New iPhone Apple ID setup

Useful advanced settings

Turn on the Siri app

An internet connection is required to use the program. You need to select the following items one by one: Settings⇒General⇒Siri. Next, move the slider to the “ON” position. If necessary, it is possible to select a language for voice commands.

The application can then be turned on by pressing and holding the Home button. An image of a microphone appears on the screen of the gadget, as well as the text “How can I be of help?” It is enough to voice the command or ask a question.

Siri can be set to autoplay. This requires the Raise to Speak option to be enabled. The app will automatically launch when you hold the iPhone to your ear.

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How to properly set up the seventh iPhone

Setting up your iPhone 7 starts with these simple steps:

  • turning on. means pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until a greeting appears on the screen;
  • holding the Home button for 3-5 seconds, and then alternately selecting a language, country or region;
  • Internet connection. an active Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet is used.

Next, you will need to choose to enable or disable geolocation services. Activating them will allow you to track the location of the iPhone 7 (which is especially important if a gadget is lost or stolen), use maps and navigation applications, receive weather forecasts, etc. You can enable or disable geolocation services at any time. You need to go to Settings, select Privacy, and then Geolocation Services.

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Location Services can be enabled / disabled completely or for individual phone applications. Disconnecting will allow the battery to last longer.

The next step is to set up Touch ID and set a password. Touch ID is a function that allows you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint. The password protects the gadget from being used by unauthorized people and protecting personal data. To change it, you need to select the item “Password Options”.

Then you need to select the configuration method: “New Device”, “Recover from iCloud” or “Recover using iTunes”. In the second and third cases, you can restore data and accounts from the services that the person used on the previous smartphone. On average, the recovery process takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Final configuration steps

After creating an account, those wishing to set up a new iPhone 7 have the opportunity to connect the cloud storage of information iCloud, which will store backups from devices with the iOs operating system, photos, contacts, applications.

Going to the “Diagnostics” section, a person must decide whether it is necessary for the mobile device system to send a report on the technical and functional state to the manufacturer on a daily basis. Consent to sending means that the office of the creators of the gadget will regularly receive information about the operation of the hardware and software components, as well as errors and failures in it.

When setting up your phone, you can choose the option of displaying data on the screen: “enlarged” or “standard”. The first option is for people with vision problems.

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All these stages are optional, you can refuse to go through them, but they help to better optimize the customized smartphone and use its capabilities to the maximum.

Installing the app

First steps of setup

Selection and installation of a SIM card

Before you can set up iPhone 7, you need to properly install the SIM card. Smartphones use nano “SIM”, which differs from the usual smaller size. This is due to the fact that there is little space inside the device and the manufacturing company saves it on different modules. The SIM card slot was no exception.

To install a nano SIM card in an iPhone, you need to click on the hole near the tray using the special clip that comes with the gadget. You can also use a regular paper clip. After pressing, the tray will slide out slightly and should be pulled out completely. Next, you need to install the card in the tray with the front side up, push the tray back and fully push it into the slot. Then you must enter the PIN. If there is no firmware for a specific mobile operator, the phone will automatically detect the operator. If the device cannot detect the network, you need to go to “Settings” and select “Operator”.

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Wi-Fi network

If you don’t have a wi-fi hotspot at home yet, then it’s worth taking care of it. This will give you freedom from your computer and iTunes. You can install programs through the App Store application directly from your phone. And in the latest firmware version, you can synchronize music and update the operating system directly via wi-fi, without even connecting the iPhone to the computer. It is not difficult to choose a point and set up a phone to work with it.

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There is a lot of information on the Internet on wi-fi routers and network configuration. Here is an article on setting up a home wi-fi network and connecting an iPhone to the Internet.

Creating an Apple ID and registering with the App Store

Without an Apple ID, almost nothing can be done with a smartphone, just make calls. This is your account on the Apple server, which provides access to all iPhone features: installing applications, backing up, updating the firmware, blocking in case of loss or theft.

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Very important! Don’t lose your Apple ID data or give it out to everyone. Knowing the access data to your Apple ID, you can block your smartphone!

All applications purchased on your App Store account will always be available to you. I have changed more than one generation of iPhone, but I have only one Apple ID.

By registering an account, you become an official iPhone user.

Useful iPhone apps

The best iPhone apps are collected here.

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Setting ringtones

Those who are not satisfied with ringtones can set their own ringtones.
Here’s how to make a ringtone yourself.

Installing Apps on iPhone

Now that you have an account in the App Store, you can try to install some free program.

Sales or even distribution of programs are often held in the app store, the latest relevant offers can always be found here.

You can delete the program by pressing the icon for a couple of seconds. The icons will begin to shake and a delete cross will appear next to them.