Meizu M5 Note Unlock Flyme

Meizu M5 Note Unlock Flyme

Unlock Meizu. All Ways

When we encounter a phone lock, it causes a lot of bewilderment. What exactly is blocked? Smartphone downloader? Or SIM?

What is the difference between different types of locks and why is this important?

What is unlock

Unlocked. This word is used many times on mobile technology sites. And most people who are somehow related to the mobile world are sure that unlocking is good.

But is it really so? And what are the dangers behind user unlocking? Is it possible to harm a smartphone irrevocably?

What is a brick? There were too many questions, which means it’s time to deal with them.

For many of us, the words “unlocked bootloader” evoke in the brain of wonderful distant lands where unicorns play “Half-Life 3” at night by the fire. Or something like that.

That is, it’s completely not what this process is actually associated with.

An unlocked bootloader is important for those of us who want to change the programs that were installed on our smartphone.


The bootloader is a program that loads the operating system when the computer is turned on.

Typically, he does his thing in the background and loads things into the normal state of the user, but the bootloader can also bring other interfaces, such as recovery or fast boot.

This is what is first executed every time you turn on the gadget, and is usually configured so that only “official” software can be installed and will work.

Factory Lock

The bootloader is locked from the factory.

This is good, because in this case, the user cannot make changes to the software and cannot harm his beloved gadget.

But automatically, this means that there is no way to modify the smartphone software, which is why many of us want an unlocked bootloader.

That’s where everything the user does becomes “at your own peril and risk”.

The user cannot contact the service to solve warranty problems.

Look, most likely, on the back cover of the smartphone you will see a printed logo.

It is he who will help you understand for which cellular network operator he was made. It is from them that the blocking of the smartphone depends, and not from the manufacturer, whether it is HTC, Samsung or Motorola.

Of course, the mobile operator will be only glad if you transfer this problem to the manufacturer, but the latter has nothing to do with it, although this is still their product.

For most people, this is not a big problem. But this may be a problem for you.

SIM unlock

How to unlock Meizu

Unlocking a SIM card or unlocking a network has nothing to do with a locked bootloader or user ROM.

This is just a way to attach a gadget to a specific mobile operator.

This practice is especially popular in North America, where dealers sell devices that do not work with cards of other operators.

As a rule, you can use the support of other networks built into the phone by unlocking the SIM card.

There are several different ways to do this.

The first way to unlock a SIM card

First, the easiest, you can try to call the operator back and say that you bought a smartphone, but don’t want to use its services.

Most often, this method does not work, since you need to check the binding before purchase.

In this case, the operator may require that you provide account information, a photocopy of the purchase receipt and proof of identity (copy of your passport or driver’s license).

If everything goes according to plan, you will receive an unlock code with which you can untie the smartphone

Another method is to use the unlock service. You will find them on the Internet. Often they ask to tell them the exact model that you want to unlock.

The cost of such services is about 20. After full payment, they send the same code, which you can try to get from your mobile operator for free.

It must be activated in the SIM card settings.

Usually this is code provided directly by the operator. Just on the Internet. these are intermediaries. They have certain arrangements and discounts.

The main thing is to find a trusted intermediary, for this it is worth reading the relevant thematic forums.

The second way to unlock SIM

Unlock with Root

Another way is the so-called “root” or custom ROMs. This may require an unlocked bootloader.

Essentially, you install software or modify existing software to unlock sim.

This is legal, but not as simple as obtaining code from an operator. So for starters, it’s worth trying simpler methods.

If all the manipulations with the operator are carried out, and they did not give the desired result, it is worth doing unlocking yourself.

Unlocking from the recovery menu using the example of Meizu m3 Note.

Before you start unlocking, save all the data from your favorite electronic friend, charge it 100% and remove the microSD.

In the process of unlocking the data from the smartphone is likely to be lost.

  • Turn off the Meizu M3.
  • Press and hold both buttons simultaneously (volume up power) until the Android recovery menu appears on the screen. Most likely, you will see a green robot with an open pudik or the robot will raise its hands up.
  • When the robot appears, press the volume key up to display the Recovery menu
  • Select Factory reset / wipe data (all movements are done with the volume up / down controls)
  • Confirm your selection by pressing the power button once.
  • Go to Yes. delete all user data. Confirm your selection by pressing the power button once.

After all this is done, press the power button to restart the smartphone.

If the sim-lock was at the software level, it will be deactivated after erasing the data.

There are situations when you forget the graphic code or password to unlock your smartphone.

In this situation, you can use a method that is often used to recover from unsuccessful firmware.