Mi Fit does not show notifications. Setting notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Notifications in Mi Band 5

Fitness trackers are used not only to track health indicators. With the help of bracelets, it is convenient to view messages from the phone that are displayed on the screen of the wearable device. In this material, we will discuss the inclusion and configuration of warning on Xiaomi Mi Band 5. And also tell you what to do when there are problems.

Mi Band 5 received an increased display compared to its predecessor. the diagonal is 1.1 inches. The fourth generation had 0.95 inches. Now the text is much more convenient to read: a small message will completely fit on the screen. Maximum volume. 500 characters. The font is large, clear and bright.

Like Mi Band 4, the fifth Bend is offered in two versions. Global and Cn. The Russian language is immediately present on the global, so all the letters are displayed correctly. With China Version, lags are possible that disappear after the firmware.

Inclusion on Mi Band 5

To activate the function, special applications will be needed. Below there will be a list of free and paid options.

Mi Fit

A program from Xiaomi developers, without which it is impossible to configure the functionality of a fitness bracelet. There is a version for Android and iOS. Can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store and 4pda forum.

    Mi Band 5 to the phone.

  • In Mi Fit, open the “Profile” section and click on the attached tracker.
  • Find the “Notifications” tab and activate the toggle switch.
  • Click on “Applications Management”, and check with checkmarks those programs from which you want to receive notification for the clock.

Now you need to turn on the display of calls and SMS:

  • Make a item from the above instructions.
  • Tap “incoming call”. Provide access to the phone book.
  • Activate a warning about incoming calls. If desired, configure the delay and display contact information.
  • Return to the previous page. Click “”. “incoming SMS”. Move the slider to the “VCL” mode.

In the same way, turn on the writings of warm.up, reports about the goal and event.

Master for Mi Band

Third.party software with more expanded functionality. Android is installed for free, and the owners of the iPhone need to pay 200

Alerts are divided into several tabs: “Applications”, “Calls”, “SMS Messages”, “Events” and “Reminders”. In addition to activation of the function, you can carry out detailed settings using templates. Namely: choose the type of notification. vibration, text, title, configure including/excluding filters, delay between the operation, and t.D.

Only two templates are available if you use a free option. Pro version removes this restrictions. For example, you can put different filters on. WhatsApp, Telegram, Weiber. If you want to use the same template, set the parameters “any application” and “all contacts”.

What types of notifications can be configured

The need for access to notifications on a smartphone arises due to the fact that the user does not want to check all his social networks and a phone for incoming calls and messages every minute. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 provides the opportunity to turn on the notifications and forget about the constant jerking of the phone from the with each sound. Notifications about:

  • calls;
  • SMS messages;
  • events recorded earlier;
  • messages on social networks;
  • weather;
  • messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram);
  • applications.

How to enable notifications with Mi Band 3 on Android

There is nothing complicated in the instructions for obtaining alerts on your smartphone. Since most users connect their trackers to devices on the Android platform, these methods of turning on notifications can be called universal.

�� WhatsApp Notifications Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Three solutions to the problem are listed below. They can be safely used by Android 7 owners.0/8.0 and earlier versions.

Mi Fit

The most common and reliable way to include notifications on Android 6.0 and other versions are an official application from the manufacturer. For configuration, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the Mi Fit program.
  • Bind the bracelet to the profile.
  • In the list, select the right device (Mi Band 3) and click “Elections”.
  • Activate the “Notification of applications” button by clicking on it.
  • In the list that opens, press the desired applications and put checks.

Next, you will need to wait until the program processes a request in the background.

Alert Bridge

The second most popular program for individual notifications templates works very simply. To achieve the goal, you should take a few steps:

  • Tie the tracker by connecting it via Bluetooth or by introducing a mass-adhesis manually, and then confirm the action on the clock.
  • Activate switches on all the necessary applications.
  • Check the number of connected programs in the status.
  • Change the option of displaying the name (headline, text).
  • Turn off the emoticons, since the third generation of bracelets simply does not recognize them.
  • Adjust the display on the tracker of individual messages, establishing a clear title and text.

The functionality of this utility is truly cool. The only drawback of the program is constant advertising at the bottom of the page.

Although at first you can endure it, but after a couple of months it is seriously annoying, and it is possible to turn it off only for money (about 60).

does, show, notifications, setting

Tools Mi Band

Users dream of receiving notifications in Russian. Fortunately, turning on them is not difficult. The program developed jointly by two manufacturers helps to configure individual notifications for each application. The only nuance that is worth finding out at once. there is no free version of Tools Mi Band, and the license will cost about 300.

If the full program was still installed on a smartphone, you need to: to control the notifications:

  • Bind the bracelet to the account.
  • Confirm permission to access notification.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Press on “” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Find the right application by selecting it from the list or entering the name in the search line.
  • View the settings and select the desired point.

The application has several advantages that explain its cost. For example, it allows you to establish a repeat, ignoring repeated alerts and a ban on notifications in the case of the screen on. There are also templates that provide the opportunity to set vibration without LEDs or with them.

Another point that it is important to remember is not to simultaneously configure notifications in the Tools Mi Band apps and the official Mi Fit. This is explained by the fact that such actions entail a failure in the work of a fitness bracelet and even a smartphone.

Information on Android and iOS

The question of how to receive notifications, not only beginners are asked, but sometimes experienced users. In fact, activating this function is not difficult, but it is important to follow the recommendations that it work without complaints.

Notifications are displayed on the track screen, subject to two conditions:

Through Mi Fit

Setting through the official program is considered the simplest and most reasonable. Mi Fit is available for both iPhone and devices with Android OS. To include notifications, you will need to go through the following stages:

  • Open the application, wait for synchronization and go to the bracelet settings.
  • Open the “Notifications” tab.
  • Give permission to receive notification.
  • Activate the slider at the corresponding paragraph.

To avoid duplication of warning, you should move the slider and at the point “get only with the screen off”.

Further actions to set the notifications will be as follows:

  • On the same page below, click “Applications Management”.
  • Select from the list of the program from which you need to receive alerts.
  • Press the back button (the action will continue automatically).

If desired, it is possible to establish your type of vibration. For this you need:

  • In the “Notifications” tab, click the “Vibration” button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select “”.
  • Set vibration with short and long presses on the screen.
  • Select “save” at the top of the screen.

After the actions done, it is worth checking the work of notifications, for example, asking to send yourself a message in the social. networks.

Next, you have to configure separate alerts. To do this, you will need to return to the “Profile” tab and click “”. All points will need to be given requested permits, and the user is given the opportunity to set vibration. In addition, some of them have their own characteristics:

  • “Incoming call”. Here you can set a warning delay for a few seconds and allow/prohibit the display of the name and number of the subscriber phone.
  • “Warm reminder”. Here it is necessary to set a period of time in which notifications (“beginning” and “end time”), as well as the time for the ban on this (“do not bother”).

Earlier, through Mi Fit, the Mi Band 4 tracker issued a notice of communication, but after this function was eliminated, so today it is available exclusively in third.party software.

Through Mi Band Master

A popular unofficial program is also suitable for installation on Android and iOS. There are not so many functions in the free version, although the ordinary user is quite enough.

Specifically speaking about notifications, here 5 tabs from the menu are responsible for them: an alarm clock, closest events, programs, SMS, calls. In each of them, the user of the free version is available for a maximum of two templates.

The process of setting alerts is simple:

  • Open the program and go to the menu (three horizontal strips in the upper corner).
  • Choose one of the necessary points.
  • Click “Add”.

After that, you need to configure the parameters for individual notifications (except for the “Appendix” item):

  • “Alarms”. time, label, type of notice, text, icon, repeat.
  • “Calls”, “SMS Messages” and “Events”. displaying the name and number of contact, translating the text into the capital letters/translite, delay, repeat, receipt when the screen/quiet vibration mode/normal mode.

Other applications (only for Android)

In addition to two main programs working on both operating systems, there are several more ways to connect notifications if you have a smartphone on Android OS. They are available to every user, and in addition to the function under consideration, they add even more opportunities to the gadget. But with such software it is worth being careful, since using third-party programs simultaneously with Mi Fit is not recommended due to disturbances in the watch. In addition, for some functions, they have to pay.

Notify Fitness

The utility for expanding the functionality of the gadget is no less popular, but some options are available exclusively in the paid version. Here the user gets the opportunity to set a compact image, reminder mode, make any filter and write a text. The process of configuration of notifications here is similar to the procedure in Mi Band Master. In addition, Software provides the opportunity to receive a signal about the breakdown between gadgets.

Tools Mi Band

This integration program also has a similarity with Mi Band Master. The only significant difference is Tools Mi Band is a fully paid program. Such a utility also has more opportunities, so giving money for it (250) still makes sense.

Paid software opens up access to the user to such functions:

This program will also help to solve the problem with the lack of notifications from WhatsApp and Viber connected to Mi Fit.

Alert Bridge

Final software was created specifically to configure notification. Here it will even be possible to set notifications on Amazfit, since the program provides for improvements for all Xiaomi devices. It provides a lot of interesting opportunities:

  • replacing emoticons with text content;
  • custom icons;
  • Content filter;
  • setting time for the “do not disturb” mode;
  • Several formats of incoming messages.

To connect the Mi Band 4, this application will need to be inserted into the corresponding line of the MAS-Adris (if this does not happen automatically). You need to connect:

  • Go to Mi Fit.
  • Open the “profile” and scroll into the very bottom.
  • Press the Bluetooth address and hold a couple of seconds.
  • Return to Alert Bridge and insert a number into the corresponding line (Bluetooth icon opposite “The device is not selected”).

The program works properly, but has a couple of disadvantages:

Disconnection of notifications

When incoming alerts begin to interfere or simply bothering, they can be turned off. It is done as simple as activation.

Disable notifications forever is possible through the official software Mi Fit. To do this, you have to go the path along which they turned on:

  • Connect the clock to the phone and open the Mi Bend 5 settings.
  • In the “Notifications” tab, deactivate the slider or remove the checkmarks in the “Applications Management” item.

To turn off the notifications from all applications, you do not need to remove the checkmarks from each individually.

does, show, notifications, setting

“Do not disturb” mode

Notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be turned off and temporarily. To do this, just activate the “do not disturb” mode. This is done using third.party utilities or on the tracker itself. In both cases, the user can independently establish the duration of this regime. after the specified time the notification is activated automatically.

Mi Band 5 settings

In working with fitness trackers, additional applications will always be useful. They make it possible to activate various functions, and also help to configure messages on Mi Band 5. Consider the top three most popular utilities.

Mi Band Master (Master for Mi Band)

The unofficial application has gained well.deserved popularity due to expanded functionality. The developers provided for both free and paid software. It really makes sense to pay money for such a program, since it significantly improves the work of the tracker, and any generation of bracelets can be connected to it.

In this application, the notifications are divided into different tabs:

Here, the user will be able to not only activate notifications, but also configure them in detail using templates. The creators provided for the possibility of choosing vibration, heading, font, etc.D.

Notify Fitness for Mi Band

You can enable notifications on Mi Band 5 using such a popular program as Notify Fitness for Mi Band. It has similarity from the previous, but not devoid of individual characteristics. This software is also presented in free and paid versions.

There are as many as six tabs to configure notifications here:

When setting calls, a larger number of templates are available. Among them:

  • Conclusion of the name of the caller;
  • the duration of vibration;
  • messages about unknown telephone numbers;
  • alerts at night;
  • Call management from different SIM cards.

Mi Fit

The simplest and fastest way to include notifications is the Mi Fit utility. It is freely available for users. This software can easily download smartphone owners both on Android and iOS. At the same time, you will not need to pay for anything.

Connecting notifications on Mi Band 5 watches. Standard tab in the Mi Fit settings. Instructions for this process are presented above.

What to do if the messages still do not come?

If Mi Band 5 does not show notifications, you need to check the “do not bother” mode on the device. it should be disconnected.

What to do if notifications with iPhone do not come?

When the tracker connected to the device on iOS does not show messages, you should deal with the smartphone itself. To do this, you will need to go to the notifications settings and enable the function of the miniature show.

Is it possible to increase the brightness of notification display?

Not. The notification window opens at the level of the same brightness that is set for the display in the tracker settings.

What if the MI Band 5 is not available to the notifications service?

This inscription is displayed in the section with notifications in Mi Fit. It is necessary to click on it and give the device the requested permits.

Does Mi Band 5 displays the emoticons in messages?

On the tracking screen, some emoticons from a standard set can really be displayed. But this function is not standard. it will be possible to configure it through third.party utilities (for example, notify fitness).

How to answer a message in Mi Band 5?

This function is not available even in the fifth generation of trackers, so incoming messages can only read.

does, show, notifications, setting

Do I need to configure the Russian language before connecting notifications?

In this case, the tracker firmware matters. If it is Russian, the tongue will be installed automatically.

How to put music on incoming alerts?

This is impossible to do, since Mer Bend 5 is able to publish only vibration. you can configure it by means of an application on a smartphone.

Notification setting is one of the simplest processes. Even newcomers will cope with this business without spending a lot of time looking for instructions. And all the possible problems and options for their solution are described in our article, so it makes sense to contact it when any question arises.

does, show, notifications, setting

How to include notifications on Mi Banda Gmail, Viber, WhatsApp, VK and others?

As you already know, Mi Band works in conjunction with the Mi Fit application, respectively, all the settings that you make there will affect the bracelet. Therefore, for starters, make sure that your phone has the newest version of the Mi Fit application and, if necessary, update it with Google Play.

If after setting notifications on Mi Bend, they still do not come, then you should go to the “menu” fitness of the bracelet “additionally” turn off the “do not disturb” mode.

Why not turn on the notifications on Mi Band immediately by default?

Why is everything so difficult? Why Xiaomi did not make the opportunity to receive notifications at once from all applications? The thing is that if the fitness bracelet receives notifications all indiscriminately, then the charge on Mi Band will melt before our eyes. So this is conceived to save battery charge.

You still have additional questions? Write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, talk about what you did or vice versa!

That’s all the problem with notifications on Mi Band should disappear! Stay with the Android 1 site, then it will be even more interesting! Read more articles and instructions in the section of articles and khaki Android.

What to do if notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band do not come

The instruction described below helps to configure notifications on all versions of Xiaomi Mi Band, including the most common: Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6. Depending on the device. iPhone or Android. the program integration from the instructions may vary slightly.

To configure the receipt of notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band, you need to open the Mi Fit application on the phone.

Next, switch to the “profile” section from below and select Mi Band for which you need to configure notifications.

Here you can configure the list of ties that are installed on the phone from which you need to receive notifications.

If you need to receive notifications from applications that are not in the upper list, activate the “Other” switch from below.

Setting notifications with iPhone on Mi Band

If, after the above instructions, the Mi Band still does not receive notifications with the iPhone, you need to additionally check that in the settings of the phone itself the Mi Fit application is not prohibited to send notifications. To do this, go to “Settings” and then go to the Mi Fit application.

Note that the number of applications that can refer notifications to Mi Band is not limited.

Setting notifications

It is not difficult to enable the function, but it is important to fulfill all our recommendations so that it starts to work in normal mode. Users often experience notifications, but we will try to answer all questions and publish existing solutions.

For configuration on Android you will need a smartphone and a fitness tracker. Step.by.step instructions will help to go through our footsteps and perform everything exactly, as the manufacturer Mi Band 4 recommends.

How to Enable App Alerts in Mi Band 4 | Get WhatsApp Messages, Calls, Notifications on Mi Band 4

Mi Fit

It is easiest to configure the functionality in Mi Fit, as this is an official application that was tested by a big team of developers. If the basic capabilities are not enough, you can use third.party programs. We will touch this topic too.

    between the phone and device.

  • Go to the “profile” and select the device from the list.
  • Go to the desired section.
  • Turn on the toggle switch and activate the “receive only when the screen is turned off”. This will exclude duplicate.
  • Click on the “Management” button and select the programs from which you want to receive updates.
  • If desired, you can create a user vibration template. Fill in the progress bar to the required value, test the return on my gang and click save or repeat the record.

Fitness bracelet allows you to configure several types of notifications:

We have already examined the basic setting of the first option, go to the rest.

To configure the notification of challenges and messages, return to the “Profile” tab and open an additional menu.

Select the desired point and follow all the recommendations of the program. In the case of calls, you need to allow access to contacts and calls, as well as give permission to work in the background.

You can configure the delay, set the vibration template and turn off the reminder for unknown numbers.

SMS parameters are much smaller. activation and already familiar template.

To configure the target notification, do not leave the open menu and select the last item.

A similar situation with a reminder of inaction.

The most difficult thing is to include a message about Bluetooth communication loss. Earlier in Mi Fit there was such a trick, but later the developers removed it. You can still configure the “alarm” through third.party software.

Notifications do not come

One of the most common problems with Xiaomi bracelets is poor notification work. Users complain that messages from some applications do not come, come with a delay or duplicate.

On Android smartphones you need to check with a checklist:

  • Mi Fit (or other software) must have the right to work in the background and access to notifications.
  • Only one application is used to process notification.
  • Make sure that there are no restrictions for the background mode of the application.
  • Check that Mi Fit (or analogue) is activated in the auto start (this can be done in the settings).

In the “apple” operating system, the program should also have access to notifications. Another important point is that you need to activate in the list of selected “Other” applications, so that messages come not only from the programs that are present on the list. This mechanics were tested by one of the users: there was no Gmail in the settings, but when activating the last point on the bracelet, notification of new letters from this service successfully came to.

Problem with WhatsApp

Owners of fitness trackers often report that notifications with WhatsApp do not come. Someone has a notification of SMS, and calls are not processed. Others say that if several messages arrive, then only one.

You can configure normal notifications with WhatsApp through third.party software, which is indicated in this article. If you managed to stabilize the work of messages from this messenger, then unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Duplication of warning

Another global bug is duplication of messages from Telegram. To solve, you can use the modified Mi Fit from LOLEX or third.party applications. The same Mi Band Tools should solve the problem.

Notifications. an incredibly cool feature that is very popular. To some extent, it affects the decision to buy a bracelet. Alerts in combination with a stopwatch, tracking sleep, an intelligent alarm clock were presented to lovers of electronics budget fitness bracelets, on which there is demand around the world.

What types of notifications can be configured

The need to receive messages from the phone appears when the user does not want to constantly check social networks or other closed applications for messages or calls there. Mi Band 3 provides such an opportunity. On the device, you can configure the alerts about:

  • SMS;
  • Calls;
  • Events that were recorded earlier;
  • Messages from social networks;
  • Applications;
  • Weather;
  • Messages from messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, etc.e).

How to establish different notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Want to find out by vibration whether a message has come, a notification of an upcoming event or an alarm clock? With the gadget Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is possible. And I will tell you how to set up all kinds of vibrations for different types of notifications.

The first step is to open the Mi Fit branded application, and then open the profile tab and click on your smart bracelet Mi Band 5.

Next, click on the type of alerts on which you want to put a unique vibration.