Network Setup Samsung Smart Tv

Connecting Samsung Smart TV.

If the TV is connected to the router via a network cable, the TV will automatically start the network setup via the LAN wire in two steps. If the connection is wireless, then Smart TV will start configuring the network via the Wi-FI radio channel in five steps.

Network Setup Samsung Smart Tv

We will create a connection via a LAN cable, and where to read about a wireless connection I already wrote above.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet

Recently, there have been many questions about how to connect Samsung Smart TV with a LAN cable to the Internet and set up a network on the TV. We will connect the TV to the Internet through a router, so make sure that it is correctly configured and has access to the World Wide Web. The connection of devices with each other using a twisted pair can cause some inconvenience in the form of wires underfoot, but also provide a comfortable viewing of films and TV shows.

Connecting the TV to a Wi-Fi router using a LAN cable rather than a wireless connection can sometimes help to avoid interruptions and freezes while watching movies through Samsung Apps, as well as when streaming files from a computer to a TV.

For comfortable viewing online or broadcasting media content from a computer to a TV through a router, you also need to have a high-speed Internet connection and high-quality active network equipment. In addition, this connection method can also give positive results and relieve you of discomfort, because the data transfer rate in a LAN network cable is higher than in a Wi-Fi radio channel.

It is possible to argue about the advantages of this or that connection for a long time, but this is a topic for another article. This material is a kind of continuation or addition to the article on how to set up a wireless Wi-Fi connection on a Samsung Smart TV.

How to set up Samsung Smart TV.

So, connect the cable between the router and the TV via the Ethernet port and go to the Smart TV menu in the “Network” section and open the “Network Settings” item.

After entering the network setup, you will see a message that the network cable is connected. Click the Start button to configure your wired network settings.

After a successful network connection and network connection, click the “OK” button. Now access to the Internet on your Samsung Smart TV is open for you. But if the connection and connection is not established, then do not rush to contact your Internet provider, but click on the “IP Settings”.

In the IP settings, try changing the DNS (Domain Name System) values. Instead of the value “receive automatically” set “enter manually” and specify the public DNS address from Google Or After that, try to re-establish the network connection link by clicking on the “Retry”.

If the connection is not established again, but the router is working normally and there is an Internet connection on other devices, then with a high degree of probability we can assume that the problem is in the TV itself.

Enter the settings of the router (router) and temporarily disable the DHCP option (Dynamis Host Configuration Protocol), and change the network settings on the TV. To do this, go to the menu and go to the “Network” tab, open the “Network Status” item and click on the “IP Settings” button.

Here you need to specify the network settings in accordance with the parameters of your router (router). For example, if the router’s gateway address is the standard, then specify the following parameters in the Smart TV settings:

IP address:
Subnet mask:

In many cases, a TV with such parameters finds the router not only via a wired LAN connection, but also via a wireless WI-Fi connection and gets access to the Internet.

That’s all. I hope the article was useful and informative for you. See you on the blog pages. Until.

Wired LAN connection to the Internet

So here’s a step-by-step guide to LAN connection:

  • It is advisable to have a crimper on hand. You will need this tool to clamp the twisted pair wires. This can be done with a regular screwdriver, but it is more problematic. Using twisted pairs, a connection is made to an external modem.
  • We connect the Internet cable to the splitter. The latter can not be used if you will only use the Internet through a TV. In this case, the cable is connected directly to the Internet port on the TV.
  • Next, Smart. The system on the TV independently starts the process of configuring network parameters.

We connect the cable to the TV

If the automated configuration for some reason was not successful, see the section “manual configuration”.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV

There is also nothing complicated here if you follow 5 points:

  1. On the remote, go to the “menu” open the “network” tab.
  2. Further “network settings”. Setting up the Samsung Smart TV network

Further “network settings”

  • In the window “select the type of network connection” select your own (wireless or cable). Choosing a Samsung Smart TV Cable
  • If automatic configuration does not start, select “IP Settings”. IP Settings Samsung Smart TV
  • If automatic configuration does not start, select “IP Settings”

  • Uncheck the boxes “receive automatically” and enter data manually.
  • How to connect and set up Smart TV. Instructions

    Modern TVs with the Smart TV function allow not only having access to all world TV channels, but also using most of the Internet resources (depending on the model). Before purchasing such a TV, you should figure out how to connect and configure Smart TV, as well as decide on the method of connecting to the Internet.

    Possible setup problems and how to fix them

    • Pages are taking too long to load.

    Move the router closer to the TV.

    • No internet connection.

    Reboot the TV or adapter, disconnect and reconfigure.

    • Adapter settings are wrong.

    This problem is solved by manually configuring the Internet. You can use the WPS system. It allows you to connect in automatic mode.

    • Poor, fuzzy picture, interference during playback. Content.

    The main reasons for this phenomenon are either a low data transfer rate, or a weak processor is installed in the router. The way out of the situation will be to replace Wi-Fi equipment with a more powerful one or increase the data transfer speed.

    • Switching off and on the equipment by yourself.
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    Here you need to check its settings. If the cause persists, experts recommend changing the firmware or firmly fixing the outlet.

    But it also happens that you have to turn to the services of specialists. In case of independent shutdown of functions or, for example, interruptions in the soundtrack. Often such problems arise due to software failures or failure of some part of the technical design.

    It is also worth remembering that if the Smart TV is purchased from hands, then the settings of the previous owner are installed on it. It is recommended to reset them to the factory settings, and re-configure not only the connection to your home network, but also the standard ones (brightness, channels, contrast, etc.).

    Smart TV connection via Wi-Fi

    Modern Smart TVs are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi modules. If your TV model does not have such a module, then you need to purchase an adapter for connecting to wireless networks. It is connected via a USB connector on the TV. The settings of most Smart TVs do not differ, so the algorithm of actions is common for models popular on the Russian market. Setting up via Wi-Fi is done as follows:

    • Turn on the Wi-Fi router and make sure that it is in working order;
    • You do not need to configure it. The settings on it are standard for all receiving devices. You can clarify the functionality of the distributed Internet via a smartphone;
    • Connect the adapter to the TV (if it is built-in, no action is required);
    • Press the “menu” button on the TV remote control;
    • Go to the “network” section;

    Network configuration

    • Click the “network settings” option;
    • Check again the distribution of Wi-Fi, then click “Start”;
    • The TV will start an automatic search for networks and show them in the form of a list: select the name of your network and enter the password for Wi-Fi.

    Search for connection

    It should be remembered here that if Wi-Fi neighbors are mistakenly selected, the Internet connection will constantly disappear, so we carefully look at the name of the network.

    Many novice owners of “smart” TVs have some difficulties with entering a password, due to forgetfulness, data loss. You can find it either on the back of the router, or on your phone or tablet. You need to go to the “connection properties” section on the gadget. There is an option “allow opening the password window”

    A similar algorithm for connecting Smart TV through a computer. Here it should be borne in mind that the connection will work only through the Wi-Fi network. If you synchronize your PC and Smart TV using an HDMI cable, then the monitor of the latter will simply broadcast the image from the computer.

    Smart TV box. TV connection process

    Smart TV box is a compact device based on the Android operating system. It is a small module with an integrated processor and memory. In terms of functionality, it is very similar to a tablet equipped with the same operating system, the only difference between them is the interface. How to connect and configure Smart TV via a set-top box? For this you need:

    • Of course, the prefix itself;
    • TV with HDMI. Connector (included are HDMI. Extension cable);
    • If the set-top box does not have a remote control, then you need a computer mouse or keyboard to control.

    The setup process itself looks like this:

    • The set-top box is connected to HDMI. The connector on the TV. If necessary, you can connect via an extension cable.
    • Next, a microUSB power cable is connected to the set-top box; the other end fits into the corresponding socket on the TV. If it does not have such an input, then the connection can be made through the power adapter to the outlet (it comes with the set-top box).
    • If there is no remote control included, an adapter for a mouse is installed in the console into another USB connector (there are 2 of them).
    • On the TV, select the HDMI reception mode, otherwise there will be no picture. If there are several of them, select the active.
    • Wait a few seconds for the equipment to boot.
    • The main screen will appear. A convenient, functional interface.
    • Go to Setting, connect to Wi-Fi (if available), set time, date, time zone for proper Wi-Fi operation.
    • Return to the main screen and select the TV folder. There you can view any multimedia format.
    • To watch TV channels switch from HDMI to the corresponding output.

    How to Watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV for Free 2019

    This publication covers all aspects of setting up and using the Samsung Smart IPTV feature. We will tell you how to connect your TV to the network via cable and Wi-Fi, and what applications you need to install. Connecting and setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV. Let’s start with a quick overview of Samsung Smart TVs on which the IPTV function is available.

    LAN connection

    Let’s start with a wired connection through a router. Before connecting to the modem, make sure that the required parameters are set. How to set parameters for IP TV traffic on the router, read the publications on the website.

    Connect one end of the network cable to the LAN connector of the TV on the back panel, the other end to the router.

    Now you need to configure the connection parameters.

    1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
    2. On the screen, find the “Network” section and go to “Network Settings”.
    3. Click “Start”.
    4. In the next window, select the connection type. “Cable”.

    You do not need to enter anything manually. Further actions will take place automatically.

    Which Samsung can watch IPTV on

    IPTV for Smart TV Samsung is connected in two ways: through a set-top box and using separate applications.

    If the TV is older than 2010, belongs to the fifth series and above, then to watch IP-TV you do not need anything other than an Internet connection. Just installing the player.

    For models of the fourth series, you must additionally purchase a TV receiver.

    Smart TVs released in 2008-2009 do not support Internet TV playback.

    We will tell you how to connect IPTV to Samsung Smart TV without a set-top box.

    Setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV is only possible with an active Internet connection. There are two options here: directly via a cable to the router or via Wi-Fi. We will tell you separately about each method.

    Wireless connection

    If the TV model has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then the connection to the home line is different.

    1. Enter the device menu and select the “Network” paragraph.
    2. In the “Network Settings” section, select the connection type. “Wireless”.
    3. In the next window, select the one you need from the available networks and enter the password.

    The connection process will take several minutes, after which a message will appear on the screen; The connection is configured and ready to use

    The stage of connecting to the network is completed, we proceed to the direct installation of IPTV.

    Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

    Now let’s talk about how to use IPTV on TV. Sign in to watch digital TV for free.

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    Under the utility “Russian Music Karaoke”, another program is encrypted. “Fork Player”. Run the application and go to the “Find by address” icon. Manually write down the URL of the TV channel playlist with the m3u extension (for example, smarttvnews.Ru) and press “Enter”. A full list of channels will open.

    Viewing applications

    In addition to the pre-installed and official applications, IP channels can be loaded into a separate playlist in the player. Next, let’s figure out how to watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV for free 2019. Introducing the list of applications.

    Widget for viewing IPTV. “OTT Player”. Let’s see how to install IPTV Player on Samsung Smart TV.

    • To get started, register on the developer’s website. You can also do this on a computer.
    • In the browser, write the name of the program and follow the link to the site.
    • Enter your email address and password to log in.
    • In the section “Your playlists” add the addresses of the lists.
    • Find and install the player on the “Samsung Apps” service. Log in to the application to sync the addresses saved on the website.
    1. Find the utility you want in the “Samsung Apps” list.
    2. Click “Install”.
    3. Select the tab with the list of channels.

    If you want to expand the channel list, add m3u manually:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu.
    • Select the “Add URL” command.
    • Manually write down the playlist address.
    • Click “Save”.

    Player “Vintera.TV”, updated to build 3.0, contains 123 channels.

    IPTV player for Samsung Smart TV Peers.TV includes terrestrial TV channels, archive and program announcements.

    IPTV Player “Samsung Smart” GetsTV allows you to watch not only interactive and cable channels, but also an impressive list of movies and TV series. If the internet speed drops, the picture quality also deteriorates.

    Perhaps the main advantage of this television format is that there is no need to purchase additional equipment. All functions are available immediately on the TV. All applications allow you to watch many TV channels and control the viewing. Pause playback, record a program or film, use the archive of projects that have been broadcast.

    I have over 10 years of experience in IT. I am engaged in design and adjustment of commissioning works. I also have extensive experience in building networks, system administration and working with access control systems and surveillance.
    I work as a specialist in the Techno-Master company.

    IPTV setup

    1. Press the “SETUP” button on the remote control and go to System settings. We select the item “Servers”:
    2. We select the item “Portals”:
    3. First, enter the link (URL) to the portal, and then the name:
    4. We reboot the device. To do this, go back to the main menu and click “Restart portal”:
    1. In “Channels and Favorites” select the autoload mode. Stalker Portal. Save:
    2. Menu. System. Network settings. Stalker portals. Enter the server address:
    3. Menu. System. Network settings. Stalker portals. By default, select the number of the registered address:
    4. Menu. Extra Services. Stalker IPTV. Enjoy:

    Installing Smart STB application on Samsung, LG TV

    1. Change the DNS of the TV to the one specified in the letter from the support service.
    2. Find and install Smart STB from the app store (Samsung Apps or LG Store, Sony, Philips)
    3. Launch Smart STB widget
    4. You will receive further installation instructions by e-mail from support.

    IPTV service

    • How to connect
    • What to watch us
    • IPTV setup
    • Payment and rates
    • For copyright holders

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    Software Update

    Immediately after connecting to the Internet, the TV will check for updates, and if it finds it, it will ask you for permission to update:

    Update it without a second thought. At another moment, it will be possible to call the check through the “Smart TV” menu of the TV and the Updates item.

    Philips Smart TV setup: step by step guide in pictures

    Hello! Are you the proud owner of a Philips SMART TV, but can’t set it up? There is nothing wrong here. Everything is very simple! Especially for people like you, this article was written. To simplify life and save irreparable nerves.

    1. A little bit about SMART TV from Philips
    2. Setting up from scratch
    3. Basic setup
    4. Network connection
    5. Software Update
    6. Channel setup
    7. Installing Applications
    8. Philips Club
    9. Some features

    Philips Club

    Some features require Philips Club registration for some models. It’s like a Windows account, AppleID or Google account on Android. Details of registration are best viewed in the official from Philips:

    Those. You need to go to their website, register and register your TV. Then all Smart TV functions will be unlocked.

    Basic setup

    1. We connect to the network. We turn on the remote control. The TV should turn on. How it will behave is unknown, there are a lot of models, versions too. So your interface may vary. In my case it is so, in yours it may be different. But the essence will certainly remain the same. So look and do like.
    2. Choose a language. Russian.
    1. Choosing a country. Russia
    1. Time zone. Just take a city in your own time zone. This will not affect anything much, but the clock on the TV will go on it:
    1. TV installation method. As installed. On a rack mount or hung on a wall:
    1. House or Shop. Choose House. The Store is needed to showcase the random in the Store (you’ve probably seen a few TVs showing inviting demos). At home, we immediately switch the settings to combat mode:
    1. Settings for people with impaired hearing and vision. Whatever you like, you can set it, it won’t get any worse:
    1. And so he invites us to make the setting. Click “Start” (what did we do before ?!)

    Installing Applications

    The most popular applications for Philips Smart TV at the moment:

    • Vintera TV. Different channels.
    • Youtube. Viewing from YouTube.
    • IVI. Selection of films.
    • Skype. Calls.
    • Tvigle. Movies, cartoons, TV series.
    • Angry Birds. Yes, those same birds, and even on a large plasma.
    • Explore 3D. Viewing 3D movies with support.
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    Network connection

    It would be possible to configure channels, but first I suggest connecting to your wireless network.

    1. We select the appropriate item:
    1. Click “Connect”, and then select the type. Via Wi-Fi or wired. If via Wi-Fi, we make sure that the router is turned on and distributes the network (and you know the password from it), if it’s wired, just do not forget to connect the wire from the router to the TV.
    1. Let’s connect via Wi-Fi. We immediately get this picture:
    1. Almost all routers have a WPS button (twist it from all sides). It allows you to connect without a password. Those. Press it, select an item in this WPS menu. Everything is paired by itself. If there is a network password on hand, then click “Scan”. The TV finds networks:
    1. Select the desired one and enter the password:
    1. The network is connected and the Internet is there. If something went wrong. Restart the TV, restart the router, try entering the CORRECT password or make a connection via WPS:

    Setting up and connecting Smart TV on a Samsung TV

    The development of television has led to increased opportunities for users. Today, technologies allow you to watch high-definition broadcasting, as well as use other multimedia functions. The most popular are Samsung TVs, which today are considered the most advanced. However, this technique requires complex customization that not everyone can do. The information below will help you understand how to connect and set up Samsung Smart TV on a TV.

    Connection and configuration

    Setting up digital TV for Smart-TV is performed in the same way as on a regular TV or receiver.

    Models with smart TV support when tuning digital channels also solve the problem of storing existing channels. They have a system setting that allows you to select a radiation source (antenna, satellite, cable).

    For example, if you manually tune digital TV channels and select a cable as a signal source, the search does not occur in other bands and the programs of terrestrial and satellite TV are saved

    But the digital channel setting on the TV is not enough to take full advantage of the smart TV function and you need to connect to the Internet.

    There are four methods available for Samsung models:

    1. Wired Internet. The connection is made with an RJ45 Ethernet network cable to the LAN connector. To connect, you need a home Internet.
    2. Wi-Fi. Wireless connection with data transfer rates up to 30 Kb / s. Not all TVs with Smart-TV function have a built-in Wi-Fi module. If it is absent, you need to purchase a router with a USB-input connection.
    3. WPS. This technology allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a router without entering additional settings. It is only available when using a router and must be supported by it.
    4. Plugaccess. Samsung’s unique internet connection technology, which is only supported by devices from this manufacturer.

    After selecting the connection method, the connection is established. You need to go to the settings menu by pressing the corresponding button on the TV or remote control. After opening the Smart-TV interface, you need to enter the settings and select the “Connection” item there.

    Functions and characteristics

    Like conventional TVs, Samsung’s advanced models provide the user with a modern and high-quality TV.

    Among the mandatory criteria for these devices:

    1. Support and playback of content of all formats (mpeg-4, acc, m3u, avi, etc.);
    2. High pixel screen resolution (from 1080p);
    3. Presence of ports for high-bandwidth cables.

    With a smart TV, the user can enjoy high definition digital TV with the same comfort as using a computer or digital set-top box.

    Each model provides a separate set of features that the user can expand at any time by downloading new widgets from the Samsung Apps developer service.

    Device registration

    If the menu is not in Russian, you need to go to system settings and change it, and also select a region (Russia or Eastern Europe).

    In the first step, it is important to register your Samsung device and activate device synchronization with a remote server.

    • First, it will confirm the use of licensed equipment and will be supported remotely.
    • Second, the user will receive updates for the software and individual widgets.
    • Third, without user registration, smart TV functions will become unavailable.


    The authorized user has access to the system settings of Smart-TV, including synchronization. It is necessary to call the settings menu (button B or TOOLS) and select the “Development” item. In the menu that opens, you will need to enter the IP address of the router for connection (with a direct connection, the IP address of the Samsung TV will be determined automatically).

    Upon completion, it will display the message “TENET application successfully installed”. You need to return to the main menu and re-enter the newly loaded widget. The application will prompt you to enter a login with a password that is assigned to the device.

    The bundle can be obtained:

    1. In the operation manual;
    2. From sellers;
    3. At the Samsung service center (phone. 7 (495) 925-00-03).

    Upon completion, confirm the entered data and wait a few seconds. Synchronization with the remote server will be established, followed by the following changes:

    • The exact time will be set, the forecast of the pagoda, the exchange rate and other information will be issued;
    • There will be news reports about the developer and his products.

    Synchronization will check your device for available updates.

    To view Internet channels on Smart TV, you need to install an IPTV player, which can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps service.

    There are two ways to organize interactive television:

    • Connect the “Home TV” service for Smart TV from an Internet provider. The operator will provide a list of popular high-definition channels at a rate for a small fee.
    • Use free channels. Links to browse and download can be found on the Internet. The playlists are completely free, but most channels do not broadcast in Full-HD quality. They are also created with the expectation of extras and contain hundreds of channels, among which only a few dozen will be interesting.

    For IPTV, a high data transfer rate is required because Internet broadcasts are streamed from all channels included in the playlist. Recommended internet speed from 30 Kb / s.

    User registration

    To perform this procedure, you need to turn on the Smart Hub, to enter which there is a corresponding button (for old Samsung F-series TVs and other models of 2011. 2014, there is a green button on the remote control). A menu with an offer to register will open immediately.

    You need to follow these steps:

    1. Select the item “Create an account”;
    2. Accept the user agreement (privacy policy);
    3. Enter the desired username and password;
    4. Tick the box “Receive E-Mail on Samsung Smart TV.

    After registration, you will be prompted to go through authorization or enter under the “Guest” (Ghost) status. You need to select a user and log into your account. Hidden Smart TV settings are not available for guests