New Smartphone Discharges Fast

Why quickly, literally in a couple of hours, the battery on my phone runs out? The usual culprit for most users is “gluttonous” OSes (for example, OS Android), resource-intensive utilities and a bright smart display. Is it really? Are there any ways to keep the battery from draining quickly? To understand this, it is worth studying this material.

Why the phone discharges quickly: the main reasons

Even the latest gadgets with a very capacious battery (for example, in the X-treme PQ28 battery power is already 5000 mAh) can sit down in a matter of hours. Constant charging several times a day is definitely not a way out. To find out how to deal with this, it’s worth first to find out what is causing such a nuisance.

New Smartphone Discharges Fast

Here are the main problems why a smartphone, regardless of the brand-manufacturer, is quickly discharged:

  1. Smart battery wear. The “ancient” battery is the main reason for the rapid loss of energy reserve. When charging, the battery heats up due to increased internal resistance. You can visually inspect it by taking it out of the gadget (if possible). Swelling, corrosion, deformation, various spots on the surface. an alarm bell and a reason to replace the battery with a new one. How else to find out about the status of the battery? Dial the combination on the smart with the Android OS: ## 4636 ##. A menu appears in which you need to click on the “Battery Information”. It will describe the charge level, status, temperature and other data about the battery. Owners of apple devices with iOS, starting with version 11.3, can see the battery status right in the iPhone settings.
  2. Use in cold or heat. Modern batteries, although they have a large energy reserve, are not very good at sub-zero temperatures and in hot weather. The temperature limits of the device can be found from its characteristics. And it is better not to exceed them so that the smartphone’s battery does not run out at the right time. A little “warm” the phone in the cold will help the cover, which closes the device from 2 sides.
  3. Very bright screen. Of course, most users want to see the brightest display with juicy shades, but if you overdo it and set the indicators to 100%, the screen will simply “eat” the battery power. To fix this defect, you need to go to the display brightness settings and use a special slider to reduce it to a comfortable level for working with the device. About 50-60% is enough.
  4. Resource intensive features. If the device operates according to the all-inclusive program, it is not surprising that the battery charge is becoming less and less in a matter of hours. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC. all this requires energy consumption. Therefore, if these functions are not needed right now, it is worth deactivating them in the device settings.
  5. Unstable Cellular / GPS. The battery capacity decreases before our eyes when the phone tries to find a constantly slipping away connection (if there are interruptions in the connection). GPS sensor. one of the most “gluttonous”. In an unfamiliar area, it is needed, but at home or at work it is hardly worth activating it.
  6. Mobile viruses. If you ignore the browser security warning, visit suspicious web resources, download programs from unreliable sources, then infection with smart viruses cannot be avoided. Malicious software can consume a lot more battery power than ordinary utilities. To be safe, it is worth installing an antivirus.
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All these problems can affect devices regardless of the manufacturer, for example, ASUS and HTC have the same chances for a smart. High-speed battery discharge is often associated with improper use of the device. But what measures, in addition to the proper handling of smart, can be taken to improve the functioning of the battery? about this later in the sections.

What to do if the phone discharges too quickly?

To deal with the problem, you can take the following 3 steps.

Method number 1. Battery calibration This helps to “remember” the battery that it needs to be charged up to 100%, without disconnecting earlier. Calibration can be done using the Battery Monitor program.

What do we have to do: