Neptun Smart connection of wireless sensor. Briefly about packaging

Installation of protection against Neptune leaks (Neptun)

Today we will talk about how to install and connect a protection system from Neptune leaks. We have already talked more about this modern protective complex in our article “Protection from the leaks of Neptune” “.

For an independent installation of a system of protection against leaks, a complex of knowledge and skills from various areas (plumbing, electrician), as well as certain tools, is required. If you are not confident in your abilities, trust the entire installation or some part of it to the specialists. Understand for yourself what to expect from the installation, what difficulties you may encounter, our article will help you.

Owners of systems for monitoring water leaks of other brands and manufacturers, for example, aquajajor, hydropolis, rainbow, etc., This information can also be useful, as all systems of protection against leaks work according to the general principle, and the installation methodology is similar.

As an example for installation, take one of the most popular sets. Neptun Base.

The standard set of supply of the base system Neptune includes:

Controller (Neptun Base control module). 1 PC.

Water leakage control sensors (SW005). 2 pcs.

Ball taps with electric drives (JW5000 220VAC SS304). 2 pcs.

Accordingly, the entire process of installing the system can be divided into three large stages:

Installation and connection of the controller (control module)

Installation and connection of ball valves with electric drive

Installation and connection of sensors that determine leaks

The sequence of execution of the connection stages is not important. We will carry out the installation in the order of the above. We proceed to the installation.

Making wiring for installing a Neptune leakage control system

The installation of the Neptune system begins with the gasket as control wires, from the controller to those places where it is supposed to place the sensors of water leaks, as well as to the risers of the water supply, where the locking electrocrains will be located, and the supply cable to the control module.

Often, places requiring control over a possible breakthrough of water are located in various parts of the apartment (for example: bathroom and kitchen). The risers where the cutting off ball valves with electric drives are installed can be located outside the apartment, so the wires that are equipped with Neptun equipment are often not enough to connect to the controller, which again can stand anywhere else.

That is why, at the initial stage of installation (it is better if during the repair and final work) all the necessary wires are laid to the control module.

For convenience, be sure to mark (sign) all wires so that there is no confusion and it was easier to connect, diagnose and repair the system in the future.

Wiring to the control sensor of water leakage

Water leakage control sensors are connected by a three.core cable. In our case, the SHVVP cable (cord with vinyl isolation, in the vinyl shell, flat) 3 x 0 was laid from the controller.5 (3 veins with a section of 0.5 each).

The manufacturer is recommended, to lengthen the water leakage sensor, use the cable with a cross section of at least 3 x 0.35 (3 veins of 0.35 mm at 0.35 mm.sq), and the distance to which the sensor is planned to be not exceeded 100 meters.

Such a cable should be laid to each place of the planned installation of the leakage sensor you selected. In our case, five sensors will be connected to the system of protection from Neptune leaks at once. The maximum number of simultaneously connected sensors of water leaks control. 20 pcs.

Wiring to ball crashes with electric drives

To the installation sites of ball crashes with electric drives, a PVS cable (wire in the vinyl shell connecting) 4 x 1 is laid.5 (four.core cable with section 1.5 of each core). The type of cable used can be changed depending on the model of locking cranes, the required power (12V DC or 220V variable) and other characteristics.

We advise you to carefully read the instructions that go with your water leakage control system. The maximum number of connected electrans is 6 pcs.

NEPTUN BASE controller wiring

For the operation of the controller. NEPTUN BASE, it is necessary to power, therefore, to the place of its proposed installation, a supply cable is laid. The power consumption of the control module is low, so it is more than enough to bring to it a 3×1.5 power cable (3 veins of 1.5 mm at 1.5 mm.kV each). In our case, the cable of the VVGNG brand is used.

When all the necessary wiring is completed, you can proceed to install the components and connect them.

GSM CCU706-Neptune Controller: User Guide

GSM CCU706-Neptune Controller is a special series for working together with the Neptun Smart water protection system for water leaks.

Automatic informing about the Neptun Smart control module

Remote closure/opening of water supply taps

Management from smartphones/tablets/computers through Telegram and Viber messengers

Management from any mobile phones through a voice assistant and SMS

Connecting several users with different warning methods

one.2. Contents of delivery

Reserve battery Lipo 3.7 iv / 2.3 A h (located inside the case, not connected). 1 pcs.

Cable for connecting to the Neptun Smart control module. 1 pcs.

one.3. Choosing a tariff plan

SIM card of a mobile operator is purchased by the user on his own. Choose a tariff plan for “smart devices”. At the time of writing the document, MTS is the tariff “Go-Smart”, Beeline is called “for smart things”, the megaphone-the tariff “smart things”. Such tariffs for a small monthly fee include a sufficient amount of SMS, minutes for voice warning and the volume of Internet traffic. In order to avoid unplanned expenses, carefully read the tariff plan and connected services. Information or entertainment services for which a subscription fee is charged is possible. Periodically check the state of your tariff plan. Additional services can be added by a cellular operator later. Or for a free service, a fee may be charged.


The CCU706-Neptune controller should be located in the immediate vicinity of the Neptun Smart control module

It is necessary to provide free access to the controller for installing a SIM card

The overall dimensions of the controller case, taking into account the protruding antenna connector (mm): 102x78x30

Fasten the mounting bracket on the even area of ​​the wall using two screws 3.0 × 25 mm

Install the controller on the bracket to click and shift in the direction of the antenna. the bracket will be fixed

To remove the controller from the bracket, make the described actions in the reverse order

Protection Protection: Neptun, Ha, Aqara

Probably like many, I became interested in a dark smart house after a major overhaul was made in the new apartment. And naturally, a number of decisions that were used in the repair process were not very suitable for integration into home automation systems.In particular, the Neptun Base Protection System installed during the repair with Bugatti electric crane and wiring sensors leaks out of the box can only open and close the taps by signals from wired sensors.But with the advent of Home Assistant’s, I wanted more.

From the integration of all this good in HA I wanted to get the following:

  • Preservation of the current functionality of wired sensors (they are already present in key places, and there is no desire to change them)
  • Notifications of the work that worked (on blocked taps) on different channels
  • The ability to supplement the system with sensors (in particular zigbee sensors AQARA)
  • Remote control of cranes (the ability to open or close them)

With all this, I wanted to get by more or less standard, ready components. It was possible to throw the controller into the trash and replace it with ESP or Arduino, but I’m not so confident in my abilities to start acquaintance with these platforms with such a responsible task as protecting against leaks.

As a result, after studying the capabilities of the controller, electric crane and reading the mass of articles, the choice was made in favor of the two-channel relay AQARA (LLKZMK11LM):

An important point that largely determines the choice in favor of this relay is the presence of a software, but the interlock (a mode in which only one of the relay lines can be turned on, and if the second is turned on, the first will be automatically turned off).The use of this relay for the control of electro-crane is described in detail in many articles, for example, here.

Just by connecting the taps to the relay, I would get the opportunity to be removed, integration in HA, the ability to connect sensors, but Neptune would remain overboard.Therefore, we look at the connection diagram of the controller and think how the fact of the operation can be obtained from it.

From the scheme (and instructions), we can conclude that the only accessible opportunity to understand whether the sensor has worked. to track the appearance of the voltage at the contacts of NC The voltage for closing the cranes is applied to these contacts.The logic is simple. the sensor worked, the controller supplies voltage to the closing contacts of the cranes, I catch this moment and transmit to HA. The question is how to do it?Here an article was very useful to me about the possible modifications of Hoacon from Xiaomi (MCCGQ01LM). It turns out that this sensor has very convenient platform for soldering, when the sensor is close, the sensor is triggered. And in addition to this, my house found a simple 220 volt relay with normally open contact.

How to synchronize a smartphone and control module

  • Switch the control module to the access point of “Ap Mode”. To do this, press the “Close Cranes” button and hold it for 4 seconds.
  • Connect a smartphone to a Wi-Fi network created by the control module (MAC address password).
  • Run the Neptun Prow Wi-Fi application.
  • Select the control module in the device list.
  • Press “Settings” → “Open Wi-Fi Compounds”.
  • Set the name of the home network and your password.
  • Press the “Connect” button.

As a result, the module will independently recover to the home network and will connect with it with all subsequent inclusion.

To change the connection mode to Wi-Fi, you will need to hold the “Open Cranes” button for 4 seconds. The module will issue relevant information on the display and begin to work in the established mode.

If you are a supporter of “cloud” technologies, then download the SST Cloud application in the appropriate store and configure synchronization with a smartphone according to the instructions of this application.


Six months ago, an emergency happened: In the morning they turned off the water and forgot to check the tap before leaving. How they returned home. Everything was floating. And the neighbors from below were flooded in addition. They then recommended that we put Neptune. After that the pipe in the bathroom leaked and the smart system immediately blocked the water supply, preventing the next emergency. And installation and the set itself ordered here. We are very grateful to Dima for the quality selection and installation of such a miracle! We recommend everyone!

After he flooded the neighbors on 3 floors from below, he seriously thought about buying a device to protect against water leaks. “Neptune” was advised to me by a friend who has been working as a plumber for 15 years. He also helped with installation. On this site, the order was completed quickly and told in detail how different sets differ.

I decided to order a wireless set of the system on this site and its installation. Attracted tempting offers for price and free delivery. The master arrived at the agreed time and installed the system. I didn’t have to wait for the check for a long time, thanks to the child. Forgot to close the crane in front of the school. The system blocked the water supply and sent me a notification to the phone. Upon arrival home, no puddles and evil neighbors. Very grateful to the developers of such a system, as well as Dmitry, who efficiently installed it.

The Neptune device set me a son, said it will help not to quarrel with the neighbors. A couple of years ago there was a case when they had to pay for them repairs in the bathroom after I had a cold water pipe burst. Now modern automation is watching the leaks, otherwise I myself went and looked for a puddle myself. Thank you for such a miracle!

Neptun Prow Wi-Fi: Wifigid review

Neptun Prow control unit with Wi-Fi is an automatic water leakage control system. The model is suitable for using both in household and industrial scale with the possibility of connecting at the same time up to 375 sensors. At the same time, a backup power system is provided (from 4 batteries, due to which the device will be able to operate up to 36 hours), support for all common types of sensors and ball valves for automatic water overlapping.

The Neptun Prow control module with Wi-Fi support supports simultaneous operation with both wire and wireless sensors of water leakage control. At the same time, it is adjusted and controlled through the application from the smartphone (data exchange is made by “air”).

Also, the device “knows how” control systems of automatic overlap of water supply (ball valves with a radio module and drive). over, Neptune itself can have up to 2 such cranes due to the built-in current converter (and if you add an external power supply, you can connect up to 6 taps).

  • Connection: up to 375 wired and 32 wireless sensors;
  • Cranberry closing function: eat;
  • support for impulse sensors;
  • Reserve power: there, from batteries of the type CR123 (4 pieces, but when switching to emergency meals, a wireless module is turned off for saving).

See the system overview of the system from Neptune leaks in the following

Information of the user in case of protection of protection is performed through the application. Another plus. the manufacturer gives a guarantee for as much as 6 years.

As for the coating area, it is over 1000 square meters in conventional residential buildings. The radio signal is transmitted at a low frequency, so even through thick concrete walls it easily penetrates. From the number of connected sensors, the coating area does not decrease (as is often the case in cheaper modules).

It is also worth highlighting that the manufacturer regularly releases the firmware updates (currently relevant. 2.0). Installation installation is carried out directly in the mobile application.

The only negative is but it is quite inexpensive for the sensors control module with such functionality and Wi-Fi support, a remote notice of the occurrence of leaks.

It can also be mentioned that the network is not supported in the range of 5 GHz (only b/g/n).

How the system works, see the following

Total, Neptune Prow Wi-Fi is one of the most functional modules of control of water leaks and remote disconnecting water supply. Provides comprehensive protection, and at the same time universal in terms of connected sensors.


Neptune water leaks are controlled on the basis of control modules with different functionality:

    SKPV mini 2n. The simplest control device, which, on the base of the sensor signal, blocks the tap and turns on the sound alarm. You can connect no more than 5 sensors and 2 cranes to it. It works only from 220 V, has no backup power. Installed in a regular standard socket. If you need an inexpensive controller. this one works stably. Disadvantage. no backup power.

Recent versions. Pro and Pro. can work from 220 V or 12 V, have an indication of a low charge of the backup power source. When connecting an external backup source (battery), 6 cranes can control. Type of installation. invoice.

One of the options for connecting devices

Three controllers have additional “dry contact”. Through it you can organize a connection of an external device, for example, an external alarm.

Ready sets

If you need a protection system for flooding, you can go in two ways. assemble your own system from components or choose one of the finished sets. Ready.made sets are collected on the basis of more modern controllers. Base, Pro, Pro. All of them check the operability of the cranes at least 1 time per month, but they can work with a different number of equipment.

Use Stroychik promotional code to get a 15% discount on the entire Neptun product line when buying on the official website.

The Neptune system is represented by various sets:

  • Aquacontrol. If you need inexpensive protection against leaks of a trusted manufacturer, this is the right set. BASE controller and Chinese ball taps are used. Two taps are included in the kit, two wired sensors. As you can see, the system is small, but it will provide protection with a apartment or a small cottage.
  • Base Light. For apartments without centralized hot water supply. Neptun Base controller includes one Bugatty electric ball, two wired sensors.
  • Bugatti Base. The best option with wired sensors for apartments with a centralized DIS. Contains two Bugatti crane and three wired sensors.

Neptun Smart will send an accident on your smartphone. detailed instructions

What is good, you can add cranes and sensors to any of the sets. The maximum amount is due to the type of control unit used and the number of connected equipment cannot be more than their capabilities. Functions and opportunities also depend on the controller.

Wireless sensors

Immediately the situation with the overlap is exactly as higher, but a plus by the time of operation is added a delay from a wireless sensor. It is an average of 5-6 seconds after the leakage is detected (the red indicator begins on the sensor).

The final closing time is about 20 seconds, as is written on a box with an electric crane. Probably, the manufacturer indicated the maximum possible time taking into account the response of any connected sensor.

My tests, although they were close to similar life situations, but 100%, of course, did not match them. Everyone has a different flooring, different pressure in pipes and even the pipeline itself in an apartment or house from different materials, it is quite difficult to provide all these situations. Now I am repairs in my apartment and put in it a system of protection against leaks from Neptune company on an ongoing basis in order to experience all the amenities and disadvantages. In particular, many complain that the battery at a wireless sensor is quickly sitting down, it will be necessary to check this version.

What can be said in general about these gadgets? The system is balanced, has many useful functions, the ability to connect wireless sensors, and even reading readings from water meters. The mobile application harmoniously complements this system, and provides access to many exclusive and pleasant fichens in the form of notifications for the phone or the possibility of remote monitoring of the system. On the other hand, a very leisurely reaction of the wireless sensor and a long time for closing the cranes is very upset, but as far as I studied this topic, all manufacturers will have plus or minus the same indicators. The need for this is due to the humid environment of the cranes and the probability of acidification of moving parts. The disadvantages can also include quite rare and expensive nutrition elements, and this applies to both the main control module and a wireless leakage sensor.

P.S. Perhaps, and most likely I missed some important aspect of exploration, which I just did not encounter. Request to unsubscribe about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will certainly supplement the article with the necessary information. Thanks to everyone who read to this place!

Especially for our community, the manufacturer gives a discount of 25%! To do this, when ordering in the manufacturer’s store, we indicate the promotional code “SPRUT”.

Key features of “Neptune” sets

Neptun sets contain sensors for detecting leaks, a central control module and locking reinforcement with electric drive.

When choosing such a system, a number of important points should be taken into account:

  • Sensor connection.Wending equipment works on a common power source. Characterized by the absence of the dependence of the quality of the transmitted signal on the range of the components of the system. Wireless sensors do not require laying cable lines, but are more expensive and depend on the state of batteries/batteries.
  • Number of sensors/cranes.Neptun control units support work with a certain number of elements. up to 80 sensors and 6 cranes (depending on the model). The set usually has a limited number of devices, but if necessary, they can always be purchased additionally.
  • The diameter of the pipeline.Ball cranes used to block water supply during the accident are compatible with standard eyeliner threads. This is most often a diameter of 1/2 inch. Also produced sets for 3/4 and 1 inch.
  • Nominal pressure.Any water supply equipment is designed for a certain pressure. In city networks, the latter approaches 4-6 bars and higher in emergency situations with hydraulic blows. Cut valves in Neptun sets are able to withstand 16-40 bar depending on the model.
  • Enlightenment funds.Systems of protection against “Neptune” leaks are equipped with both sound and light alarms. Advanced models are able to transfer data to a smartphone or other mobile device autonomously or through a smart home ecosystem network.

Rating and overview of Neptun leakage protection systems

The presented sets are an affordable option for private or industrial use.

They are easily mounted, distinguished by reliability, quality and durability.

Neptun Aquacontrol ½ leaks protection system

The Neptun Aquacontrol set 1/2 inch is designed to detect and block leaks in water supply systems of houses, apartments, administrative and other buildings.

The model will ensure the cessation of water supply in the event of an emergency and will notify the user of leakage through sound and light alerts.

The system is equipped with Italian ball taps from burned CW617N, wired sensors are equipped with cables 2 m long.

There is a possibility of extension of the connection up to 100 meters.

Nominal working pressure of the equipment. 16 bar, operation time. 18 seconds.

  • connection. wired;
  • type of power. network, 220 V;
  • installation method. overhead installation;
  • Driving time. 18 sec.;
  • nominal pressure. 16 bar;
  • pipeline diameter. 1/2 inch;
  • The maximum number of sensors/cranes is 20/6;
  • Supply set. control unit, 2 sensors, 2 taps;
  • Features. function.

Neptun Bugatti Smart ½ leaks protection system

The Neptun Bugatti Smart 1/2 inches Smart system will provide continuous control, detection and blocking of leaks, inform users about the accident using built-in light and sound alarm, as well as through a notification to a smartphone.

The model uses wired and wireless connection.

The components are associated with each other through the central block Neptun Smart.

The kit is compatible with the Smart House system, supports remote management.

The device can control the condition of the room in autonomous mode, allows user control through the SST Cloud application.

Equipment in abstract blocks the supply of water when the sensors are triggered, remembers the state of the accident, and monitors the installed counters.

  • connection. wired, wireless;
  • type of power. network/autonomous;
  • installation method. overhead installation;
  • Driving time. 18 sec.;
  • nominal pressure. 40 bar;
  • pipeline diameter. 1/2 inch;
  • The maximum number of sensors/cranes is 80/6;
  • Supply set. control unit, 3 sensors, 2 taps;
  • Features-self-cleaning function, integration into the Smart House system, control through a smartphone, Wi-Fi support, optional ability to connect expansion modules.
  • wireless connection;
  • Support for Smart Home;
  • synchronization with the phone;
  • The ability to connect additional modules.

Neptun Base Light ½ leaks protection system

The base model Neptun Base Light 1/2 inch is designed to detect leaks and localizing water supply systems in office and retail premises, private houses, as well as apartments until the failure that caused the accident.

The product is equipped with a light.sound alarm, compatible with a pipeline with a diameter of 1/2 inch, receives energy from an electric network with a voltage of 220 V.

The model is equipped with one ball crane from burned brass brake CW617N.

The sensor is connected to the executive device along the wire 0.5 meters long.

The equipment is installed by the overhead installation and withstands the maximum operating pressure of 40 bar.

  • connection. wired;
  • type of power. network, 220 V;
  • installation method. overhead installation;
  • Driving time. 21 sec.;
  • nominal pressure. 40 bar;
  • pipeline diameter. 1/2 inch;
  • The maximum number of sensors/cranes is 20/6;
  • Supply set. control unit, 2 sensors, 1 crane;
  • Features. function.

Neptun Bugatti Base ½ leaks protection system

The base set of Neptun Bugatti Base 1/2 inch will timely detect and block the leakage of water in the heating or water supply system, and also inform the accident and light signal.

The model is characterized by the use of Italian Bugatti ball cranes with high.quality fluoroplast seals.

The system provides an emergency opening of valves in manual mode, compatible with a 1/2 inch pipeline, equipped with wired SW005 sensors.

There is a possibility of extension of the connection line up to 100 meters. The basic length of the connecting wire is 50 cm.

  • connection. wired;
  • type of power. network, 220 V;
  • installation method. overhead installation;
  • Driving time. 21 sec.;
  • nominal pressure. 40 bar;
  • pipeline diameter. 1/2 inch;
  • The maximum number of sensors/cranes is 20/6;
  • Supply set. control unit, 3 sensors, 2 taps;
  • Features. function.

Neptun Profi Base ½ leaks protection system

The professional set of the Neptun Profi Base 1/2 inch modular protection system will quickly find a leak and block the supply of water in an office or residential premises until faults are eliminated.

The set is provided by an informative light.sound alarm, the ability to execute the connection with a wire 50 cm long, equipped with two high.quality ball performing mechanisms with a torque of 9 nm.

Cranes are made of high.strength stainless steel.

The model is designed for use with pipes with a diameter of 1/2 inch.

Sensitive elements-wired sensors of the SW005 type, equipped with 2-meter cables for connecting. If necessary, a fishing line for a trimmer can be built up to 100 meters.

Ethernet extension module

Suitable for tired access for a wireless connection of places. It is installed only in a slot when using this module. The ability to control Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Used for controllers compatible with Modbus RTU, like Wirenboard. The transfer speed of 1200 bits/s is maintained to 921600 bits/s without paradise control, 8 bits of data, 1 stop bit, default in the controller set parameters at 9600 bits/s. Registration memory card is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Module for connecting meters

Designed to read the readings of water flow from compatible water meters (the Namur standard is used). It is possible to connect up to 2 meters to one module, and the data is stored in energy.dependent memory. Synchronization of readings is carried out every 10 minutes.

Used to connect branded wireless sensors leaks. Up to 50 sensors of leaks can be connected to one module.

Technical characteristics of the device:

  • Power: Network adapter 12V ± 10% DC 3A MAX
  • Type of installation: invoice
  • Time of operation: no more than 4 s
  • Dimensions: 190 × 140 × 35 mm
  • Power consumption: no more than 1.2 watts
  • Degree of dust and protection: IP54
  • Service: 8 years
  • Weight: no more than 330 g
  • Country Manufacturer: All our readers have a discount of 25% for the entire assortment of the Neptune company store.

    Question: with which Smart system of houses is the solution integrated?

    Yeah, only their Claud is already lying for a week, data on water meters are not updated, the support mumbles inarticulate copy-paste “Prastiti-Same”

    Yesterday I called at Support, where they promised me that after 5 days their program would be updated and should make everything adequately, but I have weakly believe in it. The other day I left the personal account in the application, then entered it. But there all the data is gone, you need to adjust. My water meters were not only updated, but never, after connecting to the module, did not show the data at all, I just scored it for it. Now the module is constantly squealing every 15-20 minutes, which speaks, based on the instructions, about the loss of the signal between the module and the radio digger, perhaps the battery of the village, as they say in the support service. But this summer I changed all the batteries (and they are discharged oh how fast and they cost a lot), and the charge in the radio vest in the application is displayed as complete. I have long regretted that I acquired Neptune, the application is raw, and the mistakes in it are not striving to fix it. All the described capabilities of Neptune is a fairy tale, never striving to become a reality. Perhaps something will change over time, but now I do not recommend buying this product.

    They have no integration anywhere. There are API and multiple crafts of users trying to use it at least somehow. The most viable options are obtained through a nodeded