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MGTS router GPON IP Address Address

One of the popular telecommunication companies is MGTS.

The name of the company as a city telephone network is deciphered.

In recent years of work, they show that the company is actively developing a referral in providing users of mobile Internet access (3G/4G network).

The convenience of using the services of the company is also that subscribers can acquire a router that is popular with its multifunctional display and other functions.

What is a router from MGTS?

It is worth noting that the MGTS company has been working on the provision of Internet for users for more than 15 years.

The production of routers began only in 2013. But the MGTS routers had very powerful indicators and until today these indicators are not inferior in the Internet devices market.

A router from MGTS is a subscriber device that is needed to connect to telephone communication, the Internet, as well as to television.

The main function of the router is the transmission of the signal for connecting to the Internet device.

MGTS company provides a large selection of routers for connecting the Internet. Subscribers can independently choose the right model that is suitable for work.

So, MGTS for a small fee releases routers, to which you can connect high.speed bags.

The minimum speed of one package from the company is 30 Mbps per second, and the maximum is 200 Mbps.

You can check the speed of your Internet here.

Also, the connection and purchase of a router from the company MGTS allows users not only to connect Internet services, but also by telephone communication, a regular network for watching television.

So, subscribers can watch up to 200 or more channels.

To date, several models of routers from the company MGTS are used, we will consider the features of each.

Entrance to the router for by login and password network address that is used to enter the settings of individual mini-roots (for example, Pix-Link), wireless routers and modems of ADSL, Repitors, GPON from MGTS. The locality of the address of any network device allows you to open a web page and gain access by changing password and other parameters.

http: // is more often used to configure, for example, a MGTS supplier router or other models. over, to enter your office, you can use the usual name of the visitor with Admin/Admin password. Only such a rule is not for all devices.

In addition to MGTs of routers, this network address on individual devices, such as Cisco, Netis, Thomson, TP-Link and others, is installed by default as “Default IP Adress”. It is not standard, because to set up many famous routers, they use the following: 192.168.01,, as well as Or addresses that are already familiar to everyone, for example, Netis.CC or TPLINKWIFI.NET and others.

Attention! Make sure that the router (repiter, modem) has this address, namely In many cases, the network address and the rest of the setting information is glued on the wall of the device or written in the attached instructions. And also there is information about the password (English. Password) and user login (English. User name) from the manufacturer. Such information can be useful in the future.

Entrance to Personal Account 192.168 1.254

The appearance of the routers is approximately the same: the back side with the wires, in front. light bulbs. At the back there is a power connector with several Ethernet (RJ-45). One of them is suitable for the cable. it is written as Internet or Wan (external).

Other connectors. local (LAN). Usually they are highlighted in one color. yellow. Through them, home PC, TVs and other cable devices are connected.

There is still “Reset”, a button that is located behind and is needed to drop settings, passwords to factory characteristics. In order not to hurt it by accident, it is in a recess, and you can press any subtle object: a paper clip, a pin, etc.P.

Several indicators located on the front side of the device show its condition. Any model and company have its own order and set of indicators.

If the Internet is distributed precisely via Wi-Fi, then 2 cables are sufficient to connect-this is a WAN-Internet with power. Turning on the router, you should wait for the Wi-Fi Network bulb.

Problems with the entrance

If you go to the admission of the router, there are several solutions:

  • Check the correctness of the input of numbers and the absence of unnecessary components in the search bar of the browser.
  • Check whether the parameter “Get IP-address automatically” is set on the network adapter of the computer.
  • Return the router to factory settings, as there is a suspicion that someone has changed the standard parameters of the entrance to their own.
  • Reset Windows network settings
  • Check Lan Cabble for damage.


Carefully look at what you enter into the address line. There should not be there:

DHCP server each router from the plant is configured to assign a network address connected to its network automatically. If the computer does not install automatic receipt of an iPhist, then it simply will not go to the network and will not be able to open a web-intese and will not set up home Internet.

  • Open the line “execute” the Winr command and perform NCPA.CPL.
  • With the right mouse button, open the adapter menu and select “Properties”.
  • Go to the section
  • Select the receipt of automatic IP addresses.

The reset of network settings can be reset to the network to template settings in the Windows operating system. This is useful if antivirus or software or Hamachi software was installed before that, which incorrectly installed their own network adapters in the system, shutting down with the main settings.

  • Click Wini and go to the “Network and the Internet”.
  • Get down to the very bottom and select “Network”.
  • Confirm your decision, and then check the ability to enter the router.

Factory settings of the router If the GPON Routor used to you, he could install his own username and password to enter the web-Inteake. Data can be reset, but all the settings held by the user will fly along with them. This means that at least Wi-Fi you have to raise again:

mgts, enter, router, settings, manual, version
  • On the case find the Reset button.
  • Squeeze it for 10 seconds and hold it.
  • The router will reboot (you will understand the indication) with factory settings.
  • Try to enter the standard login and password.

Checking a patch cord

You can check the Ethernet cable for damage by calling by cable tester or for its lack of it, by proping and visually examined it.

Wireless routers working with the fiber.optic line are provided to MGTS subscribers for free. To enter your personal account, you need to use the address for one device model and for another. Authorization data: admin and user, respectively.

To date, the MGTS company provides some of the best conditions for connecting home Internet with the ability to use several models of routers. To reveal the entire potential of the equipment in combination with tariff plans, you must correctly configure it. This is what we will talk about within the framework of this article.

Router ZTE ZXA10 F660: Technical characteristics and design features

The GPON ONT ZXHN F660 router is an economical mobile Wi-Fi transmitter with a main operating frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The functionality of the router provides the speed of data on Wi-Fi up to 300Mbit/s, while the device supports up to 4 SSID while connecting 128 users to each network.

The Router ZTE F660 also supports WPS mode, respectively, the device can be used to expand the Wi-Fi zone of another router.

On the back of the router are located:

  • -Standard LAN-slots for connecting to the ZXA10 F660 devices via Ethernet cable;
  • -two Pots connectors for the implementation of the IP-telephony function (for connecting the RJ-11 telephone cable);
  • -Two USB connectors for connecting external media (in t.h. to update the firmware of the device and organize the local Web server);
  • – Power connector for connecting a power adapter;
  • – buttons on/off the functions WLAN and WPS;
  • – Reset button for resetting the router settings to factory;
  • – Roter power on/off button.

The GPON connector for connecting the fiber.fiber cable provided by the provider can be located on both the back and side panel of the ZTE F660 router.

Having examined the settings of current MGTS routers, we are completing this article. And although, regardless of the device used, the configuration procedure should not cause additional issues due to easy to master the web-intake, we suggest asking you questions that interest you in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Routers are usually produced under a specific Internet connection technology, for example, routers for ADSL or GPON. What is the difference between the GPON room from the rest? What kind of technology is this? How to set up such a router?

What is the GPON technology: the principle of operation of the GPON ROUTER

GPON is deciphered as passive optical networks (PON), and they are also gigabyte (G). Hence the first feature of this connection method is the speed of 1 Gb/s and above. For comparison, we can say that even a speed of 100 Mbit/s is already more than enough for very comfortable viewing video in 4K format, online services (for example, World of Tanks) and for other tasks.

Another feature of the GPON is a simultaneous connection to the Internet not one, but at once ten or more users through one optical terminal (the so.called a router that works with this technology).

The optical terminal turns the fiber.fiber integer that the provider provided you into the Ethernet integration

The optical terminal turns the fiber.fiber signal into an Ethernet signal. Functionals of different ONT may differ from a minimum set of routes of the router to a full-fledged router (with IPTV, telephone, outputs for USB drives, etc. D.).

What else you need to know: it is unprofitable for providers to lay a whole fiber.fiber cable from their station to an apartment or house of a subscriber. To pay off the costs, the company divides the signal in some sections of the line. Optical splitters are used for division. These devices turn one fiber into several (three, five, nine, etc. D.). Such devices in the case of ETTH connection technology, for example, there were switches-differently sweaters: a fiber was laid to the house of the subscriber, and already before the subscriber’s apartment-a standard copper cable.

Table: Advantages and disadvantages of technology

pros Minuses
Large capacity of the channel. you can connect several services at once that will work efficiently (telephony, digital TV, high.speed “Internet”). It is very easy to bend the fiber. it is easy to damage it, so it is not laid throughout the apartment. the terminals are installed in the hallways. If they are laid, then under the skirting boards, and this is already more expensive in time and money.
If you have an alternative power source for the optical terminal, when electricity turns off (even throughout the city), you can access the Internet. If there are pets in the apartment, you need to hide the wires from them, since again they are thinner. the pet can easily gnaw cables.
There is no electrical voltage in optics. moisture will not affect it (within reasonable limits). The cost of connecting fiber is quite high compared to other technologies.
High connection speed. it has already been talked about in the previous section.

Instructions for setting up an optical router: GPON ROUTER from MGTS

The technology of passive optical networks (PON) has been used for a long time in building networks of different scale and purpose due to its reliability and stability. She received several branches depending on the final purpose: Ethernet Pon, Broadband Pon and others.

mgts, enter, router, settings, manual, version

Recently, GPON technology has begun to gain momentum among users

recently, the development of optical networks was not so affordable due to the high cost of equipment. Recently, have begun to decline, and now “optics in every house” is becoming the best option for everyone, given the rest of the advantages of optics compared to a twisted pair and other, even less reliable technologies.

The MGTS provider for connecting subscribers to the Internet is used by Gigabit Pon, or GPON. the most convenient and stable technology for building optical networks today.

How to set up an optical router?

When concluding an agreement, the MGTS provides GPON ROUTIONS for use, already configured for use with a specific provider. But there are times when the device is dumped due to a voltage jump, or the reset of the settings is made by chance, or, finally, the user may be elementary to change the password to Wi-Fi.

The configuration of the optical router GPON mainly resembles the setting of a conventional router and consists in the following stages:

Details can be studied on the example of the GPON-marchrutizer Sercomm RV-6688

TP-Link TL WR940N 450Mbps Wireless N Router Step by Step Configuration

Entrance to the control integer

For configuration, the router connects to the computer through a complete cable and LAN port. At the same time, the optical patch cord does not need to be connected.

In the address bar is introduced by the IP settings integer: The login and password by default Admin/Admin, but if the device is stitched or configured by MGTS employees, then the MGTS/MTSOAO option is possible. The type of connection is not necessary to choose. it is laid in the firmware of the router.

Setting wireless points

This model, provided by the MGTS provider, supports the possibility of creating up to four separate wireless networks, including a guest, which will not have access to the LALL. Before setting, check that the DHCP server is included on the router. This is located in the “LAN” section-“main parameters” and it is necessary for the correct distribution of IP addresses to the end devices.

Wi-Fi on a GPON router from MGTS is tuned as follows:

mgts, enter, router, settings, manual, version
  • In the “Setting” menu, go to the “Wireless Network” section, then to “Basic Parameters”;
  • Turn on the wireless network with a box in the corresponding point (or make sure that it is turned on);
  • Assign ssid. point name.

The remaining parameters can be left without change. But it depends on your conditions: if other Wi-Fi Roters work nearby, you may need to choose a channel with a different frequency. Also with the signal level: if your GPON ROUTER is at a distance from the receiving devices, then it will probably be better to choose the “High” value in the list.

To install protection on the “Safety” page in the drop.down list of networks of networks, we find the name of the just created point. The remaining parameters can be left by default, except for the password. Assign a reliable password, preferably including letters and numbers. After that, you need to save the configured configuration.

An error when does not enter the settings of the MGTS router at

Often happens that entering the configurator still does not work. The reason for this is the error in connecting. It is worthwhile to carefully check all the cables and make sure their performance. It is possible that the network adapter on the PC is incorrectly configured.

  • Go to Windows control panel;
  • Find the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”;
  • To the left in the window click on the link “Changing the parameters of the adapter”;
  • select your connection and press it on it, clicking on the “properties”;
  • Find in the list the parameter “Connection to the Internet by IPV4”;
  • In the “General” tab, install an automatic technique IP and DNS.

Wrong settings address 192.168.L.254

Often errors appear due to the inattention of the subscriber. This is due to writing the right address. So, instead of “1” they often write the Latin letter “i” or “l”. It looks the same for a person, but the computer cannot find anything for such a request.

The rarest cause of the wrong address is to change it by the old owner of the router. There are two ways to solve it: reset all the settings to the factory parameters or find out the address from the properties of the state of the network adapter installed on a personal computer.

Wi-Fi setting on the MGTS router

The main point in the setting, since the main purpose of the router is the transmission of a wireless signal to home gadgets. For configuration:

  • open the “Wireless Network” tab in the web-integse;
  • indicate the name of the network (SSID);
  • Choose a range of broadcasting frequencies, if you can do it;
  • include the visibility of a hidden network for all devices;
  • accept and save all changes.

Wrong settings address 192.168.L.254

Many users are faced with various problems of entering their router settings. There are several ways to solve them. To get rid of difficulties with the entrance is possible in the following ways:

  • Check the correctness of the introduced IP address. Carefully enter the characters into the address line located on the device housings.
  • If the transition to address, and the indication of the login and password Admin Admin did not open access to the settings, it is necessary to cancel the personal settings of the router. Using a long thin object, you need to clamp the Reset button for 15 second, drowned in the device case. The same method can be used in cases of incorrect transition to the address.
  • Make sure the correct selection of IP settings. These settings should work in automatic mode.

The most popular routers from MGTS

One of the most popular is the ZTE MF30 router. All thanks to its price, accessibility and a large set of settings for configuration. Average

How to abandon the Internet service from MGTS: Personal Account

The following opportunities are available for this money:

  • connecting several (up to five) client devices to one router at once and their unification into one network;
  • compactness and the ability to turn on without using a direct connection to a home power grid;
  • the presence of encryption methods of WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless network;
  • A 3G module for distributing the Internet and localizing a network between home devices;
  • the ability to use in public transport or anywhere outside the house;
  • the presence of ports for connecting additional devices.

The router’s body is made according to all quality standards and quite compact. The control buttons are located on the sides, and the USB port and the entrance to the power supply is below. Four light indicators are also built into the housing for the charge alarm, signal level, state of operation and network mode.

Another popular router. Sercomm RV6688. Used for optical GPON networks. It also has small sizes and resembles a regular network device. Unlike the previous sample, Sercomm is not portable, as it works from an optical cable. The main function of the router is to combine the latest technologies to ensure the transmission of information at high speed. You can connect four devices for LVS to the device, connect it to the personal computer via Ethernet and jointly use a couple of memory drives connected via USB 2.0.

Important! It is possible to transmit video signal using IPTV technologies. This allows you to simultaneously create four wireless networks.

The router also has two RJ 11 ports for connecting auxiliary mobile devices and using Internet telephone along with other capabilities, while maintaining speed characteristics and communication quality. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that routers produce abroad, users can install Russian when configuring.

Setting a router using a phone

The action algorithm is the same as when using a laptop or PC:

  • Open any web browser that is installed on the gadget.
  • In the column for IP, specify the standard parameters for any phones. 192. or
  • Mark the “Cross” tab.

The rest of the sequence of actions to configure the router from the gadget is the same as from a laptop or computer.

List of errors and their elimination

When the GPON MGTS router is performed, users can most often face the following problems:

  • Incorrect input of the wireless network data. signal levels or ranges. To clarify the correct parameters, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for debugging the device, which is located in the provider account.
  • Lack of access to the network. This factor is associated with changes in the MAC address of equipment or the use of Mac broadcasting. It should be returned to factory settings or make changes in the Mac, through the supporting technical service or in your personal account.
  • Obtaining a ROOT access and deleting settings, changing the firmware of the device as a result of independent actions. A complete correct setup is required. It can only be realized by experienced users. Therefore, an appeal to professionals is the best option.

The MGTS company provides high.quality telecommunication services by connecting routers using innovative ADSL, GPON technologies.

How to connect and configure a wi-fi router. Setting up a wifi router tp link

The initial setting of equipment is carried out by specialists, the final configuration of the router is able to organize even an inexperienced user. This requires the instructions and a certain algorithm of actions.

If in the operation of the router there are malfunctions, the easiest way to try to get rid of them is to restart the device. To do this, there is a shutdown button on the rear panel. Click it, wait 10 seconds and turn on again. If the router is located in an inaccessible place, this operation can be performed through the web-intese (tab “Service”, subparagraph “reboot”).

As a rule, minor problems are solved. If even after rebooting the Sercomm RV6699 is unstable, you can try to discharge to factory settings. This, as in the previous version, can be done in two ways, software and hardware. Program is easier and is carried out through the “Service” tab and the subparagraph “Reset to factory”. But if you, for example, forgot the password for entering the web-integer, you will have to use the button on the rear panel-we press it on it with any suitable item (clip, toothpick) and hold for 10 seconds.

After rebooting, you will have to repeat the procedure for the initial settings of the router.

Firmware update

For subscribers of the MGTS network, it is not necessary to take care of the availability of the current version of the microprotram. the update occurs in automatic mode. But for routers working on the network, the situation is somewhat different. The fact is that not all regional branches of the company have introduced a centralized system for managing optical terminals. Where it works, the firmware update also automatically occurs. Even if you independently reload the micro.oprogram code to an earlier version, the next reboot of the device, the current version will be restored.

Where this option does not work, we give instructions on how to manually flash the Sercomm RV6699 the version you need:

  • We enter the web-intake;
  • Click on the “Service” tab;
  • select the subparagraph “Update”;
  • The “Select File” button will appear. Click it, in the conductor window select a file with the current firmware (it should have an extension.IMG), click the “Open” button;
  • It remains to start the processing procedure by pressing the “Update” button and confirm your intentions by pressing “OK”.

After flashing, the router will be rebooted with the new version of the microprogram, but user settings will remain the same.

IMPORTANT. When loading the firmware into the device, it is unacceptable to turn off the router or the computer. Otherwise, the router will become a “brick” (will be inoperative, with the need for paid repairs in the nearest service center). It is also recommended not to flash through the air, this also increases the likelihood of a failure with the subsequent failure of the device.