Mute Shutter Sound Iphone 6

The operation of the Camera application on the iPhone is accompanied by sound effects notifying us of the start of recording or of a successfully taken picture. Personally, the click sound of the iPhone camera shutter does not bother me at all. But it turns out that some smartphone users who take a large number of document photos in a cramped office find themselves in an awkward position and are even considering changing their iPhone to another phone model. Since this iPhone camera sound does not allow other colleagues to concentrate on doing their job.

As you can see, the need to mute the iPhone camera is sometimes available. Especially for such people, we decided to write this note. The fact is that while the settings of the iOS operating system (today it is 10.3.3) do not allow you to remove the sound of a camera click, although everything is not clear here.

Mute iPhone camera click sound

Consider the example of iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3, batch number MN9M2LL ways to mute the camera sound: (for which we indicate Part No. you will find out at the end of this post)

  • The easiest way for most iPhone is to turn on silent mode, the toggle switch is located on the left side of the phone itself. When it is turned on, a crossed-out bell appears on the screen, and from the bottom the signature. Silently.

Mute Shutter Sound Iphone 6

  • Another way to turn off the sound of clicking the iPhone camera. We launch the application Music or Podcasts, turn on any track or podcast, set the volume to zero. We minimize the application with the Home button, launch the Camera and take a photo or without clicking the shutter.
    At the same time, a melody playing without sound can be paused so as not to drain the battery.

Live Photo Mode on iPhone. works without camera sound

  • In the standard Camera application, we enable the Live Photo mode, pictures are also taken without clicking the camera.
  • Well, the last official way is to try installing applications from the App Store that allow you to take pictures, for example, the Microsoft Pix camera and others, which allow you to remove the photo sound in the settings.

If the methods above still do not mute the camera sounds on the iPhone, then the legislation of the country for which your phone model was released prohibits taking photos ands without a notification sound. At the moment, such a law exists in some Asian countries: Japan, South Korea, and if I am not mistaken in China.

When buying iPhone phones, pay attention to the batch number that will help you find out the country of the iPhone, this is especially important if you want to turn off the camera shutter sound.

Therefore, an office worker from Japan can only jailbreak and install Silent Photo Chill from Cydia.

iPhone: turn on the camera shutter sound

Who needs to turn on the sound of the camera, then follow the steps described above just the opposite:

  • Turn off Live Photos in Camera
  • Click on iPhone toggle switch. from silent to normal
  • In the Music or Podcasts app, add volume