Meizu M6 M712h Forgot Password

A graphic or digital key is one of the effective means to protect mobile devices from third parties. By setting the input code, you exclude the possibility of using your Meise by other people. However, if the user forgets the password, he himself will not be able to enter his smartphone. Similar cases are quite common. Therefore, we will consider how to unlock Meizu when losing a key.

Ways to Unlock Meizu Phones

Password reset on Meizu M3 Note, M5, M2 mini or any other device of this company can be done in several ways:

  • Via your Google or Flyme account
  • using SMS Bypass;
  • via the ADB Run debug console
  • through a full reset (hard reset).

All the above options have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the need to pre-configure the gadget and certain conditions. There is no universal method for unlocking smartphones. Therefore, we consider each method in more detail.

Removing an enter key through a Google or Flyme account

Without exception, Meizu phones are running Android OS. However, direct interaction between the user and the mobile phone is carried out through the proprietary Flyme shell. Therefore, the devices of this manufacturer can be linked simultaneously to two virtual services. Google and Flyme. Such pairing is done through the gadget settings (section “Accounts”).

Among other things, synchronization with cloud disks allows you to reset the password on the Meizu M3 Note without any negative consequences. This is done as follows:

  1. On the lock screen, enter the wrong code 5 times in a row.
  2. After the inscription “Forgot the key?” Appears on the display, tap on it.
  3. In the form that opens, enter the login and password from the Google or Flyme account to which Maze is attached.

When the device unlocks, come up with a new key or completely abandon such protection.

Password Removal Using SMS Bypass

Many owners of Android devices neglect the ability to synchronize with virtual services. And if you are one of them, you won’t be able to reset the code in the first way. In this case, the SMS Bypass application comes to the rescue.

Before you unlock the Meizu phone, if you forget the input password, you will need to install this utility on it. You cannot do this in the standard way, since you do not have access to the device menu. InstallAPK will help get out of this situation. It allows you to install mobile software on smartphones via PC:

  1. Download SMS Bypass.apk and InstallAPK.exe to your computer.
  2. Install and run the second application.
  3. Connect to Meizu PC via USB cable.
  4. In the program settings, select the receiving device and the switching method (USB or Wi-Fi).
  5. Click on the previously downloaded SMS Bypass.apk file, thereby launching its installation.

When SMS Bypass is installed, send an SMS message with the text “1234 reset” from any phone to the blocked gadget. After restarting Meizu, the lock screen will consider any password entered to be correct.

The considered option of removing a graphic or digital key is relevant only for those cases when USB debugging is enabled on the mobile phone and software installation from unknown sources is allowed.

Using the ADB Run Debug Bridge

If USB debugging is active on the smartphone, but installation of third-party programs is prohibited, you can use the ADB Run debugging console to open access to the Meizu M5 and unlock the input screen.

For its normal operation, the drivers for your phone must be installed on the computer:

  1. Download drivers for your Meise model from the Internet and unzip them to your PC.
  2. Connect the switched off device to the computer via the USB cable.
  3. Go to the “Device Manager” and in the “View” tab, check “Show hidden devices.”
  4. Open the “Other devices” section. Call the properties of the connected device (the desired line will start with the version of the mobile processor) and click “Update”.
  5. Select “Search on this computer” and specify the path to the unzipped folder.

After successfully installing the drivers, you can proceed directly to reset the password:

  1. Turn on the smartphone without disconnecting it from the PC.
  2. Download and run the ADB Run debug bridge.
  3. The program interface resembles a standard Windows notepad. In the initial window, in the Input line, enter the number “6”, thereby choosing the function Unlock Gesture Key.
  4. You will be offered four ways to unlock the Meizu main screen. To remove the pattern, select the first or second method. To delete the digital code, activate the third option. Metod 4 will help to remove the password on a rooted device.

After rebooting the mobile phone, the input key should disappear.

The ADB Run debug console works only with phones based on MediaTeK (MTK) chipsets. Until recently, it was this group of processors that Meise preferred. However, the new flagship Meizu M6 Note is controlled by Qualcomm CPU. Therefore, if you have lost the password for this particular gadget, forget about the ADB Run application.

Reset key with hard reset

The last way to unlock your Meizu phone is to completely reset your settings (follow the previous link for more detailed and complete instructions) Although this method is considered to be trouble-free, after its execution on the device, all user data (photos, contacts, notes, etc.) will disappear. And recovering lost information without a previously created backup will be impossible.

To reset the input password via hard reset:

  1. Turn off your mobile phone completely.
  2. Press the Power and Volume Up keys on it at the same time.
  3. Once in the recovery environment Recovery, check Clear Data and click Start.
    Meizu M6 M712h Forgot Password

The phone will go into hard reset mode. After its completion, the OS on Meizu will roll back to the factory state. You will have to configure the device again and download the required software to it.