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Types of repair work for Meizu M5 Note. Meizu M5 Note touchscreen, glass, display replacement

Touchscreen (Touch Screen) is a touch panel located between the display and the protective glass, which reacts to heat-conducting objects. Display matrix, located under the glass and touchscreen, which reproduces the image. Safety glass outer glass, which acts as a protection for the touchscreen and display. All three elements on this model are a single display unit and individually they do not change. If your Meizu M5 Note does not have an image or glass is broken, the repair option is always one replacement unit assembly.

Meizu M5 Note No Image

The speaker wheezes, poor audibility, no sound on the Meizu M5 Note

Two speakers “present” the sound in the phone: conversational in the upper part and polyphonic in the lower part. What can “help” a speaker fail? The ingress of moisture, dust, metal shavings or sand often leads to a deterioration in sound volume or highly noticeable distortions such as wheezing appear. Cases when the sound disappears completely. rare, but found. Replacing the speaker on the Meizu M5 Note takes only 30 minutes.

Meizu M5 Note power button does not work

The membrane design of the buttons, unfortunately, is not one of the most reliable mechanisms, so the loop of this structure does not differ in durability. From frequent use, the button may stop responding the first time, “stick” or lose the “click”. The power button is on the same cable as the volume buttons, which may have the same problems. Meizu M5 Note repair to replace the loop lasts less than one hour.

Meizu M5 Note does not respond to charging, but it works

This problem is common when the charging connector is “loose”, because of which its contacts are loose on the circuit board / cable. If you find this defect when the device turns on, it is very likely that the problem is in the connector itself. If the device ceases to turn on and does not respond to charging, the first thing you need to do is diagnose, which we have for free. The Meizu M5 Note system connector is on the same cable as the microphone and headset jack. The headset jack is also prone to loosening. The microphone is responsible for the correct transmission of your speech to the interlocutor during the conversation.

Home Meizu M5 Note Button Does Not Work

The central button helps to return from any menu to the main page, it also serves as a fingerprint scanner. If the device is no longer recognizing fingerprints or responding to the “home” command, then a cable replacement with the Home button Meizu M5 Note will be required.

Meizu M5 Note is quickly discharged

Sooner or later each user will reach the fast discharge of the smartphone, because the battery does not have an infinite resource and someday it will have to be replaced. If your phone starts to discharge faster, turn off randomly and show the wrong percentage of charge, apparently, it’s time to contact the service to replace the Meizu M5 Note battery. These problems may also apply to other components of the device, so we strongly recommend that you perform diagnostics before replacing the battery.

Meizu M5 Note camera replacement

Most often, cameras are replaced when the pictures are blurry. This problem is related to damage to the protective layer on the camera window, which is part of the back cover, so before replacing the camera, check the condition of the window. If it is not possible to establish on your own what the problem is, our experts will be happy to help you! Replacing the Meizu M5 Note case with a camera window is also possible in our service in the shortest possible time.