Meizu M2 Note Screen Screenshot

The transfer of information between users of mobile devices using screenshots is becoming increasingly popular. over, this method is widespread not only in private correspondence, but often also in business correspondence. However, when it comes to taking a screenshot, many simply don’t know how to take a screenshot on Android. But learning is definitely worth it, because with the help of a photo display you can implement so many tasks of various kinds.

Meizu M2 Note Screen Screenshot

Today we’ll talk about how to take a screenshot of Maize. Our recommendations will be equally useful for owners of any phones of this manufacturer, including Meizu pro 6, Meizu u20, Meizu mx6, Meizu u10, Meizu m5 note, etc. Just note that there are several ways to take a screenshot on Meizu m3, Meizu m2 mini and other versions of mobile gadgets. We will talk about each of them, and it is up to you to decide how to take a screenshot on Meizu.

Method number 1: Universal

The first method will allow you to create a screenshot on any Meise phone. You need to simultaneously hold down the sound and on / off keys on the mobile device. If you did everything correctly, the characteristic shutter sound will sound, after which the image you made will immediately go to the “Gallery”.

Please note: on the new models of Meizu phones, both buttons are located on one side. If you try to hold them with the finger of one hand, you risk dropping the phone. Unfortunately, this has been tested more than once in practice. Therefore, it is better to use two hands at once.

Method number 2: use the menu bar

If for some reason you did not succeed in realizing the task in the first way, or you just want to experiment, then you can use the second option. To do this, go to the menu bar. There, among other functions (activation of Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc.) you will see the option “Make a screen”. Click on the appropriate icon, and a screenshot appears on your Meise Note.

When you lower the panel, you will see a notification that a screenshot has been taken. By clicking on the notification, you can open the image directly in the gallery. You won’t have to search for stored images for a long time. they are conveniently located along the path “Camera \ Prtsrc”.

Method number 3. Additional applications

There is also the option to use additional mobile applications. With their help, you will not only take a screenshot, but also get the opportunity to immediately edit it.

The Play Market provides an extensive selection of such applications. Work in them is extremely simple: you just need to take a screenshot, then select the area you want to edit and carry out the necessary manipulations. For example, you can add an inscription, circle an area, etc. When everything is completed, it remains to save the result.


As you can see, creating a screen photo on Meizu’s phone is very simple. It takes a couple of seconds, and you yourself choose a convenient way for you to take a screenshot from the screen. Try to follow our recommendations, so that when it becomes necessary to create a screenshot, you can immediately cope with the task without outside help.