Meizu M2 Mini Constantly Reboots

Why does the smartphone reboot itself?

There are many reasons why a smartphone may reboot. If the smartphone starts to reboot itself and you have it under warranty. urgently bring the device to a service center. Do-it-yourself repairs or firmware may result in a warranty service. If you no longer have a guarantee or you have lost it for some reason. read the article below.

The smartphone starts rebooting on its own after a crash.

If you drop your smartphone and it starts to reboot on its own, the reason is that somewhere the smartphone’s power supply circuit is broken or some element is out of order. You can drop any device, but it can be more difficult to repair.

So, some companies may refuse to repair at all, while others make paid repairs. For example, if your Samsung smartphone began to reboot after a crash, then the first thing you need to do is call the hotline 8-800-555-55-55, for clarification. Is device repair possible? Usually service centers go to a meeting, but you will pay for repairs from your pocket.

The smartphone has been around for several years and it has started rebooting on its own.

Check the battery. It is advisable to replace it with a new one. In almost all cases, the main reason. dead smartphone battery. In many phones, especially older ones, the battery can be removed. Modern devices, such as Sony smartphones, have a non-removable battery, but in fact it is also removable, but more effort is needed to do this. And straight arms of course.

Meizu M2 Mini Constantly Reboots

The smartphone restarts after water has entered.

Water for a smartphone is a huge problem, unless of course you have an unprotected smartphone such as Sony. Moisture on the board guarantees in 90% of cases the failure of the device. Contact oxidation occurs, in which case “to shorten” in the place of moisture. After getting water, the smartphone can not only reboot, but also issue other “jokes”, for example, do not turn on at all.

In such cases, diagnostics are required in the service center and very often the cost of repair is obtained as a new device, since in the event of water ingress, it is necessary to replace the system board or the component to which moisture has fallen. The store and service center will be denied repairs because the operating conditions of the device were violated. Even after repair, it is not a fact that the device will work normally. Therefore if you “drowned” my smartphone, I recommend buying a new one.

The smartphone restarts when it is turned on.

Most likely you were messing with the firmware of your device or there was a failure in the firmware. What to do in this case? Reset to factory settings. In Android, this is done using the volume on or off keys, plus the power key. That is, you simultaneously need to hold down the volume key up the power button or the volume key down the power button.

You should get to the Recovery menu, from which you can perform a factory reset. If you have “curve” firmware, especially not factory, but some kind of mod, then in this case you will need to go back to the factory firmware. Information on how to flash a smartphone is on the official website of the manufacturer, and firmware files should also be there.

The smartphone restarts after installing the SIM card.

Sometimes such cases come across. I read on the forums that people complained about Lenovo smartphones, supposedly Lenovo reboots after installing a SIM card. Perhaps a solution. Change the SIM card to a new one, if you have it for several years, try to reset the settings or upgrade to a new firmware, if any. Extreme case. try to insert another SIM card. But here on the face of the marriage of the device, the device needs repair. But be careful! with device repair, everything is very bad and very often they mean repairing a smartphone as a repair. So it was with my smartphone from HTC.

Try to select forced mode only 3G or 2G. To do this, use ## 4636 ##, with this command you will be taken to the engineering your smartphone. In some smartphones, you can set the network to only 3G or 2G from the settings menu. But in many modern devices this function is blocked, instead of it there is a priority of 3G or 2G. If the problem has disappeared, then there is a high probability that the problem is in the radio module.

The smartphone itself reboots just like that or other reasons the device reboots.

Check the memory card, if available. Very often the case may be in a faulty memory card. The first thing to do. format it. Preferably in FAT32 or ExtFAT formats.

Do not use Android cleaners. Very often, after using various cleaners, you will not only lose your files, but your device will also fail. In this case, resetting to factory settings or flashing the device will help. The best cleaner for your machine. backup files and reset to factory settings! Many sites recommend using cleaners to clean the smartphone of viruses, extra files and speed up the system! Know that in 99% of cases this is a hoax! Do not be fooled by this.

Do not use dubious programs, especially desktop launchers, of which you are not sure. Such programs can easily cause a system crash of an Android device.

If you changed the frequency of the processor, return everything as it was. This problem affects owners of devices that have set themselves Root, so that later “optimize” device operation.

As usual, comments and discussion on the article are welcome. Very often in the comments you can find a specific reason for your smartphone or ask a question.