Meizu Battery Runs Out Very Quickly Causes Problem Solving

Meizu Battery Runs Out Very Quickly Causes Problem Solving

Every smartphone owner sooner or later encounters the problem of quickly discharging the device. over, the battery can fail at the crucial moment when you need to urgently call a friend or quickly find information on the Internet. Regardless of the brand of the device, there are many ways to save battery power for as long as possible. If your Meizu runs out of battery quickly, this article will help you solve the problem and give practical advice on extending battery life.

Battery malfunction

Most cases of a fast discharge of a Meizu phone are associated with the expiration of the battery. This can happen with any device, because the batteries of the phones are not durable, they can lose their capacity or stop working due to the poor quality of the battery itself. Decision:

  1. If the phone is under warranty, they will help you at the service center. They will diagnose the device for problems in the hardware, and if necessary, replace the device or return the money.
  2. If the phone has a removable battery, then you can simply replace it with a new one. But at the same time, it is worth considering the brand of the phone. most often different devices have different batteries. You should also not look for the cheapest batteries: there is no guarantee that it will be better replaced, and will not “burn out” on the first day. Buy only original accessories designed specifically for your gadget.
  3. A phone with a non-removable battery is best taken to a service center, so as not to break anything in its own vein.

Wireless connections

Especially “energy consuming” are the functions of the GPS-geolocation of the phone, i.e. location determination. It can work unnoticed, as many applications, even ordinary weather widgets, periodically update your location, thereby instantly wasting the energy of your smartphone.

Turn off location sharing. You can do this in the notification curtain by clicking on the corresponding icon. If you still need to determine the location, but for specific applications, you can configure access in “Settings”. “Personal”. “Location”. “Access to geodata”. You’ll see a list of apps that use your location data. Select an application, click the down arrow and select an action to allow or deny access to the location. If the battery on your Meizu phone starts to run out very quickly, try these tips.


Modern batteries are equipped with Li-Pol batteries, which are bad for low temperatures and frosts. As a result, in the winter, on the street, the device loses up to 30% of its capacity. The solution here is one: warm the machine. The problem will be solved immediately.


Applications on the phone are the most energy-intensive activities of the device. Without your knowledge, they can do the job and waste battery life.

  1. Among all applications, GooglePlay services are preinstalled on every Android device. It’s impossible to get rid of them forever. it’s impossible to remove Google services without special rights, and their absence affects the performance of the entire device. Reducing the energy consumption of this application will allow monthly cleaning of the cache from old data. You can do this by going to “Settings”. “Applications”. “All Programs”. “Google Play Services”. “Clear Cache”.
  2. Through “Settings”. “Power Management” you can see which applications of your smartphone consume the most energy. All energy costs are divided into software and hardware. Software programs mainly consist of applications running in the background similar to the Google Play service, due to which Meizu becomes discharged. Fortunately, they can be closed in the same window.
  3. Another thing is hardware energy consumption, which the user cannot control. These include wireless networks, screen operation, standby mode. If you often use the device, change the brightness from automatic to manual, set the minimum brightness.

Android MediaServer Process

Android MediaServer is responsible for scanning the system, detecting new files on the internal memory or memory card. If a file is damaged, the system scan stops trying to solve the problem, spending additional battery resources.

  1. When transferring data from a computer to a smartphone, certain problems may arise. They damage the transferred files. One of the causes of these problems is the incorrect disconnection of Android from the PC. In order not to injure soldering the phone, use only the “Safe Removal” from the computer, which can be found in the control panel of the computer.
  2. Use a quality memory card. They are reliable, and work much faster than cheap counterparts.


Surprisingly, the networks that provide us with communications also affect battery life. Meizu quickly discharges, to the full including the transmitter in the smartphone, to catch the signal from the tower even in the most remote places from civilization. Also, the battery is affected by the frequent change of network mode, for example, from 3G to LTE and vice versa. The same problems can occur with Wi-Fi, although it is much easier to solve them. In the case of network modes, you will need to contact your mobile operator to improve the quality of this same connection.

Tips for saving charging

  • Power bank is just a salvation for people with gadgets equipped with a weak battery. High-quality external batteries are, of course, not cheap, but the thing itself is multifunctional, and can be useful in other situations. And in the market you can always find a power bank, suitable in terms of parameters and price.
  • If the battery runs out almost instantly, replace the battery.
  • Specialized software is also an assistant in identifying “parasites” of the battery. One such program is the Wakelock Detector. The application is very useful, updates often appear, however, it will require root privileges to work. Fully charge the phone and leave it alone for several hours. The application will tell you in detail about background applications and other processes that consume smartphone charge.
  • In extreme cases, you can take advantage of a complete reset. But it will not help if the root of the problem is in the crooked firmware. Only a complete flashing will help here. Just remember. such actions deprive you of a guarantee, i.e. in the event of a breakdown, you will not be able to contact the SC for help for free.

This article is relevant for smartphones Meizu M5c, M6, M6 Note and M6 Note 3, Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus, M5s, M5 and M5 Note, Pro 6, Pro 6s and Pro 6 Plus, U10 and Meizu U20, M3 Note, M3 Max, M3s, M3E, MX6, MX5.