Meizu M3 Note How to Recover Deleted Photos

The problem of accidentally deleting important user data on a phone or tablet with the Android operating system installed is no less important than a similar theme on a desktop computer. Have you encountered at least once in your life a situation when, as a result of a careless pressing of a couple of keys, you had to wring your hands in desperation and frantically think how to restore valuable photos that were taken on a smartphone and were not dumped onto a computer, or the necessary documents on a tablet , with whom you worked more than one day, and tomorrow they need to be shown to the authorities? Even if such a nuisance has passed you so far, knowing what to do in such cases will still be useful.

The Android system exists for a long time, and during this time many methods and applications have appeared in it that help to return accidentally deleted user files. In this article we will tell you about how to recover deleted files from different media and in various ways, including without root access to your device.

Before reading the article further, remember. As with the recovery of deleted files on the hard drive of a desktop computer, the key to a successful operation is the exclusion of any further recording to the device until the recovery actions are completed. This is done so that new files are not written to the same memory locations where the remote information we need is located. Therefore, do not write anything to your Android phone or tablet at this time, but it is better to disconnect the GSM module altogether so that even a random SMS or MMS message does not spoil your recovery process.

And one more note: in order not to encounter the need for urgent recovery of very necessary and valuable information in the future, it is always easier to make sure that you have a backup copy of what is worthy of additional protection. How to backup your data, you can read in this article on our website: Backing up files on Android.

Now, after all the precautionary remarks, you can finally go directly to the topic of our article and talk about how to recover accidentally deleted files on an Android device.

How to recover deleted files on Android using the recycle bin

So, how to recover lost files in the above way? To do this, we need immediately after buying a smartphone or tablet on Android go to the Google Play Market and download the Dumpster app there. Recycle Bin. This application is completely free, has an intuitive interface, and is able to work with many types of files. The program should work without root, but it needs to be checked in each case.

After you have installed this program on your device, you need to choose what types of files the application should store for future possible recovery. It can be images, files, audio files or documents. Check the boxes for the desired file types and set the duration of their storage in the Recycle Bin before they are erased without a trace.

Meizu M3 Note How to Recover Deleted Photos

After you have done this, the files you deleted will not disappear irrevocably, instead they will be stored in the Dumpster. Recycle Bin application for the period specified by you. To restore, simply open the application and select the necessary files, then click “Restore” (“Reestablish”)

How to recover deleted files on Android using a desktop PC

Typically, careless users are not very concerned about the safety of data on their mobile devices, and do not remember the precautions when deleting files until they delete something that is needed. Therefore, applications like Dumpster. Recycle Bin are not on everyone’s phones and tablets. What to wish for those for whom already “thunder struck”, and the necessary information came under random “Delete”?

Falling into despair is not worth it even in this case. There are several free applications that allow you to quickly recover deleted from the memory card of your device to Android using a desktop computer. In this section we will tell you how to return your data in this way.

One of the most popular desktop solutions for recovering deleted data on disks, including removable ones, is Recuva. The program exists in paid and free versions, but even the free one has enough functionality for our tasks. If you need to recover data from an SD card, this is it. what you need.

So, download the Recuva program from the developer’s site at the link above and install it on your PC. Next, you need to connect your Android smartphone to the computer in USB storage mode. After the smartphone displays a message “USB connection established”, you can run the program.

In the window that appears, select the types of files that we want to search, and, if necessary, check “Enable in-depth analysis”. The search will take longer, but its results will be more accurate.

So, the Recuva program is launched, then everything is very simple. Select the removable drive that belongs to your Android device and start the scanning process. Depending on the volume of the drive, this process can be quite long, be patient. After its completion, you will receive a window with a list of all the files that the program could find on this disk. The color of the circle next to the file indicates the possibilities for its restoration: green. recovery is possible, yellow. doubtful result, red. Unfortunately, you will have to say goodbye to this file forever.

Select the files you need and restore to a folder on your PC, then transfer them back to the memory of your mobile device.

Another popular application, also developed specifically for Android devices, is the 7-Data Android Recovery program. The program also exists in the free version (Free Trial), and in its functionality is similar to Recuva. Its difference is that the program can work both with an external SD flash card and with the phone’s internal memory. Here is a brief instruction on how to return deleted files using this program.

After installing the application on your computer, you need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone or tablet (how to do it. See the section on Recuva above) and connect the device in USB storage mode.

Then 7-Data Android Recovery will offer you to choose where we want to restore our information from: from the phone’s internal memory or from an external SD card. Select the desired drive, here you can also “Advanced settings” customize the types of files we want to search.

After the scan operation is completed, you will see a list of files along with the directory tree in which they are located. This is very convenient for searching specific folders if you know where the files you need were located. You can view deleted photos in preview mode.

Select the necessary files and save them to a personal computer. After the recovery of all information is complete, it can be transferred back to the memory of your phone or tablet.

How to recover deleted files on Android without a computer

If you don’t have a computer or laptop at hand, and you need to recover deleted data urgently, there are other solutions. One of the most convenient and functional file recovery applications on Android is the Undeleter program. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work with this application without root access, therefore this function must be activated on your Android device in advance.

The application can recover deleted files both from the device’s internal memory and from an external flash card. Unfortunately, the free version allows you to recover only deleted images.

Download the application from the Google Play market and install it on your Android device. How to do it. read here.

The Undeleter interface is extremely simple and understandable even for inexperienced users. We are asked to select the memory section or folder that we want to scan for deleted files, after which the application will display a list sorted by file type (images,, application files or all file types), in which we can select and restore what we need.

As you can see, accidentally deleting files on your smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system is not at all a tragedy. There are various options for applications that allow you to protect and recover deleted files on Android both using a desktop computer and without it.

We hope after reading this article a question “How to return accidentally erased data” ceased to seem scary to you. Protect your valuable files, and success in their recovery.