Meizu How To Determine The Model (All Methods) And Check The Originality

Meizu How To Determine The Model (All Methods) And Check The Originality

It often happens that instead of the original phone in the mobile market there are a large number of fakes, which, to put it mildly, do not please with their reliability. What to do in order not to fall on the hook and not buy a fake for the same money as the original? Using the example of the Meizu brand, specialists from explained the algorithm of actions to us.

How to determine the brand of smartphone Meizu

When buying a device, determining its originality is quite simple, and the procedures will not take much time. There are three main ways to identify Meizu products for authenticity:

  • IMEI number on the phone
  • Device serial number
  • Operating system check

The most common and reliable way is to check the device by comparing the original IMEI code sewn into the phone itself with the same combinations on the case and packaging of the device. First of all, you need this code to find out what there are two ways to:

  1. Type a combination on the keyboard # 06 #. then a message with a number will appear on the display.
  2. On the device, go to the settings section and find the “About phone” subsection. In the sessions you can see the desired IMEI code.

On the product packaging, the code is located on a sticker under the bar codes. If the phone has the function of supporting two SIM cards, then the IMEI code will be shown in two copies, but only the first one is useful for checking for originality.

IMPORTANT. If the verified codes do not match, this means that the gadget was not sold in its original packaging, which means that it is no longer the original. For a detailed check, go to if the codes match, then the original, factory number of the device was entered.

If you are at a loss to carry out these actions, you can contact the network of ReStore service centers, where they will give you detailed advice and, if necessary, repair Meizu smartphones.

Serial number

To find the Meizu serial number, enter the combination in the number input field # 0001 #, or just look at the sticker on the back of the device.

When both “serial numbers” were found, then you can immediately begin to compare. as in the case of IMEI, it is worth checking all three codes. If they match, then the likelihood that the brand model is very high. To find out the model of the device itself, you need to trace the first character in the number. the name of the device will begin with it. If it’s a letter L, then, accordingly, the gadget model will also begin on it. If the serial number begins with a combination 91, then the smartphone model will start with a symbol M. If followed by the numbers 91 is Q, this means that in the hands is a telephone for the domestic market of China, if it N. A device for distribution in the international market.

operating system

For a final authentication check, you can register the device with Flyme. only the original smartphone will be authorized. On fakes, they never put the proprietary Flyme OS.

These authentication methods are very effective and will not take much time.

Such simple actions can protect you from buying a counterfeit and low-quality phone.