Mi band 4 how to remove it from the strap

Features of the

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 supports the wrist lift gesture to activate the display and view information.

Display of incoming messages and notifications of mobile applications of your smartphone.

Displays the number or name of the caller. Reject a call with a long press of a button.

How to remove. open strap from mi band 4, 5 easily without using force to charge

Daily pedometer, heart rate monitoring.

Inaction reminder. When you are too passionate about working in a stationary position, the bracelet will vibrate slightly and remind you to exercise to improve your well-being.

Support heart rate monitoring in continuous mode, with periodicity (1 min, 10 min, 30 min). The heart rate sensor can accurately read the heart rate changes over 24 hours and can also detect the current heart rate at any time.

Unlocked smartphone. Bring the Android phone to the linked bracelet, the phone will automatically unlock.

Xiaomi Band 4 Supports OTA (Over The Air) Firmware Update.

Automatic date and time setting when pairing Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with phone. Time and date will sync with your phone.

Temperature can be switched to Celsius or Fahrenheit (in app).

Normal delay for alerting an incoming call. 3 sec. You can set the notification delay (3.30s) in the app.

The vibration time cannot be adjusted. The bracelet will vibrate until you answer or reject the call, or you can press the button to stop the vibration.

Displays weather information for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You can select a city or automatically get the location in the app and then automatically sync the weather information.

Checking the battery level in the app. You can also enter step counter mode to check the battery level on the bracelet screen.

Mi Band 4 charger is compatible with Mi band 2.

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Global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will not support languages: Korean, Turkish and Hebrew

Due to different monitors in each module, pictures and objects may vary slightly (in color).

List of possible malfunctions

Tracker: incorrect operation of the device functions described in the instructions. Display problems / incorrect display of symbols / symbols are not displayed. Incorrect operation or malfunction with vibration feedback. Problems with device synchronization. Cracks / breakages due to the structure or material of the device. Cable: problems with charging the device.

Assembly and rules for using the bracelet

Insert one end of the fitness tracker into the groove on the front of the bracelet as shown in the illustration.

Press the other end with your thumb to fully submerge the fitness tracker into the groove.

Place the bracelet on your wrist about an inch from your wrist. This is necessary for a more accurate heart rate monitor. Tighten the strap around your wrist to a comfortable level. Note: Wearing the bracelet too loosely may affect heart rate data collection.

How To Remove Mi Band 4 from Strap Easily. (2019)

Removing the module from the strap

If the bracelet indicator indicates a low battery level, charge it using the supplied USB cable. To do this, remove the tracker from the strap in the manner shown in the illustration.

Mi Band 3 user manual

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker user manual

Using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet

Instructions for Mi Band 2 in Russian

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet User Guide

Mi Band 4 manual in Russian Xiaomi Mi Band 4 user manual fitness bracelet

Please read this manual carefully before using the bracelet.

How To Remove Mi Band 3 From Metal Strap?


The most popular and cheapest “shifts” that are most often used by wearable device owners. They can be washed under water, adjust the rigidity of the fastening and changed if necessary.

How to get Mi band 4 out of the strap

Xiaomi Mi band 4 received a global update of functionality and appearance compared to the previous model. Owners of the device can read long notifications on the big screen, control the player and analyze their workouts in the pool. This is just some of the cool options that are available to all users for several thousand rubles.

The developers have improved the fastening system since the “troika”. Thanks to the protective “groove”, the device is difficult to pull out of the strap, even with effort. For women, this task can become impossible and it will not work without the help of strong hands.

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Despite the enlargement of the display, Xiaomi has ensured backward compatibility of the straps of the Mi Band 4 and the previous model. The MB3 can be easily put on leather Mi Jobs. In the article we will figure out how to remove the bracelet and not damage it.


It is more difficult to get the Mi Smart band out of the metal strap, since the fixation system in it is even more advanced. Bracelets made of steel or other material look beautiful, but they put more pressure on the hand and without the habit of walking with it is not very comfortable.

  • Press down on the spring from the back.
  • Press lightly on the gadget.
  • Get it out.

This option is described in the instruction manual. I don’t use it at all and, before looking at the user manual, I didn’t know that you can remove the gadget from the strap in such a tricky way.

  • Take the tracker in hand.
  • Press on the capsule from the top until a gap appears.
  • Take out the device.
  • All is ready.

An unobvious solution to the problem. I’ve been using it since the release of the third Band.

band, remove, strap
  • Secure the device in your hands.
  • Press down on the capsule with both hands until it clicks.
  • Take it out.
  • Quest completed.

How to get the capsule?

The task seems simple only at first glance. Users often have difficulty removing the device. With the advent of magnetic charging on the market, the need to remove the gadget will almost disappear, but sometimes you still have to disconnect it. For example, to install a protective film or clean it after swimming in the sea. We have prepared two solutions to help you complete the task quickly.


Leather products from Mi jobs, which come in different colors, are in demand. The brown and burgundy options look especially beautiful. The mounting system is slightly different from the standard.

  • Insert the capsule into the small rubber pad.
  • Insert gently into the case from the bottom.
  • Lock tightly until it stops.
  • To remove from the bracelet, press on top.
  • Mission accomplished.

What bracelet do you wear the tracker with? Share photos in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to properly charge Mi Band 4

By purchasing a new gadget, each user is happy with its functionality, completely forgetting about the need for charging. This is also the case with the owners of the fourth generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets. When purchasing, users often see a discharged battery due to check by the seller. As a result, before using the tracker, you need to replenish the charge, so that when connected to the phone and performing other actions, it does not refuse to work. To do this, it is important to know how to properly charge Mi Band 4. This is what we will talk about in the article.

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How to understand that the bracelet is charged

As soon as the battery of the Mi Band 4 watch becomes fully charged, the device emits a vibration, and an image of a full battery appears on the screen and the inscription “Battery charged”. After that, the cord is allowed to be disconnected, and the capsule is returned back to the strap.

How to properly charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Now let’s go directly to start analyzing how much you need to charge the device and how to do it. It is always recommended to replenish the charge up to 100%, without interrupting the charging process prematurely. This takes no more than two hours.

Before starting charging, you need to remove the capsule from the strap. For this you will need:

  • take the strap with both hands from different sides, turning the device with the screen up;
  • slightly pull back the part of the strap near the top of the capsule and squeeze the second one up, wielding the index finger from the bottom.

Next, you need to take the charger included in the kit and insert the capsule so that the contacts of both are in contact. Immediately after that, the cord can be connected to the computer via USB.

All subsequent times

Starting from the second charge, Mi Bend 4 is allowed not to reach 100%. Here you should consider the frequency of using the tracker:

  • at minimum loads, there will be enough charge up to 85-90%;
  • when working with all options, including enabled notifications, you need 100%.

For the first time

As soon as the purchased Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 has been brought home, it should be charged first. The tracker is in a state of “sleep” and in some sense it is constantly on and only waits for the first press of the button.

For the first time, the device must be fully charged. up to 100%. This is necessary to warm up the battery and its better functioning in the future.