New Cool Feature Appears On Iphone Xs And Xr – Itechua

New Cool Feature Appears On Iphone Xs And Xr. Itechua

The function of recording one-time on the camera’s deck is announced on iPhone 11, appearing in the last generation iPhone on iOS 13.

The new introduction was presented 10 spring as part of the announcement of the iPhone 11 line. The camera robot was shown on stage with the Filmic Pro application. In the special mode of recording, you can immediately have all the cameras, including the front.

Record from decіlkoh cameras cameras on the new API і vimagaє dodatkovyh resources in the processor. The very same functionality was possible for the iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone XR i on the new iPad Pro models, which are much better than the 2018 rock music release. Ale, navigate here існує обмеження. an accessible one-hour recording of from two cameras (in the from XS ix XS Max).

Access to the API will be granted to third-party retailers, which will allow you to select the required number for robots in this mode. In the standard addition of the camera, such a function does not appear.