Missing Keyboard On Xiaomi Redmi 5

Before acquiring a Xiaomi smartphone, you may have used a phone from another company and are already very used to it. The first days of using the new product are like the first steps of a child. But how to make everything new is more familiar and convenient. First of all, you can try changing the keyboard to Xiaomi.

In Xiaomi, some applications are already preinstalled from the box, including a third-party keyboard. We will analyze in more detail how to change the keyboard on Xiaomi, and what are the types.

How to change keyboard on Xiaomi

  1. Open the settings.
  2. We turn to the section “System and device”. “Advanced”.
  3. Select the item “Language and input.”
  4. Next, “Keyboard and input methods”. “Current keyboard”.
  5. Select the desired keyboard (their features are described below).

Missing Keyboard On Xiaomi Redmi 5

Types of keyboards on Xiaomi. SwiftKey keyboard on Xiaomi

This keyboard appears on your smartphone “out of the box”. Very flexible settings, you can choose styles, vibration feedback, auto-correction and many more settings. Convenient keyboard.

Standard Gboard Keyboard

Keyboard from Google, preinstalled in Android. It has similar functions from the previous one, maybe in some ways even more convenient than SwiftKey. For an amateur.

Google voice input

A great thing, if you, for example, are driving. there is no way to talk on the phone, but you need to transmit information. Whatever text I say, Google recognizes it. Naturally, in noisy places it will be inconvenient to use it.

Xiaomi Keyboards from the Play Store

Keyboards are capable of remembering the words you entered, passwords, bank card numbers and other information.

How to disable T9 (auto fix) on Xiaomi

I have no doubt, everyone remembers this convenient T9 dictionary, how did it get used to it for a long time Nostalgia.

In smartphones, the T9 function is referred to as “auto-correction”, if you do not see the point in it, you can disable it through the keyboard settings.

We go to “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Language and input” here we select your keyboard. Through the “Input” settings, turn off “Auto Correction”.

How to make Russian keyboard on Xiaomi

It happens that in the standard keyboard Russian is not available. To add the Russian language, go to “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Language and input”, select the keyboard that you use and go to the “Languages” or “Multilingual” section and download the Russian language. You can switch the language either by a slide on the “space” button or the image of the planet will be to the left of the “space”.

All these methods work on all devices supporting MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note, and so on.