Missing Digital Channels On Samsung Tv

Why channels on digital television disappeared

Consider the main circumstances that led to the disappearance of digital channels on the TV:

  • The signal from the tower is received intermittently, or not at all;
  • The antenna is incompatible with your TV or set-top box, or is incorrectly selected for the operating conditions of the TV tower;
  • The digital set-top box is not connected to the TV, or is connected incorrectly;
  • The contacts on the antenna have oxidized due to the influence of external natural factors (precipitation, wind, etc.);
  • The antenna amplifier is broken;
  • The signal frequency is set incorrectly;

Missing Digital Channels On Samsung Tv

  • Does not support DVB-2 format;
  • Due to adverse weather conditions, the signal is intermittent;
  • The receiver is located in a low place, where the stream does not finish.

These circumstances most often cause you to lose the entire list of TV programs in your playlist. If only a few positions have disappeared from your list, then the circumstances are as follows:

  • A channel or block of channels has been temporarily or permanently encoded;
  • Developers made the use of the signal paid;
  • Incompatibility with the GS-HD receiver;
  • The receiver is not registered, or has been incorrectly flashed;
  • Exposure to viral components.

The principle of receiving digital TV channels

This system works quite simply. The encoded audio and signal enters the TV through special antennas via a hidden stream. The corresponding equipment converts it, decrypts it, and displays it on the screen in the form of a high-quality image. Broadcast broadcast is like this:

  • Over-the-air. Using repeaters through the towers;
  • Satellite. Through a special dish that picks up many more channels;
  • Cable is the most common choice for residents of apartment buildings, since the signal is fed through a special cord.

Depending on which type of connection you choose, the number of channels, usage patterns and quality will be formed.


To search for a digital signal, also open the menu using the remote control, select “Channel”. The icon with the image of a satellite dish. Then you indicate which type you prefer. Automatic or manual.

Where channels disappear on digital television: reasons, how to fix?

Why are channels disappearing on digital TV? Recently, most users have settled on digital, as it is a better picture and clear sound. In addition, the digital format provides many advantages in the form of various players and a large number of sources for broadcasting. However, they are not immune from disruptions in work, and it so happens that the channels disappear.

Features of channel settings on different TVs

Each TV has its own interface and menu block. Smart TVs are considered to be the easiest to use and surprise with their quality. To customize the preview, there are two options. Manual and automatic. Let’s consider their features using the example of three popular companies.

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Enter the settings menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote control. Then click on the same “Menu”, and go to the options, where you indicate your region (Country). Then, if required, indicate the Russian language, since most TVs from the factory are in English. After that, the interface prompts you to start searching.

Digital TV disappears. What to do?

Before looking for why digital television disappeared, let’s get acquainted with its hierarchy. Three instruments are used to ensure the workflow:

  • Antenna;
  • Prefix;
  • TV.

If at least one “link” fails or is incorrectly connected, then the connection chain does not produce the desired result. If the figure disappears, check the performance and accuracy of debugging these devices. The second aspect is systemic. It is important here to evaluate the correctness of the virtual configuration: ports, codes, settings, etc. If everything is correct, and the channels are still disappearing, install an antivirus on the TV and do a comprehensive deep scan. It will help identify the presence of “infected” files and clean the device. Many malicious components on TV are aimed precisely at interrupting the ability to watch it. Therefore, the situation cannot be started.

Is it possible to watch a number without a prefix

Many modern TVs, in particular those released after 2011, are equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. In this case, digital channels will be caught without an external set-top box. To understand if there is such an option in a particular TV model, you should refer to the operating instructions. If it is lost, the official website of the company will help, where you can see its specifications by model number.

If the TV does not have this support, you will have to buy an additional set-top box to receive digital TV. It is inexpensive. About 1000 rubles in the basic version, which is suitable for most users.

Algorithm for manual channel tuning

Manual search is used if the automatic search did not satisfy the user for some reason. For example, not all channels were found.

To carry out the operation manually, on the remote control press the Menu button and go to Settings.

  1. Select “Channel”. Item Antenna, which we change to Cable.
  2. In the “Country” submenu, the system will ask for a PIN-code. Enter four digits 0. If it is in the list. Put Russia, no. Others or Eastern Europe.
  3. Next, go to the section cable search parameters. If it is not in the main menu, then you need to search in autotuning.
  4. Here you need to enter the frequencies manually. For terrestrial digital TV, you can get them on the website rtrs.Ru, choosing your location on the map and the nearest repeater. The frequencies of the cable TV providers should be checked with the operator.
  5. After that, we start the search, ticking the boxes “Full” and “Digital channels”. When the automation finishes its actions, then all configured channels will appear. To save, press the OK button.

Digital Channel Tuning Methods on Samsung TVs

Modern high-quality digital television has entered our lives. Now almost every home has the latest TVs, many of which are equipped with Smart functions. However, smart technology requires certain handling skills: it can be difficult to understand its settings. Often users ask the question: how to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV. The tuning algorithm depends on the TV model.

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Auto tuning

The names of the automatic setup items may differ slightly depending on the series. In general, it is carried out as follows.

  1. Press the button with the house icon to select Source / TV / OK.
  2. Again, by pressing the button with the house icon, go to Settings / Broadcast / OK.
  3. After that select Autotuning / Start.
  4. You must set the desired type of signal: it can be Antenna or Cable (depending on whether the TV is being caught from the antenna or by cable).
  5. If the signal type was set to Cable, you must additionally set the cable search parameters. To do this, in the list of operators offered by the TV, scroll to the end and press Others.
  6. Select Digital Channel Search / Full / Scan.

At this stage, the digital TV setup can be considered complete. Now the TV will independently search for available channels and save them in memory. If necessary, they can be sorted in the order convenient for the user.

After completing all the settings for digital television, visually check the quality of the transmitted signal. If for some reason the TV channel is not activated. Go through all the points again.

Change channel list

After searching in automatic mode, all the channels that the cable TV has are saved, but the system will show only those that you have selected.

It is very convenient to delete unnecessary channels. From the OSD menu, you need to call the Settings, the Broadcast section. In the item “Channel change”. Here in the list you can check the boxes of unnecessary TV channels and delete them by pressing the Tools button. After the obligatory confirmation of the actions, the channels will be deleted.

You can also move channels. In the same menu item, select the desired channel with a tick, and use the Tools button to select the Change item. The channel is moved using the arrows. Finally, click OK.

We tried to tell you in great detail how to set up digital channels on various Samsung TVs. If the picture quality is mediocre. Check the correct connection of the cable from the antenna or its integrity, this will help to improve the TV signal. You can also try choosing a different antenna. For clarity, here’s how to set up digital TV:

Standard setup instructions

First, you need to consider the general algorithm of actions, that is, step-by-step steps, when setting up previously available channels on your digital television on Philips, LG, Samsung TVs and other leading models. It should be borne in mind that the sequence of actions and names of buttons, sections in each model may and will differ. Nevertheless, it is still not so difficult to figure it out, if you do not rush and read what is written on the screen, and do not press where you should not.

Standard algorithm of actions:

Take the remote control, press the “Menu” button, then select the “Options”. “Auto tuning” section. A window with a list of signal sources (antenna or cable) will appear on the screen. Select the cable and click “Start”;

As a result, a window with a list of possible signal sources should open on the screen of the television device, in which find the item “Digital” and click “Start” next;

At the last stage, go to the “Search Mode” section. Find the category “Full” in it and fill in the fields manually with the following information:

Modulation. 256 QAM;

Frequency. 314 MHz;

Transfer rate. 6875 kS / s.

Some TV models, including LV, Philips, support network search, therefore, they do not need to manually enter any parameters.

Steps for LG TVs

Each individual TV model has its own factory firmware and individual functionality. However, in a situation where digital television channels have disappeared, all televisions have some similarities. Speaking about setting up TV channels on your LG TV, you need to press “Menu” on the remote control, select “Options”, click on the desired parameters to change. In particular, by clicking on the “Country” section, you should select Finland or Germany.

After these steps, you need to go to the item “Settings” and then “Autosearch”, specifying the same cable connection as described above. As a result, a window will appear in which you should adjust the values ​​according to the instructions provided. If everything is done correctly, all radio stations and channels will reappear.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the user can greatly simplify his task by taking advantage of the automatic update of TV channels, which is available for LG models. As a result, the previous list will be reset, and the channels will be tuned in a new sequence.

To use automatic configuration, you need to go to the digital cable settings tab and click on automatic update.

Why do digital channels disappear on my TV?

Digital television became commonplace very quickly and settled for a long time due to the improved transmission quality and availability for a wide range of users. This direction in television is notable for its rapid development, and today there are more than enough specialists who are ready to help you figure out how to connect and configure the service.

Nevertheless, setting up digital television channels on a TV is a very simple procedure for the average user, so you can cope with it on your own. To do this, it is not even necessary to deeply delve into what digital television is in general. You need to know what channels on the TV are available in your region and if the receiver is actually connected (that is, if the TV falls into the broadcasting area).

The need to set up TV channels usually arises during the initial connection, when the device software is updated, in which all user settings are lost, and if digital channels have disappeared for any other reason (you can accidentally knock off the settings, for example, when children play remotely with the remote control). However, why this happens is not important, unless the firmware has flown.

If you have Philips or Samsung

If there is a channel failure on a Philips TV, you will also need a remote control, as, indeed, for any other model, not only Philips:

Through the “Menu” item, enter the “Configurations” section;

Click on the “Installation” section;

After the appearance of the secondary menu on the screen, in it you need to press the channel setting;

Then another secondary menu will pop up, where you need to select “Automatic settings”;

If all transitions are done sequentially and correctly, a message will appear warning that the channels will be updated now;

The program sets up the TV on Philips devices on its own, after completion you do not need to do anything else, you can use the TV as before.

As for the settings on the Samsung TV, the sequence is as follows:

Using the remote control, the “Menu” button, go to the “Channel” section in the window that appears (satellite dish label);

Selecting from the tabs on the right of the item “Antenna” and clicking on the section “Cable”;

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Go to the “Country” tab, indicating “Other” in the parameters;

After that, the Samsung TV will ask for a pin code (LG and Philips do not ask), enter the standard 0000, if you have not changed it to a different password;

Confirm the action (Search).

It will not be possible to restore user settings automatically, in order to set the channels in the desired sequence for yourself, you should select the manual mode, which requires a lot of time, which, in principle, wasted for nothing.

Bad weather

After the normalization of weather conditions, everything returns to normal. Therefore, in such weather conditions, do not take additional steps to set up channels. After the end of the bad weather, check the integrity of the cable leading from the antenna to the set-top box and the antenna itself.

List of common problems

Partial channel loss on a set-top box is usually based on one of two problems. This is a signal problem or equipment malfunction. All other reasons, directly or indirectly related to the two described key factors.

Let’s analyze the most common situations when the set-top box catches only 10 channels and what to do in these cases:

  1. DRE channel coding message appears on the screen. The reason is the long shutdown of the console. The device needs a couple of hours of normal operation. During this time, synchronization will occur and the broadcast will resume.
  2. The lack of registration of the receiver leads to a similar problem. There is an identification number on the back of the device. Using a computer or other gadget, you need to get to the Tricolor TV website, and then, using the prompts, enter these data.
  3. There was a problem with antenna alignment. You need to call your service provider to reactivate the settings.
  4. The screen displays a message about the presence of a pay channel. If you are subscribed to such content, renew it by paying. If the symbol appears on free channels, contact your provider. He will fix the situation.
  5. The software is not compatible with the receiver. The presence of the GS-HD receiver will require entering the menu and activating the key to restore the channel list. If the problem persists, on both devices press the TV / RADIO and CHANNEL buttons simultaneously. We finish the process by pressing the STANDBY button.
  6. Signal no sign indicates antenna and service issues. After calling the provider to clarify the problem, we examine the antenna. It often shifts due to bad weather conditions.
  7. We also pay attention to the cable connecting the antenna and the set-top box or set-top box with the TV. Damage to the cable prevents full signal reception.

Digital TV shows only 10 channels, solution to the problem

Modern life has allowed a person to enjoy various benefits of civilization. These include digital television, broadcast to the home through a TV set-top box. Like any technique, the device malfunctions. For example: instead of the set twenty channels, the prefix shows ten. The article is devoted to ways to solve the problem. How to set up a set-top box for 20 channels if it shows only 10. Let’s consider the reasons for this situation and how to configure yourself.

Equipment failure

The attachment stopped working. Before you go to the service center and spend money, try to fix the problem yourself. Antenna problems have been described above. As for the set-top box, often a simple replacement of the power supply will restore its full functionality. The power supply unit may burn out (like any device) and require replacement. Its acquisition is not a problem.

A more difficult situation is the freezing of the image on the screen after a short broadcast time. If after a certain period the picture has not resumed, you need to go to the service center. As practice shows, such a malfunction cannot be repaired. Therefore, if the problem arose immediately after purchasing the device, it is necessary to replace the set-top box.

Automatic and manual search method

There are two classic ways.
The first method is simple automatic setup. often this is a rather effective method of solving the problem.

Here is the algorithm of actions:

  1. Using the remote control, go to the menu section. (Attention: we need the Menu of the TV set-top box, not the TV).
  2. Go to the settings tab.
  3. We activate the automatic settings window and start the search for programs.
  4. At the end of the search, save the changes.
  5. If necessary, change the channel placement.
  6. We test the channels that have appeared and enjoy watching.

If the result is not achieved and the number of channels is not equal to twenty, go to the manual setting.

There is a preliminary stage here at which you need to find out from the service provider:

  • Frequency of broadcasting digital channels;
  • Broadcast speed;
  • Modulation.

Having received the necessary information, we begin the setup procedure in manual mode:

  • The remote control will allow you to enter the main menu.
  • We carry out the choice of manual settings.
  • Drop-down lists will require data obtained previously from the provider.
  • We start the search and wait for a while.
  • You may have to repeat the procedure several times until all free channels are found.

All channels

Why are all digital channels disappearing:

  • The signal coming from the TV tower is bad for the selected equipment, due to which the TV does not receive reception.
  • Antenna selected incorrectly. Choose an antenna based on the conditions of distance from the TV tower. If the distance is 3-7 km, you can leave the indoor one, otherwise get a powerful outdoor antenna with a good amplifier.
  • Connecting a digital set-top box to a digital TV. Together, these equipment do not function adequately, they constantly reboot, and the settings get lost.
  • The contacts on the amplifier are oxidized. It concerns more outdoor antennas, especially if their service life is long enough. The amplifiers of some antennas are simple plastic boxes that allow water to enter and cause oxidation. These situations should be avoided.
  • The base frequency of receiving the signal is incorrectly selected. The essence of the process is to find the closest broadcast transmitter to your home, which allows you to receive a stronger signal. Therefore, make sure that the signal receiving frequency is most suitable for your area.
  • Presence of interference from GSM and LTE. There are more phone towers than television towers now, so they can obstruct the signal. You can fix this by purchasing a special filter that protects against GSM and LTE signals. It connects as an intermediary between the antenna connector and the TV.
  • No DVB-2 support. If the TV or set-top box does not support this standard, then the second multiplex of channels will not be shown. You will not find them.
  • Often the problems are related to weather conditions. In strong winds or thunderstorms, the signal is severely degraded, resulting in channel loss. Usually, after normalization of weather conditions, everything returns to normal.
  • The receiving point is located at a low level and the signal flies over the antenna. This situation can be corrected by removing the antenna to the roof of the house or fixing it to a separate mast.

Reasons why digital channels are missing

There are situations when channels abruptly or after turning on the TV disappear. One, several or all at once. There are a number of reasons why this situation is possible.

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What to do if channels are missing?

If digital channels are missing, you can try to tune them in manually or use automatic tuning. Study the general algorithm of actions, because regardless of which model you have a TV, the principle of setting is similar. The main thing is to carefully read what is written on the screen.


To tune digital channels for most Samsung models, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote, after which you will see the TV menu.
  2. Select in the menu the section “Channel”. “Country”.
  3. The TV will ask you for a PIN. If you have never used it before, then enter 0000. To have the necessary search parameters, make sure that in the line “Country” you have specified “Other”.
  4. Set in the menu “Channel”. “Antenna” parameter “Cable”.
  5. Open the “Cable Search Options” menu and set:
    • Start frequency 298,000 kHz;
    • Termination frequency 362,000 kHz;
    • Transmission speed 6 952 Ks / s;
    • Modulation 256 QAM.
    • Open “Auto Tuning”. Signal source. “Cable”, channel type. “Digital”.
    • Select the channel type at your discretion. Either only “Digital” or “Digital analog”.
    • Set the search mode to “Network”.
    • Click the “Search” button.

    Below is an instruction for setting up digital channels on a Samsung TV:

    LG TVs are set up as follows:

    • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control;
    • Select “Options” and click on the necessary parameters for changes (for example, in the “Country” section, select Finland or Germany);
    • Go to the item “Settings” and select autosearch, specify the cable connection;
    • Fill in the window that appears according to your instructions.

    The principle of receiving digital TV channels

    Despite the fact that digital television has existed recently, it is gaining more and more popularity, as the user receives high quality picture and sound. Also, the pluses include the fact that it is possible to connect additional programs, functions and use interactive TV.

    The principle of operation of the technology is simple. The encoded audio and signal enters the TV through the antennas through a special stream, and is decoded on the TV itself, and the user receives a high-quality image.

    Receiving digital broadcasting is carried out in several ways:

    • Over-the-air. The picture is received through the relay towers;
    • Satellite. You can watch a large number of channels, but you need a special dish;
    • Cable. Used in apartment buildings, the signal is transmitted through a collective antenna.

    Features of channel settings depending on the TV model

    Each TV model has its own factory firmware and individual functionality. Let’s consider how to configure channels for some models.

    Satellite TV

    The main element here is a satellite dish. You don’t need to change its location. When installing the antenna, the master, using special equipment, sets the antenna to the optimal angle, which allows you to fully capture the satellite signal.

    One of the most common problems in this case is outdated firmware on the TV. Modern TV equipment is extremely picky about the satellite signal coming from the receiver. Local software may not have up-to-date codecs for correct signal visualization.

    To update the firmware, just go to the “Settings” of the Smart-device and open the section “Support”, “Configuration”, “Service”, etc. There is a “Software Update” item. Following the instructions of the assistant wizard, download the current version of the software and try to configure the channels.

    Terrestrial TV

    The terrestrial TV signal is broadcast through special towers and, passing through the home antenna, enters the receiver and then on the TV screen. In a good half of the cases, an inexpensive conventional antenna is used for reception.

    When the image has deteriorated, or some channels have disappeared, then the position of the latter should be changed. It is possible that the signal was redirected to other towers. First, you need to try to change the direction of the antenna radically. By 180⁰, and if it doesn’t help, then gradually rotate it in 15-20⁰ steps in a circle. After each manipulation, it is necessary to reconfigure the equipment.

    What to do if digital channels disappeared on TV

    Analog broadcasting has almost completely left the market, and digital television has come to replace it. The latter offers a high quality picture, no interference and ease of setup. But with digital technology, some problems can also arise. One of the most common. Channels disappear on the TV.

    In a good half of the cases, the user’s equipment is to blame, as well as its incorrect configuration. Therefore, before calling the technical support of a local provider, you should try to solve the problem on your own. Find out why channels disappeared on TV, and how to fix it.

    Cable TV

    The cable TV signal is received through a collective antenna, which the end user cannot influence in any way. In addition to the above problem with the TV firmware, the cable may be damaged here.

    It is necessary to carefully inspect the wire not only in the house, but also in the corridor. Up to the switchboard. If damage is found, you should contact a TV broadcasting company. The cable in the apartment is changed at the expense of the subscriber, and outside the house. By the provider.

    The plug may also be damaged. It is very difficult to repair it and does not make sense, because it costs a penny. It is easy to change it, especially when the cable is already stripped.

    Reasons for the lack of channels

    First, let’s look at the common problems for all types of broadcasting. Terrestrial, satellite and cable, and then the specific points for each format. The receiver is responsible for the transmission of digital channels. A device that decodes the compressed signal.

    Sometimes providers carry out preventive maintenance, turning off equipment for maintenance, while broadcasting only some channels. As a rule, they warn about it in advance via teletext or pop-up windows. If the firmware contains a blocker of the latter, then the message, of course, will not be delivered.

    If the channels disappeared on the TV, then it is quite possible that the receiver simply broke down: the power supply has burned out or the motherboard is out of order. The first one can be replaced, since it is not expensive, but in the second case, you will have to contact a specialist. It’s good when you have a spare device in another room or with friends. Then you can check if it’s all about the receiver.

    Channel setup

    If the position of the antenna has been changed or the next software update has passed, then it may be necessary to tune the television channels. Let’s consider this moment using the example of Smart TVs from two of the most popular manufacturers. LG and Samsung.