Mi Band 4 Install On Phone

Download and configure the required applications

Before linking the bracelet to Samsung Health, you need to download and configure several additional applications:

If you haven’t installed Samsung Health yet, then download it too. Next, we need to set up each of these programs, starting with Google Fit. For this:

  • Launching Google Fit
  • Connect to your account by clicking the “Continue as Name” button
  • If desired, fill in the data about yourself
  • In the second step, we refuse to track workouts by clicking the No button
  • Press the Next button until the Finish button appears
  • Click Finish and close the application

This completes the Google Fit setup, we will no longer need this application.

Now we launch and configure Health Sync. Please note: Samsung Health app must already be installed and configured. Running Health Sync before you set up Samsung Health is not recommended.

If this is not a problem, then let’s continue:

  • Launching Health Sync
  • In the pop-up window, select the direction of synchronization Google Fit. Samsung Health
  • Press the button Check the connection with Google Fit
  • In the window that appears, select your account (the one that was indicated earlier when setting up Google Fit)
  • Check the boxes for the desired synchronization parameters (as shown in the screenshot below)

When selecting options, the Samsung Health app may ask for permission to read and write data. you need to give permission:

As you have already noticed, in addition to Google Fit, the application supports many other services and bracelets. This means that if you want to connect FitBit, Polar or Garmin fitness trackers to Samsung Health, you don’t even need to install Google Fit. With Health Sync app, you can sync these apps directly!

After this simple setup, close the Health Sync app. We also don’t need it anymore. But in no case should you delete it, otherwise the steps from the bracelet will no longer be taken into account in Samsung Health.

Now all that remains is to set up the branded application of your bracelet so that it uploads data to Google Fit.

Smart watch or fitness bracelet? How do they differ and what is better to choose

How to connect Amazfit Bip or Xioami Mi Band to Samsung Health?

If you use one of the Xiaomi bracelets, it means that the Mi Fit application is already installed on your smartphone and the bracelet is successfully linked to it. If, suddenly, you have not yet tied your Mi Band to your smartphone and do not know how to do it. read the details in the article about Mi Band 3.

In order for the data on steps, workouts and sleep to be uploaded to Google Fit, you need to do the following:

  • Open Mi Fit app
  • Go to the Profile tab
  • Select Add accounts
  • Go to the Google Fit section and click the Add Google Fit button
  • In the window that appears, select your Google Fit account
  • If the account is successfully connected, the Stop syncing with Google Fit button will appear at the bottom (see the 4th screenshot)
  • Close the application

That’s all! Now the data from the bracelet goes to Mi Fit, from there it is uploaded to Google Fit, after which the Health Sync application automatically transfers it to Samsung Health.

How will we connect bracelets to Samsung Health?

As mentioned above, it is impossible to bind third-party bracelets to the Samsung app. Therefore, we will go the other way and do the following:

  • Install the Health Sync application on your smartphone, which will upload activity data from Google Fit to Samsung Health
  • Linking Google Fit and Samsung Health with Health Sync
  • Set up data synchronization with Google Fit in the bracelet application
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Thus, we get the following data transfer chain: Bracelet application. Google Fit. Health Sync. Samsung Health

All this will work in the background without your participation. All data will be automatically transferred from the bracelet to Samsung Health.

How to connect Xiaomi and Huawei bracelets to Samsung Health. And also why and who needs it?

All modern fitness bracelets differ little from each other, starting with the appearance and ending with the standard set of sensors and functions (pedometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and, at best, GPS). The main struggle is at the software level.

Some companies focus on sleep tracking algorithms, while others implement convenient reports on activity and training. But there is one application, the functionality of which is superior to all other solutions. We are talking about Samsung Health with Together, which unites millions of users into one large community, turning daily walking into an exciting competition with people from all over the world:

We have already written about the benefits of such applications and, in particular, about the competitions in Samsung Health. You can get acquainted with them using the links below:

The only problem is that none of the applications we are considering (Mi Fit for Mi Band bracelets or Huawei Health for Honor Band trackers) support data synchronization with Samsung Health.

In this article, we will show you how to “make friends” these fitness trackers with the app from Samsung to start “joint walks” with other users around the world.!

How to connect Honor Band to Samsung Health?

Huawei bracelets work with smartphones thanks to the Huawei Health app. If you already have a bracelet and it is successfully configured, then all that remains is to link the application to your Google Fit account (if you don’t know how to connect the Honor Band to your phone, read the details in this review).

To connect Huawei Health with Google Fit, we do the following:

  • Launching the Health app
  • Go to the I tab
  • Open the Settings menu item
  • Go to the Send data menu
  • Choosing Google Fit

Now the data from the Honor Band goes to Huawei Health, from there it is uploaded to Google Fit, after which the Health Sync application automatically transfers it to Samsung Health.

How to download and install firmware on Xiaomi

The proprietary MIUI shell is famous for its flexibility and stability. But updating the system should not be neglected. Today I will tell you how to find the official MIUI firmware and install it on a Xiaomi smartphone.

If you need to reinstall the software, you can use the built-in smartphone resources. For this you need “Settings”.

Next, you need to select the item “About phone“.

At the next stage, click on “System Update”.

Tap on three dots in the upper right corner to call additional settings.

The first item “Download full firmware” will launch an automatic reinstallation of your Xiaomi system. All you need is Internet access and a little time.

If you want to download the firmware file yourself and start installing it, go to the official website with the firmware.

Mi Band 4 Install On Phone

Choose your phone model. In our case, this is Redmi Note 7.

Now you need to download the required file. Please note that different firmware will be designed for the same smartphone models depending on the region.

To find out which firmware suits you, you need to open the “About phone” item in “Settings” and look at the letter designation of the software version.

The 4th and 5th letters indicate the region: RU. Russia, IN. India, EU. Europe, MI. global version. Having decided which version suits you, you can proceed to download it.

After downloading, you need to install the downloaded software. To do this, go to the following path: “Settings”. “About phone”. “System update”. Next, click 7 times on the image of the number 11 to open hidden update points.

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Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner and on the item “Select firmware file”. If you do not have this item, then follow the link to find out how to return this item.

Next, select the downloaded file and press the “OK” button.

After a few seconds of analyzing the data packet, you will be prompted to restart your smartphone to install the firmware. If the file is not suitable for your Xiaomi phone, an error message will appear.

It remains to press the “Restart” button and wait for the MIUI reinstallation process to finish.

You can also watch this instruction in video format:

Steps to install watch on Mi Band 4

Whichever dial style you like the most about Mi Band 5, you can use it on your sports bracelet, we just have to follow the instructions that we give you step by step and you can install Mi Band 5 watch faces successfully. Pay attention to the readings:

  • The first thing we need to do is have a Mi Band 4 and a mobile phone that we tied at hand.
  • Now it’s time to download the bin file of the watch you like best to your mobile phone:

The options are as follows: Digital watch with step counter. Digital clock with heart rate and steps. Large analog clock. Full analog clock

  • Once downloaded, what we’ll do is go into My Fit and change the watch face we have to the one we don’t like.
  • Then we turn off the bluetooth of the mobile phone to avoid errors.
  • Now we go to the file manager of our mobile phone and during the download process we move the bin file that we downloaded earlier to the following path:
  • Internal storage android data com.xiaomi.hm.health files watch_skin_local.

Now it’s time to swap names between bin, which we downloaded, and bin, which is located in the watch_skin_local folder. Then you just need to move both files off the site and go back to the Mi Fit app to reinstall this watchface. In order not to interfere, we can delete the PNG image inside the folder.

How to install Watchfaces Mi Band 5 on Mi Band 4

The new Mi Band 5 is just around the corner, but its first dials have already penetrated to give us customization options in Mi Band 4. This sports bracelet still has a lot to offer us, and even more so if we have the option to add a design from the home screen this will be the most current Xiaomi sports bracelet.

This is not the first time new watch faces have appeared earlier than expected, and that the Mi Fit app in its beta version remains a lot of clues. On one of the most popular websites where you can customize all kinds of Xiaomi sports watches, we were able to get it and now we will show you how to install it on Mi Band 4 so that we can enjoy our unusual Mi Band 5 earlier.

Other features coming to Mi Band 4

After following the steps that we have explained, we will already have Mi Band 4 with the arrival of the new Xiaomi bracelet.However, there are options that we cannot yet use, such as new sports modes or integration with the PAI service. However, we do not need to buy a new bracelet if we want these options, which will also be available on Mi Band 4.

The tricks of the Mi Band 4 in many cases also apply to the Mi Band 3, in which case the same will happen with many functions to be performed, in addition to those that we do not yet know.

Watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4: where to download, how to create your own and how to install it?

The Xiaomi Band 4 fitness bracelet, or as it is correctly called the Mi Smart Band 4, became the first bracelet in the line to be customized by changing the dials. Despite the large number of standard dials (about 50), many owners of these bracelets will have few.

Already, several sites offer a large number of ready-made options. At the moment, the largest number of ready-made watch faces are presented on the sites amazfitwatchfaces.com and mywatchface.ru. Also, custom dials are shared by users on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum (in this thread).

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How to install a watch face on Mi Band 4?

So, you now know where to download the watch face. How do I install the watch face? Everything is quite simple here. For this you will need:

  • The bracelet itself is connected to the smartphone.
  • MiFit app
  • MyWatchFace application (can be downloaded for free from the link: https://mywatchface.ru/app/index.html).

First you need to select the dial you like on one of the sites and load it into the smartphone’s memory.

Then we install the MyWatchFace application. After installing the application, go to its menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) and select “Custom Dial”. Then you need to select “Mi Band 4” and press the button “Select the file of the dial and image”.

We find the file of the watch face in the downloads of the smartphone (file with the bin extension) and press the button “Install in Mi Fit”. After that, Mi Fit will open, go to the watch face settings, then “My watch faces”. There we find the loaded dial (it can be displayed without a picture, but after synchronization everything will be fine) and synchronize with the bracelet. You can read more about the process of changing the dial in the Mi Band 4 manual.

Some watch faces can be tricky. The fact is that the watch face of Mi band 4 and its background (background image) are two different images. Therefore, when loading some watch faces, the MyWatchFace application writes that only the watch face is selected, and the background image will be with the site’s inscription. In this case, you will have to use the second option and a more complex method with file substitution.

To do this, in addition to the downloaded dial file, Mi Fit application and fitness bracelet, you will also need a file manager. It should be noted that this method also does not work with all smartphones. It probably depends on the OS version.

  • First, install any dial on the bracelet.
  • Then it will need to be found in the following path Android / data / com.xiaomi.hm.health / files / watch_skin_local.
  • Find the name of the installed dial and copy the name. Delete the file itself.
  • Now in the “downloads” we find our dial and rename it to the copied name.
  • It remains to copy the watch face to the watch_skin_local folder and apply it in the Mi Fit app.

IPhone owners have their own way to install custom watch faces.

For this you will need:

  • Download AmazTools app (https://apps.apple.com/ua/app/amaztools/id1386033880)
  • Upload downloaded watch face with bin resolution via browser to iCloud Drive.
  • Open the AmazTools app on your smartphone and go to the “” tab.
  • Select “Install from file” and downloaded file.
  • Click install.

Alternatively, you can first download and install AmazTools, and then when downloading the watchface bin file select “open as” and specify AmazTools

How to make your own watch face for Mi Band 4?

In order to create your own version of the watch face, you will need another application. It is called Xiaomi Mi band 4 Dial Generator. You can download it from the link under the video below.

After installing the application, open it and change the language to English (except for English and Chinese, there are no more languages). Many menu items of the application, even after translation, will remain hieroglyphics, so it is better to look at the video for a clearer watch face creation process.

The application allows you to choose one of the standard or default dials as a template, upload any image or photo and fit it to the bracelet size. It is also possible to completely change the arrangement of interface elements (date, minutes, icons, etc.). After creating the watch face, it remains to save and install it on the tracker using one of the above methods.