Meizu M3 Laptop Installation Of The Play Market

Meizu M3 Laptop Installation Of The Play Market

Since mid-2016, MEIZU has suspended the pre-installation of Google services, including GOOGLE PLAY, in its new devices and firmware for the international market. The reasons for this act and instructions for installing Google Play. below in this article!

UPDATE! INFORMATION ON THE WORK OF GOOLE SERVICES ON MEIZU SMARTPHONES JULY 15, 2018: Previously: the problem is observed on smartphones based on Android 5 versions, and not only MEIZU.

Possible workaround:

Trying to offer its users the best, MEIZU for foreign markets took an unusual step. In new versions of official firmware, including for Russia and the CIS, Google services will be available in the form of an installer that will allow the user to install the latest versions of Google Play, Google Maps and other services. This solution will avoid possible incorrect operation of the device due to the fact that pre-installed versions of Google services from the factory are out of date until the user purchased and started using the smartphone.

IMPORTANT! THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INTENDED FOR ONLY MEIZU DEVICES OFFICIALLY SELLED IN RUSSIA! Smartphones for the domestic market of China, bought from Chinese sites, or from unofficial dealers in Russia, may give errors when performing this installation. You can always check if you have an official MEIZU smartphone by IMEI-1 your smartphone on the official website: IMEI-1 can be found in the settings, in the information about the smartphone.

To install the latest version of Google Play services, you need to start the Hot Apps application or the App Store on the desktop. All screenshots are clickable.

After launch, a list of applications opens, among which are Google services. Click the blue Install button below the Google services icon. You must be connected to the Internet in any way.

Next, we observe the installation process. After installation, a window appears prompting you to restart the smartphone, you must click the “reboot” button

After rebooting, open the installed Google Play. The Google Installer icon can be removed from the smartphone.


On some smartphones, by default in the settings there is a ban on downloading applications via mobile data transfer. In order to disable it, you must perform the following steps.

If GOOGLE PLAY applications DO NOT DOWNLOAD on MEIZU smartphone, here’s what you need to do:

Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone, the tab “Applications”

Inside the “Download Manager” tab

After you have entered the “Download Manager”, you need to clear the download data by clicking the “Erase data” button

Then go to the Play Market and start downloading the necessary applications.

If the application still does not load and is in standby mode, you must open the “Notification Panel” (swipe the screen from top to bottom) and click the download icon (with an arrow) and allow downloading via mobile data transfer.