Meizu M3s Fly Out Applications

Meizu M3s Fly Out Applications

The Flyme beta update for Meizu models has become available:

U20, M3 note, M3s, m2, m2 note, MX5, PRO 6, PRO6 Plus.

  • We recommend downloading the firmware via Wi-Fi since the firmware file weighs quite a bit, it can use up your mobile traffic.
  • To avoid data loss, copy information from your smartphone or use Flyme backup.
  • During the update, do not turn off the smartphone and wait for the full installation.
  • To return to Flyme 5 without consequences, it is recommended to flash the smartphone with data cleaning.

How to update firmware using Recovery, see the information here.

Attention! This is a test firmware; it may contain bugs and flaws!

Download the Flyme beta update via direct links:

  • U20. download
  • M3 note (M91 and L91). download
  • M3s. download
  • m2. download
  • m2 note. download
  • MX5. download
  • PRO6. download
  • PRO 6 Plus. download


  • New application added: Themes
  • Improved the layout of the icons on the main screen
  • Improved mechanism by which notification priority is more accurately determined
  • Improved low battery notifications
  • The effectiveness of changes in the settings of the Task Manager has been increased, so that the changes immediately take effect
  • Optimized text color on the lock screen to ensure readability even on a white background
  • Improved accuracy of the system time display and optimized automatic calibration logic
  • The method for launching developer options has been adjusted for safer and more efficient work. Adjusted options: touch testing, Smart-cover, mCharge, calibration of the proximity sensor, as well as the acceleration sensor and gyroscope in accordance with the settings of special features. (New method for launching developer options: go to the “Settings” section “About phone”, then touch the build number 7 times in a row; shutdown method: go to “Settings” “Applications” “All” “Settings”, then click “Clear data”).
  • Improved system translation
  • Improved system stability
  • Improved system flexibility
  • Improved RTL layout for Hebrew
  • Fixed an issue where the icons disappeared from the dock on the main screen, but touches on them still worked
  • Fixed untranslated Chinese button displayed when uninstalling an application from the main screen


  • Improved contact merging logic to increase accuracy when merging duplicates


  • Fixed crash in Permissions Management item Software Permission Management
  • Fixed an unexpected crash due to simultaneous attempts to change the network access permission for several applications when too many applications are installed


  • Improved download management performance, so file sorting now works immediately
  • The relevant logic for the downloaded files has been improved so that there are no problems when opening files automatically after the download is completed
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Cancel” did not delete the file
  • False download notification displayed when there are no downloads fixed