Monopod For Iphone 7 Which

Monopod For Iphone 7 Which

Night club in Almaty, a concert by Armin van Buuren in Moscow, an exhibition of consumer appliances IFA 2014 in Berlin, the start of sales of iPhone 6 in Ukraine. This is an incomplete list of places where people filmed what is happening on the iPhone, which is fixed in a special holder. I became interested in these accessories and took three monopods for testing, which differ from each other in their functionality.

Yunteng 188

  • monopod for 4 sections
  • steel plastic
  • length: 42.5-125 cm
  • ultimate load: 2.5 kg

The first on the list is a simple holder originally from the Middle Kingdom, called Yunteng 188. Its main part, which extends 46 centimeters in length, is made of aluminum. On each section (there are three in total) there is a special clamp, which is similar to that on the legs of a conventional tripod. We put forward the monopod in two sections, fixed it and that’s it. you can remove it.

The handle is finished with a special material that will prevent the holder from slipping out of hands. At the bottom there is a standard tripod mount, so this whole structure can be mounted on a regular tripod.

At the very top of the monopod there is a straightforward mount where absolutely any pocket gadget with a camera fits. For example, my iPhone 6 in the DRACO TIGRIS 6 case fit perfectly there. The lock-lock looks funny. one rubber tongue to push it apart is just worth it. but it holds the gadget tightly.

Even taking into account my pedigree, I would recommend buying this accessory as an inexpensive monopod for the iPhone. At least for convenient shooting selfies in a large company or against the backdrop of spectacular buildings. I do not promise much growth in Instagram followers, but the pictures will definitely be original.

Z07-5 with remote control

  • 7-section monopod with self-timer button
  • metal, plastic, rubber / li
  • length: 23.5-100.5 cm
  • ultimate load: 500 g

The holder with the strange name Z07-5 is a more advanced model compared to the Yunteng 188. On its upper part there is a mount for a smartphone of an interesting design. the iPhone must first be placed in special grooves, and then secured with a clip. It holds firmly, but I would not risk too actively swinging a monopod from side to side.

The length of the monopod in the unfolded state is a little more than a meter, which is enough to shoot large companies or, for example, a concert. There are no latches for each section of the holder, but even without them the Z07-5 does not fold independently. The maximum allowable load is 500 grams, so you can safely put the iPhone 6 Plus on it.

Unlike the previous monopod model, you don’t need to reach for the button on the iPhone to take a picture. If you look closely, you will notice a small shutter-release button on the handle of this holder. In order for it to work, you need to turn on the built-in Bluetooth handle and connect to it through the settings on the iPhone. Everything is easy and simple.

A monopod with Bluetooth on can last 100 hours, so you can easily take it with you on a trip. The main thing is not to forget to take the complete cable and any portable battery to charge the holder.

M shooter

  • monopod with removable self-timer button
  • metal plastic / li
  • length: 26-97 cm
  • ultimate load: 500 g

This is a meter M Shooter and it is the most controversial from the list of inexpensive selfie holders. It immediately looks like both monopods, which I told you about above. From Yunteng 188 it has a sliding design without special holders and a handle with a soft coating, but from Z07.5 it has a Bluetooth receiver, which is a wireless shutter button.

However, here the developers decided to complicate the life of the user a little and offer him to download the free iselfArtfact application. [Download from the App Store]. Without this program, the Bluetooth button will not work, which is extremely inconvenient.

Selfies with iPhone 6 and Z07-5 The rest of the tripod turned out pretty good, if you do not take into account the situation with the application from the App Store. The model Z07-5 turned out to be the most convenient in practice. For little money you get a convenient holder for shooting with your hands a variety of mobile devices, and even with the ability to wirelessly control the camera on the iPhone.

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