Mi Band 2 Language Change

You will learn: how to change the language to English; how to make Cyrillic displayed; how to change to Russian; what to do if iPhone and iOS phone.

How to change the language to Mi Band 3. instructions

Step-by-step instructions with photos are great for the Chinese version, as well as for the version with NFC. Unlike the global version, the Chinese one is currently the cheapest, although in essence it is not inferior to other versions in quality and functionality.

The actions taken, ultimately, completely solve the problems associated with the display of the Cyrillic alphabet. To work, you must have a smartphone on the Android OS. Other OSs will not work. If you have an iPhone, for example, on iOS 11, then the basic instructions will be different.

Consider three popular and working ways to change the language.

Method number 1. installing Mi Fit “from scratch”

For the first method, you will need to install the Mi Fit application, which, starting with version 3.4.4, translates the language of the clock into Russian. This is the official app from the developers.

At the moment, the official firmware that supports the Russian language has already been released. Therefore, by connecting Mi Band 3 to a smartphone on Android, the update will download itself and install on a smart watch. After that, the watch will be fully Russified and will support the display of the Cyrillic alphabet on the display.

Mi Band 2 Language Change

Method number 2. installing firmware

The second option describes a method using the latest international firmware. It works stably and without any complaints. Installing the firmware will be quite simple.

And before you begin, it is worth noting that the phone must turn on flight mode to prevent unnecessary actions.

So, the necessary actions:

  1. MiFit application. if installed, be sure to uninstall. If he is already gone, you can safely move on;
  2. Next, download the special version of the MiFit application and install it. This is the stock version of the assistant It is fully ready and has built-in firmware in Russian;
  3. Launch the utility and log in using your own Mi account;
  4. Connect Mi Band 3 to your smartphone and start synchronization;
  5. After the synchronization, the firmware is downloaded and installed in automatic mode;

After that, the device will fully support the Russian language.

Method number 3. change the language to English

Perhaps the easiest option to change the language. In order to change the language to English (maybe someone likes it more), you will need:

  1. Go to the phone settings;
  2. Find the tab for changing the system language;
  3. Change to English;
  4. After a while, the language will change to Mi Band 3.

Result before (Chinese language selected):

Result if English is selected:

By the way, the same thing needs to be done in order to change the language back to Russian. Just in paragraph 3, choose not English, but Russian.

IPhone instruction

What do ios phone owners need to do? The main point is to go to the AppStore, download the Mi Fit app for ios or Mi Heart rate. Then Mi Band 3 to iPhone and application settings select “Firmware update”. Then, in the list that appears, select the desired firmware, which is then installed on the device itself.

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