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General problems in OnePlus Nord CE and solutions

OnePlus. Young brand of smartphones. Despite this, he has a huge client base around the world. They immediately began to attract the attention of users when they started work. The reason was quite simple and that is, high.quality. Of course, they are known to offer excellent quality in all their gadgets. The recent launch of OnePlus Nord CE, they again struck everyone. In this post you will learn how to correct the common problems in OnePlus Nord CE without incorporating problems.

Common problems. This is nothing more than the main problems of the smartphone associated with the software area. In fact, these are general errors in Android, which users face for certain reasons that are not related to production defects or something like that. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to buying this wonderful gadget. Before you find out how to correct the common problems in OnePlus Nord CE, here is a brief overview of this gadget with detailed information about its characteristics.

  • OnePlus Nord CE Technical characteristics and review
  • Connection problems
  • Overheating problems
  • Slow charging
  • Poor battery life
  • Slow performance
  • Poor quality of the camera
  • Applications do not work properly
  • Problems related to the SIM card / network
  • The screen does not work properly
  • The sound in the headphone is robotic
  • The problem with the fingerprint sensor OnePlus Nord CE
  • OnePlus Nord CE does not turn on
  • OnePlus Nord CE is not charged through a cable / charger
  • Unfortunately, the camera stopped
  • It is impossible to enter the application
  • Problems with Microsd card
  • Video recording problem
  • It is impossible to send or receive text messages
  • It is impossible to call on the phone
  • WhatsApp does not work on OnePlus Nord CE

OnePlus Nord CE Technical characteristics and review

The smartphone has a simple look. Nevertheless, he has amazing hardware characteristics that allow you to constantly keep up with the times when it comes to performance. It was loaded with the Fluid AMOLED screen with an update frequency of 90 Hz.

Another good thing. This is a 4,500 mAh battery, which supports fast charging 30 watts. OnePlus downloaded a fingerprint scanner under the display. Although the latest smartphones today lack a popular 3.5 mm connector, OnePlus always realizes the importance of their gadget is useful for those who like to listen to music. Thus, this connector was provided on OnePlus Nord CE.

You may simply keep up with up to 12 GB of RAM. Qualcomm SM7225 SNAPDRAGON 750G 5G and Android 11 processor make it amazing in every way. This is all you should know about the specifications. Let’s see how to fix the common problems in OnePlus Nord CE.

Fast launch

OnePlus 6t. One of many devices equipped with a fingerprint scanner. OnePlus also uses a fingerprint scanner to quickly start, which allows the use of a scanner to quickly start certain actions or launch applications.

To open the application fast starting panel, you just need to keep your finger on the scanner on the display. Keep holding your finger on the screen even after unlocking the device. After that, you will see a mini-panel of launching applications with shortcuts for all these actions. Do not remove your finger from the screen. Instead, move it to scroll the list of applications.

To enable quick start, go to the settings. Utilities. Fast launch. Here you can also configure a list of shortcuts.

ONEPLUS laboratory

It is known that OnePlus constantly adds new functions to Oxygenos and sets them up in accordance with user reviews. To simplify users to manage all such experimental functions and get feedback from users, the company added a new section of the OnePlus laboratory in the “Settings” menu. “Utilities”. Currently, the laboratory has only one experimental function. Smart Boost. But over time, OnePlus will probably add more such functions to it.

Disable Wi-Fi:

This is a simple correction. Just turn off / turn off the Wi-Fi connection on your phone, and then try to carry out again. He must work.

If your Wi-Fi was not connected or the previous method did not work, then there is a chance that your OnePlus Buds is not in a state.

  • Place both headphones in a charging case and close the lid.
  • After 10 seconds, open the body cover again.
  • Press and hold the settings button on the charger for 2 seconds.
  • The LED indicator on the charging case will blink, which means that the headphones are now in a state of connection. Now find the buds again on your phone and connect to them.

Reset OnePlus buds:

If the previous method has not worked, there is a chance that too many devices are connected to OnePlus Buds. It would be better if you tried to restore the factory settings of buds to get rid of most such problems.

  • Place the buds in a charging case and keep the lid open.
  • Press and hold the settings button on the charger for 10 seconds. Do not let go of the button until the LED indicator blinks 5 times in red light.
  • Now look again on your phone and connect with them.

One of the above.mentioned solutions should help you solve your problem with OnePlus Buds. If for any reason the problem does not disappear, visit the nearest OnePlus center and tell them about your problem.

If you have any questions or questions on this article, leave a comment below, and we will contact you. Also, do not forget to get acquainted with our other articles on the advice and tricks of the iPhone, advice and tricks for Android. Tips and tricks for PC and much more to obtain additional useful information.

OnePlus One. the birth of one smartphone

The story of OnePlus One began on November 18, 2013, when Pete Lau (Pit Lau), the vice president of Oppo, announced his departure from the company. Before starting to engage in smartphones, Pit was one of the leaders of the Blu-Ray unit of the players. In fact, he worked in a subsidiary of a large Chinese manufacturer. BBK.

A month after leaving OPPO, December 17, 2013, the following message appeared on the official Pie page in Google:

TODAYA ​​ASPECIAL DAY FOR ME, BecAuse Today My Startup OnePlus IS Born.

OnePlus Is the Realization of My Long-Standing Dream to Create a Global and Innovative Company. It is ALSO An Opportunity for a Group of Young People to Make Their Mark on the World. I Hope for it to eventually Become a PlayGround for Tech Lovers Around the Globe.

What Kind of a Company Will OnePlus Be? SINCE LEAVING OPPO’ve Spoken with Many Friends and Influence in the Mobile and Internet Industries. MANY VISIONS AND OPINIONS WERE BOUNCED Around WE KEPT Returning To One Central Idea: Make the Best Possible Product for Users Worldwide.

The Desire to Pursue this Goal Has Been Growing Inside Me Since My Days Leading the Blu-Ray Division at Oppo. I Remember How Proud I Felt at Ces When Our Oppo Blu-Ray Players Were Spoken of with AWE and Admiration.

Looking at the Smartphone Market Right now, I See a Lot of Wannabes But Few Truly Outstanding Fit For The Demanding Consumer. That’s What I Want to Address with OnePlus.

It’s A Hard Road Ahead as I Transition from My Role AS An Employee to that of Entrepreneur and Launch a Company From Scratch. There will be many difficulties to overcome. I DRAW MY STRENGTH and Resolve from the SUCCESS OFPO’s Blu-Ray Players and the Overwhelms PosedBack for the Oppo Find 5.

I WULD Like to THK Oppo and Tony For Their Support. I have spent my entire career thus far with this noble and forward-thinking Company. Notesy Product Engineer Gets Access to Such a Great Platform and Opportunity, and for that I Willia Eternally Grateful to Oppo.

A new year, a new beaghingining. Expect to Hear Great Things from US in 2014.

Today is a special day for me, because from today it will be a countdown of the history of my company OnePlus.

OnePlus is the realization of my old dream. Dreams to create a global innovative company. This project should give a group of young children the opportunity to leave their mark in history. I hope that as a result, the company will become a platform for people from around the world who do not think of their lives without technology.

What company should onePlus become? Since I left Oppo, I have repeatedly talked with my friends and people, whose professional opinion has weight in the mobile technology industry. Many ideas and sentences were voiced and rejected, each time we returned to the same idea. to create the most ideal apparatus for users around the world.

The desire to fulfill this dream grew and grows stronger in me since I headed the Blu-Ray Technology Department in Oppo. I remember the feeling of pride that I experienced when, during the CES about our players, Oppo Blu-Ray spoke with enthusiasm and admiration.

Now, evaluating the smartphone market, I see developments that seem good, but truly significant breakthroughs and ideas that will satisfy the most demanding users are not observed. And I set this task before OnePlus.

A long way is ahead: I will have to change the role of an employee to the role of the head of the company born from scratch. How many difficulties will be, who knows. But self-confidence and in my business I draw from the success of the Oppo Blu-Ray players and positive reviews about the Oppo Find 5 smartphone.

I would like to thank Oppo and personally Tony for support. All my career was closely connected with this worthy and original company. Not every developer will be lucky enough to work in such a company and get such wide opportunities. And for all this, I will always be grateful Oppo.

New Year will bring new endeavors. I hope in the new 2014 you will hear about us!

The syllable of the project was chosen the phrase “Never Settle”, to translate it verbatim, probably, will not learn, but if you transmit the meaning, it is something like “never stop until you find your ideal” or “less I do not agree”, There can be many options.

At the time of launch OnePlus One, few were interested in the project. Of course, there was already a circle of fans and geeks that follow its development, but the number of such people was small. At the same time, the OPPO brand as a smartphone manufacturer, despite active development in the past few years, also remains ambiguous and not too popular. It is enough to give such an example: in Hong Kong, where, it would seem, Chinese brands are known, almost any electronics seller in the market knows what Xiaomi or Meizu is, even if you say these names at all like they sound in Chinese, you will understand you and show where to buy or see. But about Oppo there, a feeling is formed, they simply did not hear, even if you show the seller written in English “Oppo Find 5” or “Find 7”, he only negatively leaves his head. It is all the more interesting, about OnePlus One in Hong Kong already know, as in many other places, and the popularity of the startup is growing very quickly. What’s the secret?

What does private DNS mean on my phone?

To begin with, it should be noted an important thing. Pit Lau and his team in a short period of time were able to very seriously promote the OnePlus One brand outside the Chinese market and the Chinese Internet. And although the method was chosen not the most familiar, all the project’s news was published on the official forum and on the Google page, this gave results, today almost all the largest specialized resources wrote about OnePlus One.

The development of the project was accompanied by interesting actions. For example, on April 4, the team announced on the forum on the launch of the competition, the winners of which will be provided with the ONEPLUS ONE engineering samples.

Since the launch of a startup on a page in Google, various inspiring posters, one way or another related to the project or directly advertising smartphone, have also appeared. Here are just a small part of them:

#four. Incorrect notifications settings

You set up some wrong and unnecessary notifications in your OnePlus 9rt? If you are not sure of this, we suggest you check the notifications settings. In most cases, users set up notifications on their devices in such a way that with each separate notification, your phone screen is turned on.

Previously, we saw in many cases when users simply included the screen awakening for each notification that they receive, which not only looks irritating, but also affects the service life of the battery. Therefore, be sure to turn off all unnecessary notifications for which you turned on the screen awaken.

#5. Outdated System OS

There is a chance that this is a problem arising due to outdated system software. However, there are many users who reported that they successfully corrected this error, simply updating the OS of their device to the latest available version. Therefore, we recommend that you check if any new correction update is available. So, if you do not know how to do it, these are the steps:

  • First of all, open your OnePlus 9rt and run the application settings.
  • After that, click on the system.
  • Then click on the system updates and hit the presence of updates button.
  • Now just wait until he finds an update. Then, if any update is available, just load and install it.

After that, you will notice that on your ONEPLUS 9RT device no longer a random switching on the screen.

How to enable Volte and Vowifi on any OnePlus device

In this leadership, we will show you how to enable Volte and Vowifi on any OnePlus device. When we are talking about wireless communication, Voice Over LTE (4G) and Voice Over Wi-Fi are two of the latest records on this list. For those who do not know, this function allows you to send calls through the operator network or Wi-Fi. Benefits?

Well, in some places the network connection is bad, and therefore users cannot send or receive calls. In these cases, you can use Vowifi. In the same spirit, another rather elegant advantage is that you no longer have to perform additional recharge for conversation purposes. Taking into account the same, many OEM manufacturers included this function in their devices. However, with OnePlus things are a little strange.

Although they added this functionality to their devices, but at the same time hid it from ordinary users for the reasons well known to them. In any case, the good news is that you can easily return this function to your device. And this leadership will show you how to do it. So, without unnecessary words, let’s start with the steps to turn on Volte and Vowifi on any OnePlus device.

How to enable Volte and Vowifi on any OnePlus device

So what’s the matter. Perhaps on your OnePlus device a newer and updated version of the Logkit application has already been installed. However, in a newer assembly, OnePlus deleted the functions switch. the function with which you could turn on Volte and Vowifi. Fortunately, I managed to get the old version of the application in which there is still this function! And it works on each ONEPLUS device. So, let’s immediately check this.

  • To get started, download the Logkit application to your device: COM.OEM.Oemlogkit_1.0-1.APK.
  • Now start the application, and you will receive a notification about whether you want to establish an update for this application (although this is an earlier version).
  • Therefore, click “install” and wait until it is installed on your device. After that, open the Dialer application on your device and enter the following code: #800 #
  • ONEPLUS Logkit. Click the “Entering” in the warning message that appears.
  • Now scroll to the “Functions switching” parameter and click on it to open it.
  • Finally, turn on the Volte and Vowifi parameters, and then reboot the device.
  • After loading, go to the “Settings” “Wi-Fi and the Network” “SIM card and network”.
  • Now select an active SIM card from the list and turn on the VOLTE switch and Wi-Fi calls.

That’s all. These were steps for turning on Volte and Vowifi on any OnePlus device. If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned steps, tell us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below section. We will return to you with the decision in the near future.

How to disable Google Discover news feed in Android 12

  • First, start the Google application on your device.
  • Then click on the image of your profile, located in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Settings” in the emerging menu.
  • After that, go to the “General” section and turn off the switch next to “Detection”.

That’s all. Google Discover news tape on your Android 12 device is disabled. Now that you are trying to access the section of the news tape, running a finger to the right on the home screen, you will be met by an empty screen with a Google search panel at the top. So, on this we are completing the leadership. If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned steps, tell us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will return to you with the decision in the near future.

Disconnect the Google Discover news feed on OnePlus Oxygenos 12

The latest stable version of Android 12 for OnePlus flagships was not at all stable. Even preliminary assemblies for developers are usually more stable than so.called stable assemblies this time! The inability to call, send or receive messages, wrong information about the device in the “Settings” menu, the broken main screen and terrible Coloros. all together ruined this update.

The worst thing is that we are witnesses to the emergence of new problems from time to time. At the moment, different users have expressed their concern that they cannot turn off the Google Discover news feed on their OnePlus device under the control of Oxygenos 12/Android 12. Looking through all these complaints, it seems that OEM decided to completely delete this function for the reasons that are most known to them!

The only plus is the fact that the update was deleted and subjected to some improvements. We keep your fingers crossed and hope that they will return this option. In this regard, as soon as you receive a new OTA update, you must immediately perform the above steps: start the Google application, go to the “Settings” “Basic”, and then check if the switch has worked for disconnecting Discover or not.

In the same way, we will also update this leadership as it develops. So check it. On this note, we complete this guide on how to disable the section of the Google Discover news tape on your Android 12 device. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below section.

Always on Display parameters do not work in OnePlus Android 12 [Fix]

In this leadership, we will show you how to solve the problem when the ALWAYS ON Display parameters do not work on OnePlus after Android 12 update. Although these are endless disputes about whether the inclusion of Coloros in Oxygenos is worth it or not, but if you let us be a little freedom on the optimistic side, we would like to shed light on some positive aspects. this update. Among them are the addition of many new functions that deserve praise.

In this regard, as soon as you moved from Android 11 to 12, you would notice several new additions to AOD, including Bitmoji widely discussed. However, if you leave any of these AOD styles included for a significant long time, this will adversely affect the time of autonomous work. Therefore, a much better approach will leave it on for a certain period of time. In this regard, OnePlus offers you three different options for a choice:

All day [enabled by default], energy conservation. AOD is turned off when the energy conservation mode is turned on, and the “schedule” gives you the opportunity to leave AOD on for a predetermined time. However, the biggest problem is that you cannot change this parameter, pressing the “display parameters” will not cause the menu selection screen. But we managed to find an excellent bypass path that will help you solve the problem with Always on Display parameters that do not work in OnePlus after updating Android 12. So, without unnecessary words, let’s check it.

Fix the non.working parameters of Always on Display in OnePlus Android 12

That’s all. These were steps to eliminate the problem with Always on Display parameters that did not work in OnePlus after updating Android 12. If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned steps, tell us about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will return to you with the decision in the near future.

The main successes of OnePlus in the short history of the company

Some call OnePlus One to the best smartphones of all time

OnePlus One is often called the best smartphone of all time, and some still use it on an ongoing basis. The company released the gadget in 2014. just four months after its birth. For half the cost from the flagship of that time, he offered an almost complete set of top characteristics. Yes, he did not have the most breakthrough camera, and the manufacturer clearly forgot about the fingerprint scanner, but the device was quick, attractive and very practical. The smartphone was sold on the system of invites and could not boast of decent support. However, he definitely became a breakthrough.

How to Set Private DNS on iOS 15

Oxygen OS has long become one of the most beautiful and comfortable shells

Initially, OnePlus One was supplied with Cyanogen OS. a commercial version of the assembly of Cyanogenmod. Such a solution can hardly be called really successful, but it was it that prompted the company to develop Oxygen OS. The development of its own shell close to the naked Android began in 2015-the name for it was chosen on the basis of an online competition. The release of Oxygen OS took place shortly before the second birthday of OnePlus, and One immediately switched to it. Gradually, the proprietary shell of the manufacturer has become one of the most beautiful and convenient in the market. She remains like this even today.

OnePlus 3T will forever remain in the hearts of fans of the company

Despite the fact that OnePlus One will always remain in the hearts of fans of the company, it is its most successful smartphone. He came out before the third birthday of the manufacturer and six months after OnePlus 3. Not everyone liked the idea of ​​a new six.month.old device for updating devices, but the users of the device accurately appreciated it. OnePlus 3T has retained the OnePlus 3 metal case, but received an improved processor, a larger battery, as well as an option for 128 GB of memory. The device was updated until 2019, and it actually received four different versions of the operating system up to Android 9.

Fast charging Dash Charge, which has turned into Warp Charge

The Dash Charge fast charging system appeared in OnePlus 3: in 30 minutes the device could be charged from zero to 60%. Yes, she did not set the trend for high.speed energy transfer, but always remained on the point of technology. Due to Patent disputes, Dash Charge became Warp Charge: OnePlus 8T, it charges from zero to 58% in 15 minutes.

The company has become the most popular premium in India and remains in the leaders

On the fifth birthday of OnePlus, the company received excellent news: according to Counterpoint Research, it has become the most successful premium scartphone brand in India. Yes, in this huge country she bypassed Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other manufacturers. OnePlus remains here in the top so far and conquers other markets.

OnePlus 7 Pro with a huge number of real innovations

OnePlus 7 Pro is the first smartphone of a company with a similar prefix. It was launched in 2019 and positioned as an improved version of OnePlus 7. Yes, this manufacturer’s device was really expensive, but in the end it became one of the best mobile devices of the year. OnePlus showed him that she can play in the flagship sector. There were plenty of significant innovations in the gadget, which all the rest had not yet managed to realize. This, for example, applies to the frequency of the Fluid AMOLED screen on 90 Hz, as well as the UFS 3 Superfistan storage.0. A pop.up front deserve and a pop.up.

Really balanced smartphone OnePlus Nord

In 2020, OnePlus introduced the Nord medium.budget line and the first gadget in its framework with the same name. He retained an almost complete set of flagship developments of the company, but received the most affordable price. With the help of such a device, the company returned to its origins. Albeit with some compromises, but she still made a steep device with a minimum cost. The only thing that the negative was remembered by OnePlus Nord. it is officially sold not in all parts of the world. However, even in gray retail, it can most often be bought for no more than 500.

The main mistakes of OnePlus for 7 years from the date of creation

Smash The Past and Ladies First scandalously failed

From a negative point of view, OnePlus was definitely remembered by two advertising campaigns that frankly disappointed many. Challenge Smash The Past (“Break the past”) proposed to break his old smartphone and remove it for this, sort of, it was possible to get OnePlus in just one dollar. However, there were only 100 promotional gadgets, and the participants were 140,000. Everyone except the lucky ones was definitely upset. Almost immediately after this, OnePlus launched Ladies First (“Ladies forward”): the girls were supposed to be starred against the background of the company’s logo, and men “like” them on her forum. Nothing good came out.

Cyanogen os disabilities with custom firmware

Cyanogenmod had enough fans, and they were very glad that on the first OnePlus, it was actually that this unofficial assembly of Android, which later became Lineage OS. Nevertheless, Cyanogen OS was still a mistake, to a greater extent, because of the project manager. He was extremely hot.tempered, so he constantly made loud statements and interfered with OnePlus. One of them was an open desire to pick up Android with giblets from Google, which he has repeatedly stated. Of course, this greatly spoiled OnePlus reputation, but she quickly got rid of a toxic partner.

Strange OnePlus 2 with a mass of minuses

Of course, classify any of the flagship smartphones OnePlus as objectively bad cannot. However, OnePlus 2 is really considered one of the worst. Despite the fact that he became a logical continuation of the successful OnePlus One, including in design, with it the company took several obvious steps back. For example, she abandoned NFC and referred to the fact that this system is not in demand from the target audience. Another mistake was the USB-C port with a cable and a power supply that did not meet its standards: as a result, these accessories could not be used with other gadgets.

Dubious main slogan of the company. Never Settle

Never Settle (“never agree”) is a slogan of a company that motivated users not to be content with something small. He always sounded good, but far from always corresponded to the manufacturer’s devices, which were often deprived of something really important:

  • NFC in OnePlus 2;
  • wireless charging for many years;
  • cutout in the screen in OnePlus 6;
  • Elimination of headphones connector in OnePlus 6T;
  • long.term refusal of certification of moisture protection IP;
  • constant increase in and so on.

Problems with update to Android 10

In 2018, OnePlus really admired the company because it began updating its smartphones to Android 9 Pie within 40 days after the official announcement of the new operating system. Usually only branded Google branded smartphones could boast of this speed.

However, in 2019, everything has famously changed. Yes, the company announced an imminent update to Android 10 days after its official announcement, but the installation of the update was postponed several times, was associated with a lot of problems and errors. Apparently, this time the company overdid it very much. Yes, she wanted to preserve the title of leader in this matter, but put on the end the quality of her software. Nothing of this happened, but OnePlus experience has become a good lesson for all other manufacturers. To get stability, users can wait a little longer.

Overloading the seventh series of smartphones with a mass of models

OnePlus started with the release of one new smartphone per year. Then I switched to a six.month update cycle of mobile devices. Nevertheless, in 2019 she incredibly dispersed: she released six devices of the seventh series at once, including a special edition. I hope they have not forgotten anything:

  • May. OnePlus 7;
  • May. OnePlus 7 Pro;
  • August. OnePlus 7 Pro 5G;
  • September. OnePlus 7T;
  • October. OnePlus 7T Pro;
  • November. OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition.

There are nothing wrong with the variety of devices. Another bad. these devices are very different, but wear similar names. over, some of them are not available in all countries, which causes more difficulties. There were even more gadgets in 2020, but some of them are included in the Nord line.

Frankly weak state employees OnePlus Nord N10 and N100

This material has already mentioned OnePlus Nord. one of the most worthy of the affordable gadgets of the company. Nevertheless, she has a couple of state employees who turned out to be almost a complete miss in absolutely any relationship. Yes, they are cheap, but absolutely useless.

Nord. classic OnePlus smartphone with decent characteristics and acceptable cost. N10 and N100, on the contrary, are absolutely empty in technical terms: without a scanner of fingerprints under the screen, without aesthetics of OnePlus design, without a traditional sound switch of sound modes. The only thing that shows the belonging of smartphones to OnePlus is the company’s logo on the case, as well as Oxygen OS under the hood. Nevertheless, even really a high.quality shell works here very much. over, the gadgets even released with the outdated version of Android. Horror.