Meizu M3s Button Replacement Home

In smartphones, a very common problem is when the “Home“. This is one of the few mechanical parts, because it is quite common problems with it. There are several reasons for incorrect operation.

The first reason is a bug in the device software. This problem is very common in Chinese firmware versions. If you bought your device, for example, on Aliexpress, then be prepared for such bugs. This problem is solved by updating the software, that is, it is enough to reflash the smartphone and the button will work. If the warranty for the device has expired, then you can not contact the service center, but try to reflash the phone yourself. Updating the firmware is on the Global version, since it is better than the Chinese one, and there will definitely not be a problem with it.

The second reason is moisture under the button. If you recently dropped your smartphone into the water or got into it under heavy rain, this is most likely the problem. The button is made of metal parts, because they are very easy to oxidize. If you react quickly, then blow-drying can save the situation. Do not blow around the device for a long time, since elevated temperatures can also harm. do not overdo it! If the button does not work after this procedure, then it is worth trying to develop it with long presses. You can’t say with what probability this will help, but it’s worth a try, besides there is evidence on the Internet of a successful outcome. If all else fails, then the metal has already oxidized. In this case, it is worth trying to clean the part from oxide, it will be difficult enough to do, therefore it is better to go to a service center with this. If even cleaning from the oxide did not help you, then nothing will save the mechanical part. The only way out is to replace it.

The third reason can be a factory defect. This is the eternal problem of any product. Whether it’s Apple’s expensive equipment or third-tier smartphones, the problem is the same everywhere, the only difference is what’s the chance to run into marriage. And Meizu smartphones are no exception, they can also be married. If you come across a defective part, then you should pass the smartphone under warranty. If for some reason you cannot do this, then you can try to deal with the problem yourself. Replacing the Meizu M3s button is not a very difficult task if you follow the instructions given exactly.

Removing the back cover

Disassembly of the smartphone begins with the removal of the back cover. But first, pull out the SIM card tray. In order to start removing the cover, you will need to unscrew the 2 screws: near the speaker and the USB input. After that, you need to pry the cover in the same place and remove it.

Meizu M3s Button Replacement Home

Getting access to the motherboard

After you remove the cover, pay attention to the insert at the bottom of the battery, it must be removed. It is mounted on 6 screws that need to be untwisted to get to the motherboard.

Battery and lower unit

There are 3 screws on the top of the battery that need to be loosened to turn it off. Unscrewing the 6 screws (from the previous paragraph), you can remove the lower unit and speaker. In the microphone area, you will find another screw that you need to unscrew to disconnect the cables and loop connectors and completely remove the board.

Home Button Replacement

All that remains is the replacement of the button on the Meizu M3s. It is mounted under the board on two screws. It remains only to unscrew them and replace the part.

We assemble the smartphone in the reverse order. Be careful when disassembling and assembling, because the smartphone has parts that are attached with tape. This is a very fragile mount, so you should be extremely careful, because you can ruin individual parts or the entire smartphone as a whole.

Button Prices

As for the price, different sellers have different button prices. Recently, they have risen in price, almost 3 times. Most recently, one button cost 6, but now range from 12 to 15 US dollars (and this is the cost on Aliexpress).

In connection with the foregoing, it is much more reliable to contact a service that can provide a guarantee. In addition, the replacement price in the service is slightly higher than the cost of the part itself. The service will cost you about twenty dollars. If the button fails before the warranty is over, they will change it for free. If a quick breakdown occurs after an independent replacement, then you will again have to spend money on buying a new button, which obviously will not be cheaper. If you still decide to change the part yourself, remember that you need to do everything very carefully, since the smartphone has many parts that are very easy to damage and very difficult to fix.

As you can see, the biggest problem when replacing a button is not its replacement itself, but the search for high-quality components.