Meizu U10 Not Working App Store

A network error Meizu App Store often occurs in the absence of a stable Internet connection. The problem is insignificant, while it often does not allow you to download or update the desired program and is one of the reasons why the App Store does not work on Meiza.

It is important to establish the cause of the problem in order to know exactly what to do to resolve it.

Meizu U10 Not Working App Store

Causes of error

Owners of any devices (m3, m3s, m5 note, m5c, m5s, u10, u20, etc.) may encounter a problem, the error is displayed on smartphones, regardless of the version of installed software.

The error occurs due to the following reasons:

  • The lack of a stable connection to the Internet. Often an error pops up when trying to download programs in basements, underground passages or in suburban areas that are significantly remote from large settlements.
  • Problems with Meizu servers. Perhaps the server is undergoing technical work that provokes an unstable connection.
  • Incorrectly set date or time on smartphone.

What to do to fix the problem

If you encounter the inscription “network error, click to retry” on Meiza, you can try to fix the problem on your own without contacting the service center.

Check Date or Time

Make sure that your current time and date are set on your smartphone. For this, it is necessary (the instruction is suitable for gadgets M3, M5, M5C and other models):

  1. Go to settings using the notification curtain or the icon on the screen.
  2. Select the “Advanced Settings” section and then the “Date and Time” item.
  3. You can set the current time in manual mode (be sure to check the readings on other devices). In this case, it is advisable to check the box next to “Use network time.”

The manipulations allowed to make the time on the phone always relevant regardless of the settings and other actions, as a result, the smartphone will no longer write errors on the screen.

Checking Network Status

An unstable connection to the network is calculated extremely simply. try starting any application that requires access to the Internet, if an error occurs. it’s all about the network.

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To eliminate it, you can try to rise higher or extend your arm slightly up, and sometimes a banal reboot of the device also helps.

It is also advisable to see if there is a mobile network on the phone at all, perhaps the problem lies in the malfunctioning SIM card.

Server Error

The solution to the problem is to wait for the server to work.

What if nothing helps

If you have taken all the steps described above, but the Meizu App Store network error continues to appear, perhaps the reason lies in the internal hardware failure of the device (often the problem occurs when installing pirated and cracked firmware on the phone, as a result of viruses on the gadget).

It is advisable to check the phone for viruses. You can download the application from specialized sites ( and other similar sites).

If the virus scan does not give results, try reinstalling the operating system to a proven and stable version (if no intervention was made in the OS, just go to the settings and check for the latest updates). Before reinstalling the system on a smartphone, it is advisable to save all personal data on a memory card or to backup using specialized software.

If the specified manipulations did not bring any result and it is still impossible to download applications from Upstore due to an error that appears, return the device to a service center for restoration.