Missing Quick Charge Samsung S6

What is the first thing that distinguishes a modern Samsung smartphone? That’s right, high-performance chips. This is cool, as it opens up many possibilities, but at the same time, the energy consumption of the gadget is growing.

Now you will say that at the same time as the models improved, the battery capacity also increased, the dimensions increased, and therefore the charging time increased. Alas, I must disappoint you, this did not give a big breakthrough.

But do not worry, the manufacturers tried, and the new models have the function of fast charging from the Samsung! In addition, a unique wireless charging, which eliminates the need to be constantly “tied to a wall outlet,” was an additional innovation.

How does such a function work and what are its features? Now you will know about everything!

Loss of energy minimized!

Especially for models such as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5, such a unique wireless device was developed. Qi charging. In its lower part there are several ventilation holes that cool the system.

Plus. in the middle there is a fan. All this allows you to quickly and easily recharge smartphones in any conditions.

Regarding other models of gadgets, here the developers went further. As you know, in the principle of operation of any batteries laid electrochemical process. It is he who gives and accumulates energy.

To prevent the phones from draining quickly and saving energy for a longer time, lithium-based batteries were launched. They are responsible for the “fast charge” mode.

Missing Quick Charge Samsung S6

When connected, energy is supplied from the charger to the maximum power in the first stages. This means that your smartphone is charging as fast as possible.


You can either disable or enable this feature. When charging from a cable lasting only 10 minutes, the gadget remains provided with battery life for four hours. Agree, earlier on this one could only dream of!

Wireless charging, previously distinguished by its high cost, is now available to everyone. Since it is sold along with a kit for some models of Samsung smartphones. Wireless charging technology also supports any other device.

To find out if your phone supports this innovation, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section.
  2. Open the “Battery” section.
  3. Make sure the application uses the entire battery in the list.
  4. The application can be used or disabled.

We can definitely say that the “fast charge” function made the phones of a well-known company even more advanced, cool! Competitors are clearly biting their elbows.

And we can only say: “Bravo!” To the developers and wait from Samsung for new technological breakthroughs!