of the phone, for which the phone can not see the network, you can fix only one. After fall or unsuccessful opening of phone coaxial cable can be damaged, which transmit a signal of cellular network. To solve the problem you will need to replace it.

In some phone models, the GSM antenna is located on the back cover. The signal to it is transmitted through special pins on the motherboard.

Check their integrity. It happens that the contact does not reach the antenna, in this case it must be carefully bent for a better contact.

Mobile operator assistance

Mobile operators support their customers only if their questions are related to communication. Means they can’t give you advice about a broken phone or socket. But if the card is blocked, does not register in the network, or just constantly loses the signal, then call the hotline number. These calls are usually free for subscribers.

The procedure is simple. first you reboot the device, then try to insert the card into another phone, and in this smartphone you put the card of another operator. This action will help to find out what is really the problem. When the cause is found, proceed to solve.

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The advantages of the service center

If you could not cope with the problem yourself, it is important to contact a proven service center. They conduct a complete diagnosis with the use of special equipment. The cause is then established and a complete repair is performed. In some cases, major work may be needed, which requires significant expense. Then the technician will offer to pick up economical parts so that you don’t have to buy a new device.

It is important to go to a specialized service center that has the necessary set of equipment. There should be the right parts. original or quality copies. When you turn to professional craftsmen, you can get the following features and benefits:

  • A complete diagnosis is performed, even if the problem is clear at first sight;
  • A variety of services aimed at upgrading equipment and extending its life;
  • work with mobile devices of different brands and models, including tablets;
  • Repair of any degree of complexity, including major repairs;
  • You can perform the work at any time of the day or night.

So if the phone does not see the network, in some cases the problem can be solved independently and with a minimum of effort. When all measures do not help, it is important to contact the service center. The engineer will conduct a complete diagnosis, pinpoint the cause of the malfunction and restore the functionality of the device.